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New information on Fermilab layoffs, including an up-to-date Q&A section, appears on the layoff Web pages.

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Information on the furloughs at Fermilab, which stopped May 31, 2008, is available on the furlough Web pages.


Friday, June 27
11 a.m.
Theoretical Physics Seminar - WH-3NW(NOTE DATE, TIME, LOCATION)
Speaker: S. Pascoli, Durham University
Title: Detecting Dark Matter with Neutrino Detectors
3:30 p.m.
4 p.m.
Joint Experimental-Theoretical Physics Seminar - One West
Speaker: P. Belli, University of Rome, Tor Vergata
Title: First Results from DAMA/LIBRA
8 p.m.
Fermilab International Film Society - Auditorium
Tickets: $5
Title: Harvey

Saturday, June 28
8 p.m.
Fermilab Arts Series - Auditorium
Tickets: $15/$8
Performer: Beppe Gambetta: Acoustic Guitar

Monday, June 30
2:30 p.m. Particle Astrophysics Seminar - Curia II Speaker: F. Iocco, INAF Title: Dark Matter Annihilation Effects on the First Stars
3:30 p.m.
4 p.m.
All Experimenters' Meeting - Curia II

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Wilson Hall Cafe
Friday, June 27
- Chunky vegetable soup w/orzo
- Buffalo chicken wings
- Cajun breaded catfish
- Teriyaki pork stir-fry
- Honey mustard ham & Swiss panini
- Assorted slice pizza
- Carved turkey

Wilson Hall Cafe Menu

Chez Leon

Wednesday, July 2
- Poached salmon w/scallion sauce
- Lemon orzo w/pine nuts
- Summer vegetable medley
- Chocolate Kahlua flan

Thursday, July 3
- Closed

Chez Leon Menu
Call x4598 to make your reservation.


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In the News

U.S. Senate approves funding bill for Fermilab

From Kane County Chronicle,
June 27, 2008

The U.S. Senate on Thursday approved an emergency spending bill that will allow Fermilab to continue its research.

By a vote of 92-6, the U.S. Senate passed the emergency supplemental spending bill that includes $400 million in funding for critical science programs.

The U.S. House approved the measure last week.

The legislation provides $62.5 million for the Office of Science to ensure that Fermilab, Argonne and other scientific facilities are able to continue their research and retain staff.

Another $62.5 million is appropriated for the National Science Foundation to continue critical research, a portion of which will benefit both Illinois laboratories.

"Today, Congress has shown its support for the critical research at Fermi, Argonne and science labs across the country," said U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill.

In December 2007, Congress cut Fermilab's budget from the $372 million requested by the Department of Energy to $320 million, $22 million less than the laboratory received in 2007.

An anonymous $5 million donation, made to the University of Chicago in May, ensured that employees at Fermilab no longer would need to take unpaid leave.

The donation was made with the stipulation that it be used toward the development of future programs in particle physics.

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Barb Kristen retires today

Barb Kristen

When employers at Argonne offered her a job in the mailroom, Barb Kristen put her foot down. "I didn't take all those secretarial classes for nothing!"

Kristen, instead, took a job in 1967 at the newly formed Fermilab, helping in the transition from Oak Brook to Wilson Hall. As the laboratory grew, so did Kristen's responsibilities and influence. The PPD administrator, who retires next week after over 40 years, leaves a mark on the laboratory as a leading environmentalist, the first librarian and one of the laboratory's first secretaries.

"Barb is part of the heart and soul and can-do spirit of this place. She helped build it and made sure that the scientific community could do science while the administrative world ran smoothly," said Elaine Phillips, co-worker in PPD.

In her free time, she brought her passion for nature to Fermilab. She's been a member of Ecological Land Management Committee since 1999, working to restore and preserve the laboratory's native vegetation.

Born and raised in the area, Kristen knew non-native plants when she saw them and that they posed a threat to an ecosystem's biodiversity. So, six years ago when she spotted colonies of honeysuckle and buckthorn overtaking the walkway from the Lederman Science Center to Wilson Hall, she took action.

"I suggested to Roads and Grounds that they start some kind of habitat restoration project, but they already had their hands full," Kristen said.

Kristen started the Habitat Restoration Project herself and will continue the program in retirement. She might even be found in one of the village garden plots tending to her iris plants.

"I've gotta keep my fingers in the dirt," Kristen said.

Say farewell to Kristen from 2-3 p.m. on the 15th floor cross-over.

--Jennifer L. Johnson

Special Director's Corner

Great News!!

Pier Oddone
Pier Oddone
It is a pleasure to tell you that yesterday evening the US Senate, by a vote of 92 to 6, passed a supplemental funding bill for FY2008. The House of Representatives had previously passed the bill, and the President has indicated that he will sign it. Among the bill's provisions is an appropriation of $62.5 million for DOE's Office of Science. This is very good news for science and for Fermilab. I will hold an All Hands meeting next Wednesday. Thanks to savings from the voluntary separations and the additional funding in the supplemental bill, I expect to announce the end of involuntary layoffs at the laboratory. All of us at Fermilab express profound thanks to all those who have worked so very hard to achieve this critical support for science at Fermilab and across the nation.
Photo of the Day

Enrico Fermi descendants
tour namesake laboratory

Olivia Fermi and Paul Weiner (center), grandchildren of Enrico Fermi, and Ben and Laura Weiner, Enrico Fermi's great-grandchildren tour the Tevatron Main Control Room with Bob Mau, head of the AD Operations Department on June 20.

From iSGTW

Grid computing walks the standard line: thinking inside the box

"Standard" is often equated with "average" or "boring." How can you innovate or invent when you're bound by standards and regulations? How can you push the boundaries when you're stuck inside a box?

Yet how can you create something on a grand scale-something that can slot into place with other grand things-unless you create something interoperable. Something . . . standard.

In this special feature, we delve into this easily overlooked aspect of grid computing.

In 1850s Australia, budding railroad tycoons began laying train tracks across the continent. Each team of financiers, surveyers and civil engineers adopted their own preferred system, independent of the others.

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Have a safe day!

English Country Dancing Sunday
English Country Dancing will take place Sunday afternoon, June 29, at Kuhn Barn, from 2 to 5 p.m. A potluck picnic will likely follow the dancing. Newcomers are always welcome and no partner is required. For more information, please contact folkdance@fnal.gov or call (630) 584-0825.

Going to CERN?
Take your camera! Have your photos featured in the Fermilab Remote Operations Center online gallery. Contact Elizabeth Clements for details.

NALWO Chicago boat trip
Fermilab's women's organization, NALWO, will host a sightseeing boat tour of Chicago's historical skyline and architecture on Wednesday, July 9. An air-conditioned bus will leave from 9:45 a.m. from the Lederman Science Center and return at 4 p.m. The tour will cost $20 for adults and $10 for children ages 3-12. Children under age 3 can attend free of charge. Reservations are required and will be accepted until July 7. For more information or to make your reservation, contact Margie Nagaitsev at mnagaitsev@hotmail.com or (630) 232-7308.

Visa Office Closed
The Visa Office will be closed the week of June 23-27. Please address only urgent matters during that week to Borys Jurkiw at visaoffice@fnal.gov or x4363.

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