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Friday, May 30
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  • Five weeks of record NuMI protons
  • Prebys named LARP leader
  • Dan Snee retires
  • From Science Now News, May 28, 2008: Donor gives $5 Million to aid Fermilab

Thursday, May 29
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  • CMS remote operations gear up at Fermilab
  • Comic strip pokes fun at letter
  • Result of the Week: Taking the tau road
  • From Chicago Tribune, May 28, 2008: Physicist led cancer program
  • From symmetry breaking, May 27, 2008: Weather throws rare factor into research

Wednesday, May 28
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  • Dark Energy Camera gets green light for construction
  • Click with care: update on latest phishing attack
  • From Center for Particle Astrophysics: Twenty five years
  • Photo of the Day: Rotolo Middle School students give collider reports
  • Sloan Digital Sky Survey press release, May 27, 2008: New measurements reveal slimmer Milky Way

Tuesday, May 27
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  • All-hands video available
  • Particle physics receives boost from $5 million gift to University of Chicago
  • In Memoriam: Arlene Lennox
  • Marta Cehelsky appointed URA vice president and secretary
  • From National Geographic, May 23, 2008: Bulk of missing "normal" matter found in cosmic web

Friday, May 23
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  • All-hands meetings today
  • Ben Kilminster to receive 2008 Tollestrup Award
  • Multi-medium Art Gallery exhibit focuses on life, history
  • From iSTGW: CMS readies network links for LHC data
  • From Senator Dick Durbin's Office, May 22, 2008: Durbin, Foster, Emanuel, Biggert announce $250 million for science funding included in supplemental spending bill

Thursday, May 22
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  • Special Announcement: All-hands meetings Friday
  • Faraday Cup Award given for wire sensor technology
  • Result of the Week: CSI: DZero
  • From WBBM News Radio, May 21, 2008: Bike commuters spread the word
  • From the Engineer Online, May 19, 2008: Bottling the big bang

Wednesday, May 21
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  • Special Announcement: All-hands meetings Friday
  • First round of awards in URA Visiting Scholars Program
  • Gardeners wanted
  • From the Business Services Section: The quiet side
  • From Kane County Chronicle, May 19, 2008: Batavian elected local Mensa chief

Tuesday, May 20
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  • Code crackers wanted!
  • Photo of the Day: Bicycle commuters celebrate National Bike to Work Day
  • Director's Corner: Updates
  • From Science, May 9, 2008: Science and Society: Talk nerdy to me
  • From National Geographic News, May 16, 2008: At 10, dark energy "most profound problem" in physics

Monday, May 19
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  • Women and minorities invited to meet with APS
  • Readers' Write: Devestation in China
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Housekeeping
  • Readers Write: How a radar gun works
  • From ZDNet, May 15, 2008: CERN demos giant 3D digital camera
  • From Daily Herald, May 16, 2008: Biking to work nothing new at Fermi

Friday, May 16
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  • Special Announcement: Layoff information update
  • CDF physicist tackles world of professional bicycle racing
  • From iSTGW: No business like show biz: Final rehearsal for WLCG
  • Readers Write: How a radar gun works
  • From Science, May 16, 2008: Fermilab Sends Energy Department Final Plan to Lay Off 7% of Staff
  • From MSNBC, May 9, 2008: A New Captain Boldly Goes

Thursday, May 15
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  • Purdue University Calumet group contributes to CMS
  • Fermilab Result of the Week: Illuminating the dark matter
  • Photo of the Day: The calm after the storm
  • From Daily Herald, May 14, 2008: Fermilab layoffs expected soon
  • From Nature, May 15, 2008: Movers

Wednesday, May 14
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  • June 4-5 Users' Meeting looks to future of field, Fermilab
  • Review sparks change in badge verification practice
  • From the Accelerator Physics Center: Accelerator school makes great progress in difficult year
  • From Chicago Tribune, May 13, 2008: Freshmen get ball rolling on physics
  • From Lake County News-Sun, May 9, 2008: There's a science to fun

Tuesday, May 13
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  • Students report on the importance, design of proposed linear collider
  • Photo of the Day: Tevatron celebration
  • Special Announcement: APS checks health of lab
  • From Tech Journal South, May 8, 2008: Physicists and engineers search for new dimension

Monday, May 12
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  • U.S. CMS collaboration meeting in Puerto Rico focuses on startup
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Ticks
  • Photo of the Day
  • From Scientific American, May 8, 2008: To catch a plutonium thief, try antineutrinos
  • From, May 2, 2008: Prospect of US science debate wanes

Friday, May 9
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  • E-mail spammers use research topics for bait
  • From iSGTW: Testing the limits of the Standard Model
  • Photo of the Day: Radar gun for science
  • Inspired student donates Wilson Hall artwork
  • From Physics World, May 8, 2008: Nobel laureates petition Bush over funding shortfall

Thursday, May 8
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  • Layoff information
  • Tevatron experiments reach record luminosities
  • Wine mythbusting comes to Fermilab
  • Result of the Week: When less is more
  • From CERN Courier, April 16, 2008: The Large Hadron Collider runs on woman power

Wednesday, May 7
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  • Register now for U.S. CMS 2008 Run Plan Workshop
  • Linear Collider School now accepts applications
  • From the ES&H Section: Safety requires team effort
  • From The, May 7, 2008: The future is science fiction

Tuesday, May 6
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  • More bloggers to write about U.S. LHC efforts
  • Strategic Collaborative Initiative: Call for proposals
  • Director's Corner: Washington update
  • From Crain's Chicago Business, May 5, 2008: Women to Watch '08: The Collider Queen

Monday, May 5
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  • Fermilab welcomes CALICE to Test Beam facility
  • Photo of the Day: Giving back to Mother Earth
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Yard work
  • From The Economist, May 1, 2008: Of budgets and black holes

Friday, May 2
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  • Layoff information
  • VMS head Fred Ullrich retires
  • From iSTGW: The role of open source in grid computing: past, present and future
  • From Nature, May 1, 2008: Astrophysics: Rays from the dark

Thursday, May 1
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  • Hicks wins 2007 Fermilab Industrial Hygiene Award
  • Photo of the Day: DOE CFO tour Fermilab
  • Result of the Week: A doubly heavy matter
  • From BBC News, April 30, 2008: The World Wide Web turns 15 (again)
  • From Scientific American, April 29, 2008: Searching for an elusive particle, physicists take a shot in the dark
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