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Tuesday, Dec. 22
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  • Fermilab Today on vacation Dec. 23, returns Jan. 4
  • Images from the potluck party and holiday skits on Dec. 16
  • Director's Corner: Happy holidays!
  • Ask the Ethicist: Q&A about gifts and gratuities
  • Safety reminder: Holiday safety tips
  • East gate to close 1 to 5 a.m. starting Jan. 5
  • From Minnesota Star Tribune, Dec. 19, 2009: Key to the universe found on the Iron Range?

Monday, Dec. 21
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  • Fermilab Today on vacation Dec. 23, returns Jan. 4
  • Fermilab scientists, staff selected as APS fellows
  • Bardeen, McBride elected AAAS Fellows
  • Employee Advisory Group nominations due today
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Environment: Coyotes key to keeping goose population in check
  • Photo of the Day: Winter wildlife
  • Video of the Day: Video of CDMS results talk is now available online
  • From New York Times, Dec. 18, 2009: At a mine’s bottom, hints of dark matter

Friday, Dec. 18
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  • CDMS "opens the box," reveals results
  • New superconductor will put collaborators to the test
  • Ask the Ethicist: Holidays and contractor gratuities
  • DOE releases laboratory report cards
  • Recreation Feature of the Month: Classes, events and discounts for January
  • From, Dec. 18, 2009: LHC ends 2009 run on a high note

Thursday, Dec. 17
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  • CDMS "opens the box," reveals results

Thursday, Dec. 17
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  • CDMS to discuss newest results at 4 p.m. in One West
  • Symposium honors Chris Quigg for research, outreach
  • Result of the Week: How to find a particle
  • Employee Advisory Group nominations due Monday
  • Tune IT Up physical inventory and assessment complete
  • From Physics World, Dec. 16, 2009: UK physics hit by savage cuts

Wednesday, Dec. 16
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  • Happy Holidays from Fermilab
  • Director's Corner: Short visit to Perú
  • LARP reaches magnet technology milestone
  • Food, magic and funny physicists at potluck party
  • ES&H weekly report, Dec. 15
  • From symmetry breaking: This week at the LHC

Tuesday, Dec. 15
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  • Celebrate the holidays at potluck party on Wednesday
  • From the Particle Physics Division: The Magicians of PPD
  • Service Desk online request system down 6-8 a.m. Dec. 16
  • East gate to close 1 to 5 a.m. starting Jan. 5
  • From Dec. 11, 2009: CERN consider member-state expansion
  • From the Associated Press Dec. 14, 2009: Atom smasher ramps up collisions before year end

Monday, Dec. 14
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  • Atrium hosts a festival of lights to celebrate diversity
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Safety: Tips to avoid winter slips
  • URA accepting submissions for annual Thesis Award
  • Photo of the Day: First snow
  • From NPR Dec. 14, 2009: World's largest particle collider back in action

Friday, Dec. 11
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  • CMS Result of the Month: Simply smashing
  • Drillers will sample soil, rock at proposed neutrino site
  • NOvA crews dig in
  • The search for dark matter: CDMS presents its results Thursday, Dec. 17
  • From Physics World, Dec 10, 2009: Higgs could reveal itself in dark-matter collisions
  • Avian art works on display in Fermilab Art Gallery

Thursday, Dec. 10
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  • Debbie Harris named as new MINERvA co-spokesperson
  • Result of the Week: A banner year for CDF results
  • Humanitarian photographer presenting today in One West
  • From New York Times, Dec. 10, 2009: Collider meets its goal for power
  • From symmetry breaking: How a new muon experiment can advance physics
  • What's Happening Here?: Work continues near Pine Street and Road A
  • University Profile: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Wednesday, Dec. 09
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  • From DESY: Collaboration gets high grade for third-harmonic module
  • From the CMS Center: CMS says hello to the π0
  • In Memoriam: Joe Leo
  • From symmetry breaking: The latest from the LHC
  • Phishing alert: don't open "carbon nanotube" e-mail
  • ES&H weekly report, Dec. 8

Tuesday, Dec. 08
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  • Special Announcement: Winter weather warning
  • Director's Corner: Notable events
  • From symmetry breaking: DOE gives big boost to plans for new muon experiment
  • From National Geographic, Dec. 4, 2009: LHC gets first results; step toward "God particle"?
  • Traffic Safety Seminar meets today in One West
  • From Quantum Diaries Subatomic particles as Hollywood villains

Monday, Dec. 07
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  • From symmetry breaking: Particle physics gets hip with a party at the planetarium
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Computing Security: Tune IT Up inventory includes internal check-up
  • Photo of the Day: Sending food to the hungry
  • From Kane County Chronicle, Dec. 4, 2009: Fermilab aims to explore new frontiers

Friday, Dec. 04
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  • Ask-a-Scientist goes to Supercomputing 2009
  • Mitch Soderberg new spokesperson for ArgoNeuT
  • From the, Dec. 2, 2009: Collider weathers power cut
  • From Science, Dec. 4, 2009: Seeking a shortcut to the high-energy frontier

Thursday, Dec. 03
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  • From symmetry breaking: ATLAS' countdown to collisions
  • Result of the Week: The Higgs boson juggernaut
  • From the Chicago Tribune, Dec. 2, 2009: Tesla coil enthusiasts: Danger and drama part of allure
  • From symmetry breaking: Cable fault temporarily shuts down LHC
  • From, Dec. 2, 2009: Statement on Japanese science funding by KEK Director General Atsuto Suzuki
  • University Profile: University of Mississippi

Wednesday, Dec. 02
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  • Tevatron's doctors keep the machine running well
  • Mark your calendar: Inaugural potluck party is Dec. 16
  • From The University of Chicago: Collaborative seed grants spark DOE support
  • Register now for the ITEP Winter School of Physics
  • From SLAC Today, Dec. 1, 2009: Dark Energy Survey collaboration meets at SLAC
  • From Daily Herald, Dec. 1, 2009: Fermilab has no hard feelings toward lab that bested it
  • "The Night Before Christmas Carol" performance Saturday

Tuesday, Dec. 01
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  • Rich set of topics considered at recent PAC meeting
  • Director's Corner: Building a better workplace
  • Personally identifiable information training required
  • Register now for Quigg Symposium Dec. 14-15
  • From Ars Technica, Nov. 30, 2009: LHC sets new energy record, full power still year away
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