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Tuesday, Dec. 21
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  • Fermilab Today on vacation Dec. 22, returns Jan. 3
  • Director's Corner: Holiday cheer
  • Tevatron reaches holiday milestone
  • Photo of the Day: Season's greetings from Fermilab
  • Photo of the Day: Celebrating the season with food, fun skits
  • Photo of the Day: First neutrinos for NOvA prototype detector
  • From The Engineer, Dec. 13, 2010: Particle therapy comes of age

Monday, Dec. 20
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  • Fermilab DZero scientists selected as APS fellows
  • ES&H Tip of the Week - Health: Diabetes: lowering the numbers lowers your risk
  • From the Chicago Tribune, Dec. 17, 2010: Muzaffer Atac, 1931-2010
  • CMS 2010 wrap up

Friday, Dec. 17
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  • January Wellness Feature of the Month
  • Potluck, skits and Tevatron anniversary symposium today
  • Police to calibrate on site gunfire detector Friday
  • Ask the Ethicist: Holidays and contractor gratuities
  • Pine Street closed briefly Saturday
  • From Science, Dec. 17, 2010: NSF won't build underground lab; scientists hope that DOE will
  • From Physics Today, December 2010: Panel urges reprieve for the Tevatron

Thursday, Dec. 16
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  • Police to calibrate on site gunfire detector Friday
  • Time to apply for URA Visiting Scholars awards program
  • Potluck Party takes place Friday
  • Result of the Week: Subatomic color
  • From Nature, Dec. 14, 2010: No black holes, but extra time at LHC

Wednesday, Dec. 15
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  • Special Announcement: Potluck Party Friday, Dec. 17
  • Friday Tevatron event lauds accelerator, detector successes
  • Ed Crumpley kept Robert Wilsonís vision in view
  • From the Finance Section: Getting a grant? We can help!
  • From New Scientist, Dec. 13, 2010: Higgs hunt may delay LHC's planned shutdown

Tuesday, Dec. 14
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  • Bob Mau, accelerator and operator champion, retires
  • In Memoriam: Ulrich Baur
  • Director's Corner: Changing of the guard
  • Photo of the Day: Helmholtz Association president visits Fermilab
  • From Rapid City Journal, Dec. 12, 2010: Homestake lab supporters stunned by science board rejection of funds

Monday, Dec. 13
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  • Strengthening ties with Indian laboratories
  • ES&H Tip of the Week - Computer Security: Computer security refresher courses coming
  • From Nature, Dec. 10, 2010: LHC plans extra year for Higgs hunt

Friday, Dec. 10
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  • Special Result of the Week: A laboratory search for chameleon dark energy
  • CMS Result of the Month: Early exotica
  • Volunteer opportunity Ė children's winter gear
  • Photo of the Day: New employees - Nov. 29
  • Landscape artist reception today in Fermilab Art Gallery
  • From, Dec. 9, 2010: Dark matter rush: Physics gives gold mine new life

Thursday, Dec. 9
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  • Employee Commuting Survey results are in
  • Result of the Week: Living flavorfully with biases
  • Milestones: Retirement events
  • Education Office to hold annual holiday sale today
  • Photo of the Day: Leaping coyote
  • From The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News, Dec. 8, 2010: "Our generationís Sputnik moment is back": President Obama reiterates his support for R&D

Wednesday, Dec. 8
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  • Retirements
  • Director's Corner: Navigation
  • Milestone: Death
  • CMS observes new clues about early universe
  • Full-day NEPA training course offered to employees Dec. 9
  • Education Office to hold annual holiday sale Dec. 8-9

Tuesday, Dec. 7
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  • Join your co-workers Dec. 17 for a holiday feast
  • From the Accelerator Physics Center: The LHC splendor
  • Trio of Chicago scientists gives dark matter talk Dec. 9
  • Call for retirement party information
  • From Discovery News, Dec. 4, 2010: Quest to find a menagerie of exotic particles

Monday, Dec. 6
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  • Lattice QCD collaboration wins 2011 INCITE Award
  • ES&H Tip of the Week - Ecology: Requirements for green purchasing tighten
  • Danny the Builder teaches children about recycling
  • Photo of the Day: New employees - Nov. 15
  • From Uncertain Principles, a ScienceBlog, Dec. 2, 2010: Science is not irreducibly complex

Friday, Dec. 3
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  • Larry Meyer wins 2009 Industrial Hygiene Award
  • From Computer Security: Preventing WikiLeaks access
  • EAP offers December webinar
  • From's GeekDad blog, Dec. 1, 2010: The pop-up LHC: A big bang in a book
  • From The Chronicle of Higher Education, Dec. 1, 2010: Astronomers find triple the number of stars hiding in the universe

Thursday, Dec. 2
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  • Fermilab to hold proton source workshop Dec. 7-8
  • C2ST presents "Physics with a Bang!" Dec. 4
  • Celebrate Irish Christmas cheer at Fermilab Dec. 11
  • Result of the Week: Searching for new particles
  • From Universe Today, Nov. 30, 2010: The moon helps radio astronomers search for neutrinos

Wednesday, Dec. 1
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  • Special Announcement: Physics for Everyone:
    12:30 p.m. today in auditorium
  • Director's Corner: Next steps
  • From, Nov. 30, 2010: Tune in to live whale songs on your computer
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