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Monday, Nov. 30
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  • From symmetry breaking: The Large Hadron Collider sets new world record
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Ecology: Fermilab's land is a vital national research location
  • From symmetry breaking: How to turn on the Compact Muon Solenoid detector
  • Work begins near Pine Street and Road A this week
  • Physical inventory off to a good start
  • From the Wall Street Journal, Nov. 25, 2009: Energy push spurs shift in U.S. science

Wednesday, Nov. 25
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  • COUPP scientists fill water tank for bubble chamber
  • From the Accelerator Physics Center: Не имей 100 рублей, а имей 100 друзей
  • From, Nov. 24, 2009: First neutrino events observed at T2K near detector
  • Safety Update: ES&H weekly report, Nov. 24
  • From, Nov. 24, 2009: Funding cuts threaten globalization of Japanese science, scientists fear
  • Deadline today for volunteer opportunity
  • Photo of the Day: Korean diplomats visit Fermilab, tour facilities

Tuesday, Nov. 24
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  • First intern in International Services won't be the last
  • Director's Corner: On vacation
  • From BBC News, Nov. 23, 2009: CERN's Large Hadron Collider makes first collisions
  • Special Announcement: Contact the Service Desk for computing questions
  • Special Announcement: Deadline approaching for volunteer opportunity
  • Photo of the Day: Visiting mantis

Monday, Nov. 23 - Special Edition
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  • Two circulating beams bring first collisions in the LHC

Monday, Nov. 23
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  • From symmetry breaking: LHC milestone: two simultaneous circulating beams
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Safety: Are your building exits safe?
  • From Times Online, Nov. 23, 2009: LHC starts circulating protons in two directions
  • From New Scientist, Nov. 20, 2009: Future colliders: Beyond the LHC
  • From Wall Street Journal, Nov. 20, 2009: More scientists treat experiments as a team sport
  • Photo of the Day: Beaver near the booster ring

Friday, Nov. 20
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  • Recreation classes, events and discounts for December
  • Recovery Act Feature: Work continues on Feynman Computing Center upgrades
  • Photo of the Day: DUSAF pond at sunrise
  • From Times Online, Nov. 19, 2009: LHC to be started up after fault forced year-long closure
  • From Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Nov. 19, 2009: UC appoints Paul Alivisatos director of Berkeley Lab

Thursday, Nov. 19
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  • Technical Division designer Gerry Davis retires this week
  • Result of the Week: Hunting for Higgs in jets: No channel left behind
  • Photo of the Day: Fulbright grantees make visit to Fermilab for site tour
  • From Wired, Nov. 17, 2009: New site tracks how stimulus dollars flow to science
  • From USA Today, Nov. 16, 2009: Stars' birth influenced by magnetic fields

Wednesday, Nov. 18
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  • CMS Result of the Month: A gentle cosmic rain
  • From the ES&H Section: Take the "Take 5" challenge
  • From Associated Press, Nov. 17, 2009: Big Bang machine nears restart after repairs
  • Photo of the Day: Congressional staffers visit MINOS, New Muon Laboratory

Tuesday, Nov. 17
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  • Muon collider workshop accelerates experiment R&D
  • Director's Corner: Over the top
  • No-parking areas will save salt, labor and money
  • From Wired, Nov. 13, 2009: LHC to finally start next week, again
  • Roof, drainage repairs begin at Ramsey Auditorium

Monday, Nov. 16
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  • Fermilab veterans celebrate service, dedication
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Health: H1N1 slowdown doesn't mean threat is over
  • Photo of the Day: Service Awards - 20 years
  • From Inside Science, Nov. 2, 2009: Cosmic rays and star longevity

Friday, Nov. 13
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  • CMS Result of the Month: Making a splash
  • Recovery Act Feature: Wire contracts placed for high-field magnet project
  • Hosts, guests wanted for Thanksgiving dinner match
  • Special Announcement: Virtually attend SC09
  • From the Daily Herald, Nov. 12, 2009: Fermilab asking for neighbors' input in planning
  • From Time, Nov. 11, 2009: Did a time-traveling bird sabotage the collider?

Thursday, Nov. 12
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  • From symmetry breaking: Starting up the world's largest particle accelerator
  • Result of the Week: Partons: Dispersed or clumpy?
  • Project X workshop attendees discuss research possibilities
  • Lecture on sensing spacetime vibrations Friday at 8 p.m.
  • Photo of the Day: Fermilab Veterans honor their own at Veterans Day lunch
  • From the Daily Herald, Nov. 11, 2009: North Central offers rare view of Milky Way

Wednesday, Nov. 11
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  • LHC Theory Initiative Fellows share research at meeting
  • From the Finance Section: FY2010 budget news
  • Video of the Day: Accelerators for America's Future videos available
  • Veterans Day celebration 11:30 a.m. today in Kuhn Barn
  • Fermilab PAC gathers to advise laboratory
  • Save the date: Fermilab holiday potluck Dec. 16
  • From the Associated Press, Oct. 20, 2009: Initial plan for underground SD lab gets $29 million

Tuesday, Nov. 10
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  • From symmetry breaking: Defying baguette, LHC sends beam around half the ring
  • Director's Corner: 2010 is around the corner
  • Fermilab seeking Community Advisory Board nominations
  • From WICN Public Radio, Oct. 30, 2009: Radio interview with Fermilab ecologist Rod Walton
  • From Argonne Newsroom, Oct. 28, 2009: Particle passion: Argonne physicist honored with award

Monday, Nov. 9
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  • Project X, Muon Collider physics workshops this week
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Computer Security: Check for IDs
  • Tune IT Up physical inventory begins
  • Seasonal flu shots available to employees Tuesday
  • Milestones
  • FermiLINK calls for mentees
  • From CERN Press Office, Nov. 6, 2009: LHC "bird-bread" strike
  • From FYI: The AIP Bulletin, Nov. 5, 2009: Symposium on "Accelerators for America's Future"

Friday, Nov. 6
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  • Suzanne Weber receives Director's Award
  • Recovery Act Feature: Construction a boon for NOvA's neighbors
  • Human rights events and canned food drive next month
  • Photo of the Day: Service Awards - 10 years
  • From AIP Matters, Nov. 2, 2009: Big tools for science

Thursday, Nov. 5
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  • Tiny particles have big potential, speaker says
  • Result of the Week: Rare W decay proves too elusive
  • Fred Garbo Inflatable Theater Company performs Nov. 7
  • Update to client needed for KCA certificates
  • Photo of the Day: IUPAP visits Fermilab
  • From Nature, Nov. 3, 2009: Dark-matter test faces obstacles

Wednesday, Nov. 4
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  • Recovery Act Feature: NOvA gets full construction approval
  • From Center for Particle Astrophysics: JDEM: Je t'aime, je ne t'aime pas
  • Photo of the Day: November moon
  • ES&H weekly report, Nov. 3
  • From symmetry breaking, Nov. 2, 2009: Fermi Telescope finds more new pulsars

Tuesday, Nov. 3
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  • From symmetry magazine: Cleaner living through electrons
  • Director's Corner: Accelerators for America's Future
  • CDF collaborators discuss recent work, goals at meeting
  • Photo of the Day: New employees - Oct. 26
  • From USA Today, Oct. 30, 2009: Dark matter "wrecking ball" may have hit Milky Way

Monday, Nov. 2
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  • SRF cryogenics system proves its 'cool' factor
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Safety: Electric space heaters
  • Register for seasonal influenza vaccinations
  • Rural driving alert
  • Milestones
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