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Friday, Oct. 31
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  • New Director-General for DESY
  • Lattice QCD computer arrival
  • From iSGTW:A fine-grained approach to “cool” simulations
  • From Nature News, Oct. 29, 2008: How to repair the biggest science experiment in the worlds

Thursday, Oct. 30
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  • Four generations visit old prairie home
  • Result of the Week: Viewing Higgs from the top
  • From Science News, Oct. 30, 2008: Ultramassive: as big as it gets

Wednesday, Oct. 29
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  • Fermilab scientists, users elected to APS DPF committee
  • Photo of the Day: OSTP staffer Jean Cottam toured Fermilab Friday
  • From the Computing Division: Supporting science
  • From MSNBC CosmicLog, Oct. 29, 2008: The subatomic dragstrip

Tuesday, Oct. 28
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  • Town hall meeting with Rolf Heuer at 10:45 a.m. today
  • Director's Corner: A great celebration
  • C2ST increases science awareness, offers programs
  • From MSNBC CosmicLog, Oct. 27, 2008: Atom smashers at work /li>

Monday, Oct. 27
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  • From symmetry breaking: Computing in a grid or a cloud
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Keep up the good work
  • Photo of the Day: Autumn colors
  • From Wired, Oct. 24, 2008: Underground lab probes how matter licked antimatter

Friday, Oct. 24
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  • KTeV crystals to shine again
  • From iSGTW: Catching quakes with laptops
  • Photo of the Day: Fall sunrise
  • From University of Chicago Chronicle, Oct. 23, 2008: The University of Chicago launches new research catalyst program

Thursday, Oct. 23
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  • From Computer Security: Trust me, trust me not
  • Result of the Week: Viewing Higgs from the top
  • Photo of the Day: DOE's Mercer visits Fermilab
  • Making Rockin' Einstein, Fermilab's scarecrow
  • From Scientific American, Oct. 21, 2008: The many worlds of Hugh Everett

Wednesday, Oct. 22
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  • Adopt-a-Physicist program puts a new face on science
  • Director's Corner: An important day
  • From, Oct. 21, 2008: CERN inaugurates the LHC
  • Photos of the Day: Celebrations, continued

Tuesday, Oct. 21
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  • Fermilab celebrates its achievements, diversity
  • From, Oct. 20, 2008: CERN prepares to celebrate completion of the LHC
  • From Daily Herald, Oct. 17, 2008: Fermilab blends art and nature with physics

Monday, Oct. 20
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  • Classroom presenters wanted to showcase science
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Watch out for deer
  • Photo of the Day
  • From IU NEWS ROOM, Oct. 15, 2008: Einstein's relativity survives neutrino test

Friday, Oct. 17
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  • Special Announcement: Diversity Fair today
  • Special Announcement: Labwide party today
  • From iSGTW: Opportunistic storage increases grid job success rate
  • CERN Press Release: CERN releases analysis of LHC incident

Thursday, Oct. 16
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  • Busy Friday: Diversity Fair and Labwide Party
  • Result of the Week: Charmed particles all alone at the Tevatron
  • Local girl's Fermilab project wins state fair
  • Education volunteer nominations due Oct. 27
  • From Chicago Tribune, Oct. 16, 2008: Fermilab: Where physics and bison meet
  • From, Oct. 15, 2008: Stanford Linear Accelerator Center renamed SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Wednesday, Oct. 15
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  • U.S. LHC users' strategize for the future at Oct. 24 meeting
  • From the Accelerator Physics Center: Advancing accelerator technology
  • From Kane County Chronicle, Oct. 15, 2008: Fermilab to show off cultural diversity through fair
  • From BBC News, Oct. 9, 2008: 'Unbreakable' encryption unveiled

Tuesday, Oct. 14
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  • Fermilab scientists, collaborators win APS prizes
  • Director's Corner: Heat and light
  • From Tuscon Citizen, Oct. 11, 2008: Pima County officials hope flawed ballot is one of a kind
  • From EurekaAlert, Oct. 6, 2008: Fuzziness on the road to physics' grand unification theory

Monday, Oct. 13
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  • Symposium looks at interplay of sciences
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Autumn leaves
  • From Reuters, Oct. 11, 2008: American Academy Inducts 228th Class of Scholars, Scientists, Artists, Civic, Corporate and Philanthropic Leaders
  • From Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 9, 2008: Asia trumping US on science R&D

Friday, Oct. 10
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  • Fermilab scarecrow display tonight at St. Charles festival
  • From iSGTW: What is the grid, anyway?
  • Problem with sirens on site
  • From Des Moines Register, Oct. 9, 2008: Guest column: Invest in expanding frontiers of knowledge
  • From World Changing, Oct. 9, 2008: Tiny science, big implications

Thursday, Oct. 9
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  • Fermilab and symmetry breaking
  • Fermilab Result of the Week: Expecting the unexpected
  • Special Announcement: DOE's Dehmer, Kovar win presidential awards
  • National Depression Screening Day at Fermilab
  • From AFP, Oct. 7, 2008: Broken symmetry: Answering the solace of quantum

Wednesday, Oct. 8
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  • GridFest celebrates key part of the LHC experiments
  • From the Accelerator Division: Changing Times
  • From Chicago Tribune, Oct. 7, 2008: University of Chicago physicist Yoichiro Nambu wins Nobel Prize
  • From Science, Oct. 2008: Europeans Think Big for Particle Detectors

Tuesday, Oct. 7
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  • Old friends reconnect at Farmers’ Picnic
  • Director's Corner: The new fiscal year
  • Special Announcement: Town hall meeting with future director general of CERN
  • From New York Times, Oct. 7, 2008: 1 American, 2 Japanese Share Nobel Physics Prize
  • From Daily Herald, Oct. 4, 2008: Fermilab joins worldwide computer network

Monday, Oct. 6
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  • Labs and companies collaborate on pixel detector technology
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Fire Prevention Week
  • Photo of the Day: Grid Computer Center takes power outage precautions
  • reCAPTCHA service helps CD reduce spam
  • From Medill News Service, Oct. 2, 2008: Fermilab connects to worldwide computing grid

Friday, Oct. 3
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  • Announcement: Fermilab Grid Fest today
  • Announcement: Turn off computers tonight
  • Announcement: Join Fermilab's volunteer Prairie Seed Harvest Saturday
  • From iSGTW: No excuse for under-utilization: Clemson back-fills with BOINC
  • From CERN press release, Oct. 3, 2008: Let the number-crunching begin: the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid celebrates first data

Thursday, Oct. 2
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  • Homing in on the dark elements
  • Fermilab Result of the Week: Can beauty guide us to the super world?
  • Encouraging words
  • Announcement: Join Fermilab's Volunteer Prairie Seed Harvest Saturday
  • Announcement: Grid Fest occurs tomorrow
  • From USA Today, Sept. 30, 2008: Do we live in a giant cosmic bubble?

Wednesday, Oct. 1
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  • Astronomical survey surpasses publication milestone
  • From FESS: Extraordinary people
  • Message from the director on the Continuing Resolution:
  • From ScienceNow News, Sept. 29, 2008: U.S. Science faces a flat 2009
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