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Monday, Nov. 9
8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
4th Workshop on Physics with a High Intensity Proton Source - One West
3:30 p.m.
4 p.m.
All Experimenters' Meeting
Special Topics: Fermilab Service Desk Changes and Plans; MINERvA Grows - Curia II

Tuesday, Nov. 10
9 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.
4th Workshop on Physics with a High Intensity Proton Source - One West
2:45 p.m. - 5:45 p.m.
Joint Session between Muon Collider Workshop and Project X Workshop - One West
3:30 p.m.
4 p.m.
Accelerator Physics and Technology Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: Bill Ng, Fermilab
Title: Coupling Impedances of Accelerator Rings (Part 2 of 3)

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For information about H1N1, visit Fermilab's flu information site.


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Wilson Hall Cafe

Monday, Nov. 9
- Croissant sandwich
- French Quarter gumbo soup
- French dip with horseradish cream
- Santa Fe pork stew
- Country baked chicken
- Popcorn shrimp wrap
- Assorted slices of pizza
- Sweet and sour chicken with egg roll

Wilson Hall Cafe Menu

Chez Leon

Wednesday, Nov. 11
- Chicken Marsala
- Angel hair pasta
- Carrots with garlic and rosemary
- Cassata

Thursday, Nov. 12

Chez Leon Menu
Call x3524 to make your reservation.


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Project X, Muon Collider physics workshops this week

A Project X poster for the Nov. 9-10 workshop.

A series of workshops focused on Fermilab's future physics programs and accelerators begin today.

The 4th Workshop on Physics with a High-Intensity Proton Source and the Muon Collider Physics Workshop will take place Nov. 9-10 and Nov. 10-12 respectively. These meetings will offer the high-energy physics community a chance to discuss Fermilab's research programs at the intensity frontier and long-term plans for experiments at the energy frontier.

"These workshops will produce feedback vital for planning Fermilab's future research programs," said Fermilab Deputy Director Young-Kee Kim. "We want as much of the high-energy physics community involved as possible."

About 100 people have registered for the 4th Workshop on Physics, an opportunity for high-energy physics community members to discuss the evolution of Project X's proposed design and its physics opportunities. Collaborators will produce a white paper summarizing workshop discussions.

The Muon Collider Physics Workshop on Nov. 10-12 will serve as an organizing workshop for a potential muon collider at the 1.5 to 5 TeV energy range. Presentations and discussion will focus on the physics, detectors and machine backgrounds at such a collider. During the workshop, attendees will examine, update and reevaluate the possibilities for a potential collider. Collaborators plan to produce and deliver a report on the physics potential of a muon collider within a year.

A joint session between the two workshops will take place from 2:45 - 5:45 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 10, in One West. A joint reception will follow, beginning at 6 p.m. on the second-floor crossover in Wilson Hall.

Learn more about the proposed Project X or view the workshop agenda.

Learn more about a potential muon collider or view the workshop agenda.

Rhianna Wisniewski

A poster for the Nov. 10 - 12 Muon Collider Workshop.
Tune IT Up

Tune IT Up physical
inventory begins

Starting this week, contractors from the Kemtah Group, an IT organization working with the Tune IT Up team, will begin conducting a physical inventory of desktops and laptops at Fermilab.

During the inventory, the IT professionals pictured here will visit Mac, Linux and Windows desktops and laptops. The inventory should take about 15 minutes.

The contractors will present Fermilab identification and will notify managers and system administrators before visiting each area. If you want to verify the identity of a contractor asking to conduct an inventory, please call the Service Desk at x2345.

Members of the Tune IT Up team designed the physical inventory based on responses collected during the Tune IT Up assessment. Contractors conducting the inventory will verify whether desktop and laptop users have current antivirus and inventory software and will install this software as necessary.

The Tune IT Up team must ensure that each desktop and laptop has the software to maintain a complete and continuous inventory. The Department of Energy requires such an inventory as a performance measure for the laboratory's contract.

If you will not be present during the contractors' visit to your area, you can reschedule. Tune IT Up team members hope to have the inventory competed by the end of the year.

The purpose of these visits is not to address Service Desk issues. If you have questions for the Service Desk, the contractors will be able to help you open a Service Desk ticket.

Learn more about progress in the Tune IT Up campaign.

Special Announcement

FermiLINK calls for mentees

Members of the Fermilab community looking for professional guidance and networking opportunities can now search for one or more mentors through Fermilab's new mentoring program, FermiLINK.

"It's a one-to-many kind of relationship," said Sandra Charles, Fermilab's equal opportunity specialist. "It allows for the building of many kinds of relationships and access to many different types of people with different expertise."

FermiLINK provides Web-based access to a selection of mentors for issue-specific, work-related challenges and opportunities. Mentees and mentors can interact via e-mail, by phone or in person. They can meet once or for extended periods of time.

"It's mentee-driven, so it is really up to the mentee to discern what they want to accomplish and how they want to do so," Charles said.

Seventeen Fermilab employees have volunteered to serve as mentors with FermiLINK. The program accepts new mentors and new mentees continuously. Prospective mentees who do not find a mentor to fit their needs should contact the FermiLINK program directors for assistance.

For more information about FermiLINK, see the program Web site.

In the News

Symposium on "Accelerators for America's Future"

From FYI: The AIP Bulletin, Nov. 5, 2009

Editor's Note: The posters from the symposium "Accelerators for America's Future" are now on display in the Wilson Hall atrium.

There was a large turnout last week on the first day of a three-day symposium entitled "Accelerators for America's Future." The attendance, as well as the presentations from a diverse range of speakers, demonstrated the great interest there is in the potential of accelerators in areas such as medicine, industrial applications, and energy, as well as in new accelerator technologies.

Read more

ES&H Tips of the Week - Computer Security safety

Check for IDs

Garry Gillette and other contractors from the Kemtah Group will visit desktop and laptop users in the coming months.

In the past, we have warned employees about visits from Red Teams, groups of cybersecurity experts who work directly for, or under contract to, the Department of Energy. Red Team members are charged with testing whether federal cybersecurity standards are being followed at organizations within DOE, including the national labs. Red Teams often try to bypass our defenses by gaining physical access to laboratory computers. They may come to an office claiming to be a new system manager and say they need to install special software. If you give them access, they will attempt to install malicious software on your computer.

Over the course of the next four or five weeks, legitimate contractors working for the Tune IT Up campaign will visit many people at the laboratory, and you will have an opportunity to put what you've learned to use. Contractors with the Kemtah Group, an IT organization, will visit Windows, Linux and MacOS laptops and desktops (not servers). They will have Fermilab contractor ID badges, and you may ask to see those badges or call the Service Desk at x2345 to confirm their identities.

An article in today's Fermilab Today describes what the contractors will do during their visits. We have also posted photographs so you will know ahead of time what the contractors look like.

The contractors will attempt to notify the system administrator of each computer before visiting, and the system administrator may choose to accompany them. Remember that you should never give your password to anyone, including your system administrator and the contractors. The system administrator, who in some cases is the user of the machine, will assist the contractors in logging into desktop and laptop computers. But in no case should anyone reveal passwords to the contractors.

Fermilab's computing professionals are trying to make this part of the Tune IT Up campaign a smooth, secure experience.

— Mark Leininger

Safety Tip of the Week Archive

Special Announcement

Seasonal flu shots available to employees Tuesday

Fermilab's Medical Office will offer seasonal flu shots for employees from 9-11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 10, in the ES&H training room on Wilson Hall's ground floor, east side.

Employees are eligible to receive the flu vaccination for free if they are considered active, full-time, regular or term/temporary.

Contractors, family members of employees, visitors/experimenters, seasonal employees, dayworkers/on-call and retirees are not eligible to receive flu shots at Fermilab. Those individuals can check with their local pharmacies, health care providers or nursing associations for flu shot availability.

Women who are or may be pregnant must bring a doctor's note in order to get a flu shot.

To receive a flu shot, qualified employees must register ahead of time online through the ES&H Web site or by calling the Medical Office at x3232.

Employees must present the signed consent form at the time of vaccination.


Editor's note: Births, deaths, birthdays, weddings and other notable news from Fermilab employees and users will be included here on a regular basis.


Michael Hentges retired from the Fermilab Cryogenic Department on Nov. 4, after 35 years of dedicated service. During his career, Mike had a role in the construction and successful operation of the Tevatron. He and his wife, Judy, look forward to retirement in the Southwest.

Submit your milestones to Fermilab Today.

In the News

LHC "bird-bread" strike

From CERN, Nov. 6, 2009

On Tuesday, Nov. 3, a bird carrying a baguette bread caused a short circuit in an electrical outdoor installation that serves sectors 7-8 and 8-1 of the LHC. The knock-on effects included an interruption to the operation of the LHC cryogenics system. The bird escaped unharmed but lost its bread.

Read more

Accelerator Update

Nov. 4-6
- Four stores provided approximately 38.5 hours of luminosity
- NuMI, Booster and MI accesses
- Pbar lithium lens trips
- Store 7323 aborted
- Booster chopper problems
- LRF3 developed LCW leak

Read the Current Accelerator Update
Read the Early Bird Report
View the Tevatron Luminosity Charts


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