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April is National humor month...click on the link for the joke of the day
Did you know that an average preschool-age child laughs up to 400 times per day, while an average adult laughs only 17 times per day? Laughter impacts your physical health and well-being. Here’s how…Laughter reduces pain by releasing endorphins, boosts your immune system and speeds healing, works your abdominal muscles and relaxes other muscles, helps you to overcome negative feelings and to see life in a new perspective, opens your blood vessels and may reduce risk of heart attack, raises energy expenditure and increases heart rate 10–20%. Laughing for 15 minutes can burn 10-40 calories. Please visit http://wdrs.fnal.gov/recreation/index.html

Fermilab club & league fair
Are you looking for a new lunchtime or after-hours activity? Check out the club & league fair in the Wilson Hall Atrium on Wednesday, April 29 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. There will something for everyone. All clubs and leagues interested in participating should contact the Recreation Dept. at x5427 to reserve your space by April 15.

Blackberry Oaks Golf League
Individual medal play competition will take place during Monday evening league. Each golfer will be competing against the field every week based on handicap. A $20 entrance fee is charged and this money will be returned via contest recognition. For more information contact Ron Evans at x4166 or http://wdrs.fnal.gov/recreation/BlackberryOaksGolfLeague.pdf

Goodrich Quality Theater and AMC Theater tickets
Discounted movie theater tickets are available for purchase in the Recreation Office, WH15W. Ticket price is $7 each. Please complete the Recreation Order Form at http://wdrs.fnal.gov/recreation/convenience.html

Got golf? Join the Fermilab Golf League
The Fermilab Golf League consists of individual leagues, playing on local courses on different nights of the week. There are about 100 golfers in the league. We'd like a few more. We play weekly at the following local courses; Arrowhead Golf Course, Bliss Creek Golf Course and the Fox Valley Golf Course. Membership is open to all Fermilab employees (both present and past), their families and contractors doing business with the lab. If you don't feel that you can commit to playing every week, all of the leagues offer positions for substitutes that play in an as needed basis. Contact Matt Matulik, x4091, matulik@fnal.gov

New Financial Planning & Investment Services at ACU
Argonne Credit Union is offering investment services through a new alliance with Financial Network Investment Corporation. Financial Advisor, Bill O’Malley of Financial Network, will be available at ACU’s Fermilab branch on Tuesdays from 8 a.m. - noon to provide face-to-face investment and planning advice. Visit http://iownacu.com to learn more and schedule a complimentary consultation. Securities and Investment Advisory Services offered through Financial Network Investment Corporation, Member SIPC. Financial Network is not an affiliate of Argonne Credit Union. Investments are not ASI insured. Not a deposit. No Credit Union guarantee. May lose value. Not insured by any federal government agency.

Muscle toning classes
The next set of muscle toning classes will take place March 31 through April 30, $45.00 for 5 weeks. Registration forms can be found in the Recreation Office, WH15W, or on the Recreation Web site. http://wdrs.fnal.gov/recreation/classes.html

COMSOL Multiphysics workshop at Fermilab - April 6
On April 6, a COMSOL multiphysics modeling workshop will be arranged by COMSOL Inc. at Fermilab. This free of charge event is an introduction to COMSOL Multiphysics modeling including a quick tour of the software, a live demo, and a hands-on tutorial. Anyone interested in simulating engineering phenomena based on PDE-s, such as structural mechanics, heat transfer, electromagnetics, fluid flows, etc., can attend. No preliminary experience with the software is required. Seating is limited, so registration in advance is advised. For more information, please visit http://www.comsol.com/events/cmmw/6867/

Barn Dance April 12
The Fermilab Folk Club presents a Barn Dance on Sunday, April 12 at 6:30 p.m. in the Kuhn Village Barn with music by Chrysopoeia and calling by Meg Dedolph. Everyone is welcome. Admission is $6. Children under 12 are free. 12 to 18 year olds and people over 65 are $3. More info and directions: http://www.fnal.gov/orgs/folkclub/

Harlem Globetrotter employee discount April 13
Don’t miss the 2009 World tour of the Harlem Globetrotters. Save $7 per ticket at the United Center on Monday, April 13, 7 p.m. See the flyer to order your tickets. For more information please visit http://wdrs.fnal.gov/recreation/HarlemGlobetrotters.pdf

Changes to Participating Pharmacies Blue Cross Pharmacy Program
Target Pharmacy will continue to be part of the 30-day retail program but will not participate in the Blue Cross Blue Shield 90-day retail pharmacy program. Additional information can be found on the benefits website at http://wdrs.fnal.gov/benefits/benefits_bulletins.html. Please contact the Benefits Office if you have any questions regarding this change.

Artist within - employee art show '09
Artist within - Fermilab employee art show, intent application due before April 20. For more information please visit http://www.fnal.gov/pub/Art_Gallery/App09.pdf copies also available in the Art Gallery. Exhibition dates May 15 - July 6. If you have any questions please contact Georgia at georgia@fnal.gov.

MathWorks Seminar - April 21
Learn about MatLab - MATLAB(r) Introduction: Accessing data from Excel and other sources Analyzing and Visualizing data Reporting and Publishing results Building and deploying GUI-based applications. For more information please visit http://www-esh.fnal.gov/pls/default/course_summary.full_descr?this_course_code=WDRS0051&this_instr_type_code=CR&this_fermi_id=00000X

Word 2007: Styles and Templates class offered April 23
Learn timesaving benefits of using templates and the type of templates that may be best to use at your office. Understand the importance of using and managing styles. To enroll or for more information, please visit http://www-esh.fnal.gov/pls/default/course_summary.full_descr?this_course_code=WDRS0045&this_instr_type_code=CR&this_fermi_id=00000X

Coed softball season begins May 13
Men and women from any level of play are welcome to participate. If you don't have a team, we'll find you one. Games are Wednesday or Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at the Fermilab softball field. Captains meeting is April 15 in the cafeteria at noon. For more information or to join a team, contact Dave Hockin at hockin@fnal.gov or visit http://wdrs.fnal.gov/recreation/Softball.html

Discount tickets to "1964"...Beatles tribute - June 6
Special corporate discount, one day only, Saturday, June 6 at 7:30 p.m., Rosemont Theatre. To order your tickets http://wdrs.fnal.gov/recreation/Beatles.pdf

SciTech summer camps
Between July 6 and Aug. 14, the SciTech hands-on Museum offers various week-long summer camps for kids ages 6 to 14. Information on the camps is available online at http://www.scitechmuseum.org/brochureschedule09.html, or call Esther Allen at (630)859-3434, x228.

Sustainable Energy Club
The Fermilab Sustainable Energy Club creates the opportunity for interested employees to learn, share information and collaborate on projects related to sustainable energy. The scope of these projects may include residential, transportation, educational, regional and other, only limited by our creativity. For more info contact Brian Chase, x3040 chase@fnal.gov or visit http://wdrs.fnal.gov/recreation/SustainableEnergyClub0209Newsletter.pdf

WDRS researches transit benefit program
WDRS is researching a transit benefit program that encourages the use of public transportation by providing employees with tax-free benefits to assist with their commuting. Please consider taking the Transit Survey to assist us with our research. For more information please visit http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/survey-intro.zgi?p=WEB228RYGUL5XJ

Spring book fair April 1-2
The Recreation Department will host a book fair in the Wilson Hall Atrium, Wednesday, April 1, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Thursday, April 2, from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Cash, personal check, M/C, Visa, American Express and Discover cards will be accepted.

Conflict management & negotiation skills class offered April 1
Broaden your understanding of the main sources of conflict, the different modes of conflict management and the critical steps to joint problem solving and negotiation. For more information or to enroll please visit http://www-esh.fnal.gov/pls/default/course_summary.full_descr?this_course_code=WDRS0031&this_instr_type_code=CR&this_fermi_id=00000X

Outlook 2007 new features class offered April 8
Learn the new features of Outlook 2007 and become comfortable with the interface, mail messages and contact management. To enroll or for more information, please visit http://www-esh.fnal.gov/pls/default/schedule.show_course_details?cid=4785

Wanted: safety messages
Fermilab seeks new messages, about 7 to 10 words long, for the safety signs at the site entrances. Messages with a physics twist are especially welcome. Please send your submissions to Tim Miller, tmiller@fnal.gov. Messages selected for future safety signs will be rewarded with a prize.

English country dancing, April 5
English country dancing will take place on Sunday, April 5, at Kuhn Village Barn. A session for advanced dancers starts at 1 p.m. Dancing for all levels begins at 2 p.m. A potluck supper will follow (if there is interest) at about 5:30 p.m. Newcomers are always welcome. All the dances are taught and walked through and no partner is required. For more information and to get on the email reminder list, please contact folkdance@fnal.gov or call (630)584-0825 or x8194. For more information, please visit http://home.fnal.gov/~djensen/Eng_Dan.htm

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