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Friday, May 29
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  • Changes to timecard system
  • Cyber security update: Safe surfing
  • From iSGTW: Link of the Week - Data transfer at a snail's pace
  • From Quantum Diaries: My two anticents (-$0.02) on antimatter
  • Photo of the Day: Congressional staffer Jonathan Epstein tours lab
  • Asian tea festival and art display 3-5 p.m. today
  • From, May 28, 2009: Particle Physics - It Matters, say UK policy makers

Thursday, May 28
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  • University Profile: Baylor University
  • Result of the Week: Trying to expand the "zoo"
  • Results, future plans at Users’ Meeting
  • Extreme Beam lecture today at 4 p.m. in One West
  • From Science News, June 2009: Success in coping with infinity could strengthen case for multiple universes

Wednesday, May 27
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  • Bring your kids to work for DASTOW 2009 on June 10
  • From Center for Particle Astrophysics: How new experiments are born
  • Extreme Beam lecture Thursday, 4 p.m. in One West
  • Tune IT up campaign underway
  • Paving preparations on B Road begin today
  • From University of Chicago News Office, May 15, 2009: QUIET team to deploy new gravity-wave probe in June

Tuesday, May 26
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  • From the Computing Division: Tune IT up
  • Director's Corner: Tune IT up
  • Photos of the Day: Asian Pacific American Heritage celebration 2009
  • From Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, May 21, 2009: Cosmology's best standard candle gets even better

Friday, May 22
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  • H1N1 flu precautions still needed at work, home
  • From iSGTW: A side of cloud with your grid, ma'am?
  • Special Announcement: Pool membership drive underway
  • From .S. Department of Energy, May 21, 2009: Senate Confirms DOE Nominees Daniel Poneman, David Sandalow, Kristina Johnson, Steve Koonin, Scott Harris, and Ines Triay

Thursday, May 21
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  • University Profile: University of Rochester
  • Fermilab Result of the Week: CDF observes Ωb, baryon
  • Fermilab's Keith Ellis joins the ranks of science greats
  • Photo of the Day: Celebrating National Employee Health & Fitness Day
  • Special announcement: Volunteer cleanup today

Wednesday, May 20
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  • Fermilab prairie restoration earns top marks from students
  • From the Computing Divison: Where is all the data?
  • Announcement: Head to the Main Ring today for exercise
  • From Reuters, May 20, 2009: Scientists debunk "Angels and Demons" antimatter

Tuesday, May 19
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  • Fermilab scientist earns prestigious award
  • Director's Corner: Focus Group Report
  • Photo of the Day: LPC theorist of the week
  • From the Wisconsin State Journal, May 8, 2009: Bill Andrews: Support basic science for a big bang down the road
  • Special Announcement: "Angels & Demons" international Webcast features Fermilab scientists

Monday, May 18
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  • CALICE reaches half-way point in calorimeter testing
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Health: The defibrillators are coming
  • Photo of the Day: Right place at the right time
  • Special Announcement: Employee Art Show reception today at 5 p.m.
  • Special Announcement: Walk in a wildflower wonderland Tuesday
  • From the Beacon News, May 8, 2009: What's the anti-matter with 'Angels & Demons'

Friday, May 15
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  • Go green, organize carpool with PACE Rideshare program
  • From Chicago Public Radio: Fermilab explores new physics frontier
  • From Chicago Public Radio: Congressman Bill Foster explains future of Fermilab
  • Buffalo burger BBQ Friday on Users' Center patio
  • Asian dance performance event at 12:15 p.m. today

Thursday, May 14
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  • NSF Media Advisory: NSF hosts media briefing on "Angels & Demons" science
  • Result of the Week: The Higgs boson meets the WWW
  • In Memoriam: Danny Massengill
  • Buffalo burger BBQ Friday on Users' Center patio
  • From the Popular Mechanics, May 13, 2009: "Fringe" season finale flirts With theoretical physics

Wednesday, May 13
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  • From Quantum Diaries:To whom neutrinos may concern
  • From the Accelerator Physics Center: A unique facility for muon collider R&D
  • Asian dance performance event at 12:15 p.m. Friday
  • Photo of the Day: Duck in a tree
  • From the The College of William & Mary, May 1, 2009: Tracking the elusive ghost particle

Tuesday, May 12
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  • Fermilab on the power of antimatter, Angels & Demons
  • Director's Corner: Interdependence
  • Photo of the Day: Tree planted in physicist's honor
  • From, May 11, 2009: Using crab cavities, KEKB breaks luminosity world record
  • From the AIP FYI, May 8, 2009: FY 2010 Department of Energy Office of Science request

Monday, May 11
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  • Former Fermilab SULI, Teng students win NSF Fellowships
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Health: Time to be active
  • Intensity Frontier lecture series prepares future researchers
  • Photo of the Day: Tornado Seminar 2009
  • From the Business Ledger: Lab, tollway exit projects brighten economy

Friday, May 8
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  • Unity Coat seminar opens eyes to living with injury
  • From DOE: Secretary Chu: President’s energy budget creates jobs, restores America’s scientific leadership and puts nation on the path to energy independence
  • Recreation Fair 2009
  • WDRS site helps employees understand travel insurance
  • From the University of Chicago Chronicle: Scholars, visiting faculty, leaders represent Chicago as AAAS fellows

Thursday, May 7
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  • From symmetrybreaking: Making 3D images of the proton
  • Result of the Week: Putting bounds on boson decays
  • Letter to the Editor: Praise for the Fermilab Outdoor Fun Fair
  • From Nature, May 5, 2009: Dark matter intrigue deepens

Wednesday, May 6
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  • June 3-4 Users' Meeting looks at new physics, future
  • From the Technical Division: Reinvesting in advanced technology research
  • Extreme Beam lecture Thursday, 4 p.m. in One West
  • Fun with neutrinos
  • H1N1 influenza Q&A now available
  • Photos of the Day: A look at 40 years of Arbor Day celebrations
  • From the Wall Street Journal, May 5, 2009: Science, spirituality, and some mismatched socks

Tuesday, May 5
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  • Plant a tree today in honor of Earth Day/Arbor Day
  • Director's Corner: A consequential week
  • Photo of the Day: DOE, Fermilab management visit future NOvA site
  • From, April 30, 2009: Lecture nights reveal the physics of Angels & Demons

Monday, May 4
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  • Fermilab’s superconducting cavity program moves forward
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Health: H1N1: Swine flu’s new name
  • Celebrate Asian/Pacific American Heritage month
  • Plant a tree tomorrow in honor of Earth and Arbor Days
  • From Fox 21 News, May 3, 2009: Scientists, lawmakers break ground on Ash River neutrino lab
  • From symmetrybreaking: The Daily Show on CERN

Friday, May 1
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  • Influenza (flu) update
  • Officials break ground for the world’s most advanced neutrino experiment
  • The 2009 TIME 100: Steven Chu
  • Final LHC magnet goes underground
  • Pigs are phishing
  • John Plese talks tonight on NC17 about bison, calves
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