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Friday, Jan. 30
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  • ANL, Fermilab and UChicago come together for fifth meeting
  • From ISGTW: Beauty to unlock the mystery of asymmetry
  • Milestone: Congratulations to Tuition Assistance Program graduates
  • Special Announcement: URA Thesis competition accepting admissions

Thursday, Jan. 29
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  • Cahill has front-row seat to growth in lab, technology
  • Fermilab Result of the Week: Spooky Multi-Muon Events Puzzle Physicists
  • From, Jan. 27: CERN: the view from inside
  • From Rapid City Journal, Jan. 25: Rigorous review ahead for Sanford Lab project

Wednesday, Jan. 28
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  • Kerry Ewald retires after 33 years
  • From the Accelerator Division: Running up the score
  • From Seed, Jan. 26: Letter to Obama
  • From MSNBC.COM, Jan. 22: One Quantum Leap

Tuesday, Jan. 27
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  • NOvA experimenters busy in 2009
  • Director's Corner: IQA
  • From symmetry magazine, December 2008: A Fearlessly Creative Workforce

Monday, Jan. 26
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  • Expert talks about the decline of honeybees
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Health: Preventing shoulder injuries
  • From AIP FYI, Jan. 23: House appropriators' document provides S&T rationale in stimulus funding bill

Friday, Jan. 23
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  • Energy Secretary Steven Chu looks to labs for DOE’s future
  • Expanded J-Term workshop offers additional training
  • Photo and Video of the Day: Family fun at Open House
  • Explore nature's masterpieces in Art Gallery photo exhibit
  • Watch "The Story of Qiu Ju," Jan. 23 at 8 p.m.

Thursday, Jan. 22
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  • Secretary of Energy Steven Chu to speak at noon today
  • Result of the Week: Shedding light on the Higgs Boson
  • Open house opens minds to science
  • C2ST present bioterrorism lecture Jan. 27
  • Photo of the Day: Completed 3.9GHz cavity string moved from clean room
  • From University of Chicago, Jan. 20: Nation’s largest science meeting comes to Chicago Feb. 12-16

Wednesday, Jan. 21
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  • Gustavo Burdman is first Ben Lee Fellow
  • Director's Corner: A physicist at the inauguration
  • Photo of the Day: Luty named second theorist-of-the-week
  • ES&H weekly report, Jan. 21
  • From New Scientist, Jan. 20: How do you weigh the Milky Way?
  • From MSNBC, Jan. 20: Fast-spinning stars get new image

Tuesday, Jan. 20
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  • New Scientist article featuring Craig Hogan is most read
  • Director's Corner: Inauguration
  • Fermilab team completes 3.9-GHz cavity string
  • From AIP FYI, Jan. 16: Positive confirmation hearing for Steven Chu
  • From Nature, Jan. 16: ESA seeks to join US dark energy mission

Friday, Jan. 16
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  • From ILC Newsline: Harmonics of acceleration
  • From iSGTW: Tier-3 computing centers expand options for physicists
  • Register now for Fermilab Family Open House Jan. 17
  • Photo of the Day: In flight
  • From the AIP FYI, Jan. 15: House economic stimulus bill would provide billions in new science, energy and education dollars

Thursday, Jan. 15
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  • Mush! Fermilab physicist races sled dogs
  • Fermilab Result of the Week: Light probes matter
  • C2ST presents energy sustainability lecture Jan. 20
  • From the symmetrybreaking, Jan. 14: Physics lab aids bird conservation effort
  • From the Times Online, Jan. 14: Do the maths

Wednesday, Jan. 14
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  • Slippery outside? Walk like you're 90.
  • From the ES&H Section: Cheers to a safe and bright 2009
  • ES&H weekly report, Jan. 13
  • From the symmetrybreaking, Jan. 12: New CERN director-general speaks to staff

Tuesday, Jan. 13
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  • Camille Ginsburg prepares Fermilab for the future
  • Director's Corner: Vacation
  • Video of the Day: Cyclotron kids
  • From the AIP FYI, Jan. 9: Of note: selected quotations from FYI in 2008

Monday, Jan. 12
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  • Lost Boys visit shows need for understanding of diversity
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Stay alert and prepare for winter driving
  • From symmetry: The power of proton therapy
  • From the, Jan. 4: Who Ordered the Dark Matter and Dark Energy?

Friday, Jan. 9
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  • DOE's Jon Cooper retires
  • URA Visiting Scholars Program gives 2008 awards
  • Register now for Fermilab Family Open House Jan. 17
  • From the Kane County Chronicle, Jan. 7: 14th District Rep. Bill Foster sworn in - again

Thursday, Jan. 8
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  • G.P. Yeh elected APS Fellow
  • Result of the Week: Desperately seeking SUSY
  • URA Thesis award competition underway
  • Tickets for Gallery Chamber Series events now available
  • Expert talks about the plight of the honeybee Jan. 16
  • From the Wayne Republican, Jan. 4: Warrenville resident calls for stripping away healthy-living excuses

Wednesday, Jan. 7
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  • Paul Mackenzie named USQCD chair
  • The work behind the scenes
  • Last chance to register for JTerm III
  • ES&H weekly report, Jan. 7

Tuesday, Jan. 6
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  • CMS detector completes cosmic practice runs
  • Director's Corner: Resolutions
  • Photo of the Day: Winter serene
  • From Science News, Jan. 17, 2009: For a big view of inner Earth, catch a few…Geoneutrinos

Monday, Jan. 5
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  • Fermilab–related experiments among top science stories
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Walk carefully
  • Vladimir Shiltsev elected APS Fellow
  • From New Scientist, Dec. 31, 2008: Commentary: Reasons to be jolly about 2008
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