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Wednesday, Nov. 26
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  • Grzegorz Deptuch wins early career award
  • From the Technical Division: Enhancing world collaboration
  • Parking lot theft
  • Safety Update: ES&H weekly report, Nov. 25
  • Tuesday, Nov. 25
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  • From symmetry magazine: Where old physics stuff goes to live
  • Director's Corner: Important workshops
  • From symmetrybreaking, Chinese premier commends US/China collaboration
  • "The Atom Smashers" airs on PBS tonight
  • From MSNBC Cosmic Log, Nov. 20: Atom Smashers on TV
  • Monday, Nov. 24
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  • Red Teams collecting organization charts
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Holiday safety
  • Photo of the Day: Supercomputing 08
  • "The Atom Smashers" airs on PBS Tuesday, Nov. 25
  • Texas Tech University strong Fermilab collaborator
  • From Science News, Nov. 20: Standard model gets right answer for proton, neutron masses
  • Friday, Nov. 21
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  • From the Directorate: Snow day policy
  • Special Result of the Week: SciBooNE’s search for coherence in neutrino interactions
  • In Brief: Organize carpool with free PACE Rideshare program
  • From AIP FYI, Nov. 20: High energy physics advisory panel briefing on budget outlook
  • Thursday, Nov. 20
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  • Universities, Fermilab both benefit from collaboration
  • Result of the Week: DZero's new phenomena dragnet
  • Photo of the Day: Fermilab earns award for marsh restoration project
  • The Klezmatics perform at Fermilab Saturday, 8 p.m.
  • From Scientific American, Nov. 19: Antarctic balloon on the trail of dark matter?
  • Wednesday, Nov. 19
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  • Fermilab holds energy-saving seminar for mayors
  • From Center for Particle Astrophysics: Inner space, outer space: quantum space
  • From New Scientist, Nov. 17: Quantum effects bring no solace for physicists
  • Tuesday, Nov. 18
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  • Patty McBride elected IUPAP commission chair
  • Director's Corner: Pierre Auger Inauguration
  • From Associated Press, Nov. 17: Repairs to Swiss particle collider will cost $25M
  • From Wall Street Journal, Nov. 11: Mining for dark matter, some go wimp-hunting
  • Monday, Nov. 17
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  • From Computer Security: Red Teams are phishing
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Attentiveness
  • From Scientific American, Nov. 10: New theories may shed light on dark matter
  • Friday, Nov. 14
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  • No-parking areas will save salt, labor and money
  • Special Result of the Week: Neutrino: Wave or particle?
  • World's largest cosmic-ray observatory inaugurated
  • Thursday, Nov. 13
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  • Lecture Series presents: Facing the frontier, Nov. 14
  • Result of the Week: High school student helps with Higgs search
  • Battleships find new use at Fermilab
  • From The Courier News, Nov. 10, 2008: Fermi scientist brings telescopes into focus
  • Wednesday, Nov. 12
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  • Marsh project earns Fermilab an environmental award
  • From the Business Services Section: How are we doing?
  • Photo of the Day: Breakfast with scientists
  • From New Scientist, Nov. 2, 2008: Where do science supermachines go when they die?
  • Tuesday, Nov. 11
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  • Power outage shows strength of Tevatron team
  • Director's Corner: Mobilization
  • Photo of the Day: Winter sunset
  • From AIP FYI, Nov. 7, 2008: President-Elect Obama urged to promptly name White House science advisor
  • Monday, Nov. 10
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  • From your editor: How you can help
  • Safety Tip of the Week: 3131
  • Photo of the Day: A morning ride
  • From Ottowa Citizen, Nov. 6, 2008: Simply smashing: The basics of hunting particles
  • Friday, Nov. 7
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  • Physics conference affects parking, cafeteria service
  • Fermilab-based cancer center gets financial boost
  • From iSGTW: Security through collaboration, part I: Today’s cyber security climate
  • From New Scientist, Nov. 5, 2008: Where will new Fermi telescope find dark matter?
  • Thursday, Nov. 6
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  • Power outage at Fermilab
  • Fermilab veterans’ group wants you
  • Result of the Week: A diboson landmark on the Higgs highway
  • Photo of the Day: Visitors from UChicago
  • ICFA sharpens focus on the energy frontier
  • From USA Today, Nov. 4, 2008: The great fear of the unknown
  • Wednesday, Nov. 5
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    • Fermilab hosts 600 physicists and students Nov. 7-8
    • From the Finance Section: Vendor currency
    • Future CERN Director General Rolf Heuer speaks at Fermilab
    • Special message to employees and users from Director Pier Oddone: Focus Groups
    • From Beacon News, Nov. 2: Never too young to get into science

    Tuesday, Nov. 4
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    • Kim, White speak at women in physics conference
    • Director's Corner: ICFA seminar
    • From The Independent, Oct. 24, 2008: Brian Cox: It's the unanswered questions that make particle physics sexy

    Monday, Nov. 3
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    • U.S. LHC Users’ meeting focuses on future
    • Safety Tip of the Week: Tire failures
    • Photo of the Day: Arriving at IceCube
    • From, Nov. 3, 2008: Galaxy survey casts doubt on cold dark matter
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