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Tuesday, Dec. 1
10:30 a.m.
Research Techniques Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: Maxim Titov, CEA Saclay
Title: The RD51 Collaboration - Development of Micro-Pattern Gas Detectors Technologies
1 p.m.
Computing Techniques Seminar - FCC2A/2B
Speaker: Steve Tuecke, University of Chicago/Argonne National Laboratory
Title: Globus' Future
3:30 p.m.
4 p.m.
Special Fermilab Colloquium - One West
Speaker: Norbert Holtkamp, ITER
Title: ITER - Fusion Energy

Wednesday, Dec. 2
3:30 p.m.
4 p.m.
Fermilab Colloquium - One West
Speaker: Keith Dienes, University of Arizona/National Science Foundation
Title: Probing the String Landscape: Implications, Applications and Controversies

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Wilson Hall Cafe

Tuesday, Dec. 1
- Breakfast: bagel sandwich
- Chicken and rice soup
- Italian sausage with peppers and onions
- Beef stroganoff
- Lemon chicken
- Peppered beef
- Assorted slices of pizza
- Chicken tostadas

Wilson Hall Cafe Menu

Chez Leon

Wednesday, Dec. 2
- Jalapeño and cream cheese
- Stuffed pork tenderloin
- Scalloped potatoes
- Steamed green beans
- Hazelnut torte with cream anglaise

Thursday, Dec. 3
- Mushroom duxelle
- Duck breast with lingonberry sauce
- Wild rice
- Brussels sprouts
- German apple cake

Chez Leon Menu
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Rich set of topics considered at recent PAC meeting

Members of the Physics Advisory Committee met in November at Fermilab to listen to reports and make recommendations to the director about the laboratory's future plans.

Scientists have a bountiful list of ideas for experiments that will help keep Fermilab on the cutting edge of scientific discovery. Many of these ideas were submitted to the laboratory in time for consideration at the November meeting of Fermilab's Physics Advisory Committee (PAC).

Scientists have tapped pioneering technologies as ways to explore the energy, intensity and cosmic frontiers, consistent with the recommendations of the Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel (P5) and the Particle Astrophysics Scientific Assessment Group (PASAG).

The wealth of new ideas demonstrated not only the vibrancy of the current efforts, but also the potential ability to continue to entice scientists throughout the world to come work with Fermilab and U.S. scientists.

The PAC listened to detailed design and physics potential reports from proponents. These reports covered plans for upgrades to the CMS detector, six topics at the cosmic frontier and four topics at the intensity frontier (with neutrinos, kaons and muons).

"The number and range of things to consider was so extensive that we had to skip most of the status reports, which are usually included to help keep the PAC members up-to-date on the ongoing research program," said Jeff Appel, PAC secretary.

The PAC is composed of senior scientists from universities and high-energy physics laboratories in the U.S. and abroad. The committee is a major source of advice to the director about the future direction of Fermilab's experiments and programs. Ever since Fermilab's early days, the PAC's recommendations and comments have offered insight into opportunities and issues important to members of the laboratory community.

Although PAC members had tough questions for the experimenters about why the projects are necessary now, why Fermilab is the best partner for them and how they complement current experiments at Fermilab and around the world, they appeared generally receptive to the proposals.

Researchers explained how Fermilab offers the unique capabilities and facilities needed for the experiments. They also noted that Fermilab's participation would enable large projects with substantial university collaboration that would not be possible otherwise.

The submissions to the laboratory and the charge to the PAC are available on the PAC Web site. Recommendations from the PAC will be posted soon.

Tona Kunz

Special Announcement

Personally identifiable information training required

Fermilab takes the job of preventing identity theft and protecting the privacy of employees and users seriously.

This is why all Fermilab employees must complete a training course about protecting personally identifiable information.

The training, which takes about 15 minutes, explains how to handle personally identifiable information, or PII.

At Fermilab protected PII is defined as an individual's name in combination with one or more of a list of items including medical records, social security, passport, visa or personal credit card information. Employees may come across PII in resumes, conference databases or trip reports.

Employees who have already taken the course are not required to take it again. Employees who do not complete the course within the next couple of months be reported as delinquent.

The training is available online, and the Computing Division offered it at the recent annual Computer Security Awareness Day.

To take the training, go to the TRAIN class schedule page and sign in with your employee ID. Select the training category "Computing" and click "Submit."

Next, click on "Protecting Personal Information at Fermilab." Click on the button "Go to Online Test." This will generate an e-mail message with a link to both the test and the training material.

Once you have reviewed the training material, take the online test to complete your requirement.

In the News

LHC sets new energy record, full power still year away

From Ars Technica, Nov. 30, 2009

The excitement in the particle physics community is palpable at the moment, with a regular stream of tweets emitting from CERN. In the latest news, the large Hadron collider (LHC) reported that it had reached 1.18TeV with its beams, the highest energy ever recorded for an Earth-bound particle accelerator.

The unexciting news is that we are all still here, and (barring a meteor strike) we will still be here when the LHC reaches 7.5TeV very late next year. In the meantime, what can we expect during the build-up? According to Lynn Evans, the operators of the LHC are taking it very slowly this time, having become a bit paranoid about little things like resistance building in the brazed joints between magnets. One reason for this caution is that not every sector of the LHC was brought back up to room temperature, which means that extra pressure relief valves have not yet been installed on the whole machine yet-that will have to wait until the next maintenance period.

Every sector but the one that failed last time has now been tested at full power, so the operators have some confidence in the machine now, even if they're being cautious about bringing it all together — I can just picture them doing this with long sticks while hiding behind a couch.

Read more

Director's Corner

Building a better workplace

Pier Oddone

The report from the focus groups that we undertook earlier this year showed that, overall, employees think Fermilab is a good place to work. They also pointed to areas for improvement. Since I talked with you at an all-hands meeting last June we have taken a number of actions to address issues the focus groups raised. Now I'd like to ask your help with the next step, forming an Employee Advisory Group to provide advice and insight to me and other senior managers as we move forward in making Fermilab an even better place to work.

What have we done so far? Several focus-group findings concerned Human Resources. In response, the HR Department, under the leadership of Section Head Kay Van Vreede, has developed a master plan to improve customer relations and customer service. Some actions that HR is taking:

  • Establishing customer service standards for each HR department and for HR overall. Lab employees will evaluate how standards are met via customer feedback forms
  • Hiring a new Benefits representative (she started yesterday) and refocusing the Benefits Department on customer service
  • Implementing a Management Curriculum Task Force to develop recommendations for course requirements for managers
  • Holding monthly "Visit with HR" sessions where employees can meet and talk with HR departments
  • Scheduling face-to-face discussions of important announcements such as Open Enrollment

Focus Group findings also addressed other areas of Fermilab life. Today we launch an important next step that involves not just HR but the entire laboratory. Nominations begin for an Employee Advisory Group that will provide Fermilab senior management with employee perspectives, concerns, insights and suggestions for the development and implementation of new and revised workplace policies and programs.

The EAG Web page has detailed information, but the basics are these: The group will meet monthly, with a professional facilitator. I will chair the committee and either Deputy Director Young Kee Kim or Chief Operations Officer Bruce Chrisman will chair the committee in my absence. Both will be ex-officio members of the committee. I will choose the members from among all the nominees to ensure that we put together a diverse group who represent a full range of employee categories and demographics. They will address the spectrum of issues that the focus groups identified, and likely others as well. I will ask supervisors to arrange work schedules so that Advisory Group members can attend.

I envision a significant role for the Employee Advisory Group-not just as a debating society. I don't guarantee that we will implement every suggestion, but I can promise that their insights and perspective will be a meaningful voice in developing and implementing policies to make Fermilab a better place to work.

Many employees who took part in the focus groups said they were glad of the opportunity to express their views and feelings about issues at work. The Employee Advisory Group represents another opportunity for employees not only to express their views on workplace issues but to help to address them. I encourage you to consider nominating yourself or a coworker for this important job.

Visit the EAG Web site

Special Announcement

Register now for Quigg Symposium Dec. 14-15

Quigg Symposium will take place Dec. 14-15.

In honor of Fermilab theorist Chris Quigg's 65th birthday, the Fermilab Theory Group will host a symposium titled "Minute Particulars & Hidden Symmetries," on Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 14-15.

The scientific program features a broad range of topics reflecting Chris' varied interests in particle physics and beyond.

More information is available here.

Anyone interested in attending the symposium or symposium banquet can access registration information here.

Accelerator Update

Nov. 25-30
- Seven stores provide approximately 83.25 hours of luminosity
- TeV quench during shot setup
- MI LCW ran without CUB due to regulation problems
- TeV dipole caused problems for CDF and DZero
- Pelletron read-back problems held off stashing for short time
- MIRF2 developed LCW leak
- P1 transfer line suffered from vacuum burst
- RF personnel helped operators bring BRF9 online
- NuMI and MiniBooNE reported good running

* The integrated luminosity for the period from Nov. 23 to Nov. 30 was 46.57 inverse picobarns. NuMI reported receiving 7.6E14 protons on target during this same period.

Read the Current Accelerator Update
Read the Early Bird Report
View the Tevatron Luminosity Charts


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