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Monday, March 31
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  • From symmetry: Physicists rock!
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Wild goose chase
  • From New York Times, March 30, 2008: Asking a judge to save the world, and maybe a whole lot more

Friday, March 28
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  • Turn off lights for Earth Hour, reduce energy use every day
  • W.K.H. Panofsky: A symposium celebrating Pief
  • From ISTGW: Our powers combined: gLite, Globus and Unicore play ball
  • Special Result of the Week: Toward a high-intensity muon source
  • From AIP FYI, March 27, 2008: Bad news/good news: Congress takes first steps in FY 2009 appropriations cycle

Thursday, March 27
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  • symmetry expands online presence, features new blog
  • Phishing threat results in zip attachment blockage
  • Result of the Week: Shedding new light on an old problem
  • Photo of the Day: The science of illusion
  • From Beacon News, March 26, 2008: Science, art fuse in lightning-like creation

Wednesday, March 26
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  • High rise lights go out for Earth Hour
  • Fermilab's economic impact
  • Video of the Day: Delta Dart Night takes off
  • ES&H weekly report, March 25
  • From Discover Magazine, March 25, 2008: Three theories that might blow up the big bang

Tuesday, March 25
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  • Furlough prompts Payroll Department adjustments
  • Register now for U.S. CMS Collaboration Meeting
  • Director's Corner: New records
  • From Columbia Spectator, March 24, 2008: Welcome to the dark side
  • From, March 18, 2008: CERN opens its doors to the world

Monday, March 24
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  • Hands-on student science program attracts attention
  • APS recognizes Bardeen
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Preventing disc damage
  • From Science News, March 21, 2008: From dark matter to light
  • From Daily Herald, March 22, 2008: Unwise retreat in funding research

Friday, March 21
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  • Lunch room science
  • In Memoriam: Herb Kachele
  • From ISTGW: EnVision: from data to discoveries
  • Special Result of the Week: The Tevatron's Higgs highway
  • From Kane County Chronicle, March 21, 2008: Durbin pushes for Fermilab funding

Thursday, March 20
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  • See your co-worker's creative side at Employee Art Show
  • Going phishing: DOE Red Teams testing cyber security
  • Result of the Week: CDF seeks sexy singles
  • From The Telegraph, March 19, 2008: What is the matter with the universe?
  • From FYI AIP, March 19, 2008: Important hearing on FY 2009 Office of Science request

Wednesday, March 19
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  • Mentors needed for SIST
  • CD's Steve Fry to retire
  • From CMS Center: Exciting times
  • ES&H weekly report, March 18
  • From New Scientist, March 18, 2008: Flipping particle could explain missing antimatter

Tuesday, March 18
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  • Tevatron sets new luminosity records
  • Photo of the Day: Congressional fellow learns about Fermilab site, programs
  • Solenoid vs. toroid: magnet explanation
  • From Chicago Tribune, March 17, 2008: Science group boils down need for breakthroughs
  • From Beacon News, March 18, 2008: Durbin urges emergency fund grants for Fermilab

Monday, March 17
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  • Fermilab tunnels make hit History Channel show
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Dealing with risk
  • From Physics World, Feb. 29, 2008: Full steam ahead

Friday, March 14
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  • A trifecta holiday for the left-brain crowd
  • Ginny Stack is here to help
  • From ISTGW: The business of grid computing: “What can grids do for you?”
  • Special Result of the Week KTeV directly measures neutral pion parity
  • From Medill News Service, March 12, 2008: Is the future of American science at risk?
  • From Macworld, March 12, 2008: Gates calls on Congress to fund education, research

Thursday, March 13
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  • CDMS model translates data to light, sound
  • Result of the Week: Violating lepton flavor with SUSY
  • From Science Daily, March 12, 2008: Searching for a tiny new dimension, curled up like the universe before the Big Bang
  • From University of Florida News, March 10, 2008: Physicists: After 30 years of study, rare particle confirms prediction

Wednesday, March 12
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  • CDF remote operation expands to Japan
  • Precious but pungent
  • Celebrate traditional Irish music with Cherish the Ladies
  • Challenging times
  • ES&H weekly report
  • From The Register, March 7, 2008: UK supercomputer probes secrets of universe

Tuesday, March 11
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  • Signs of spring
  • Director's Corner: Hard work
  • Physicist Earle Fowler dies
  • Argonne Director Robert Rosner to speak on the future of science in Illinois
  • From Physics World, March 10, 2008: Physicist wins by-election for US Congress

Monday, March 10
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  • New users' organization helps U.S. LHC scientists
  • Build and fly a delta dart on Wednesday, March 12
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Work within your limits
  • From the Beacon News, March 9, 2008: Foster wins 14th District special election
  • From, March 6, 2008: Bright hopes pervade dark matter

Friday, March 7
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  • Daylight-saving time begins Sunday
  • U.S. CMS Tier-2 computing centers build success
  • Four employees win prizes in second safety sign contest
  • From ISTGW: Introducing TRIUMF: Canada’s Tier-1 on the worldwide grid
  • From, March 6, 2008: International Committee for Future Accelerators calls for stability in science funding

Thursday, March 6
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  • Fermilab houses connect past and future
  • Result of the Week: Finding needles in a haystack of collisions
  • From, Feb. 26, 2008: Is dark matter made of axions?

Wednesday, March 5
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  • Geese Police aim to get Fermilab flock under control
  • From the Accelerator Physics Center Innovation rules!
  • ES&H weekly report, March 4
  • From Chicago Maroon, Feb. 26, 2008: U of C asks Congress to aid research
  • From The Lede, a New York Times blog, Feb. 29, 2008: Fighting to launch cosmic-ray detector

Tuesday, March 4
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  • CDF creates online virtual tour of detector
  • In Memoriam: Peter Schlein
  • Director's Corner: Next steps
  • From News-Gazette, March 3, 2008: New stamp honors UI professor, inventor Bardeen

Monday, March 3
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  • Fermilab firefighters aid surrounding communities
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Disrupted routines
  • From, Feb. 28, 2008: ATLAS completes world's largest jigsaw puzzle
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