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Thursday, January 31
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  • P5 to help form Fermilab future
  • Worth 1000 words: Photos capture untold stories
  • Result of the Week: Searching for the missing link using missing energy
  • Antiproton stacking record
  • From, Jan. 29, 2008: Gravity: the 'Holy Grail' of physics

Wednesday, January 30
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  • India's RRCAT director tours U.S. laboratories
  • From the Finance Section: Coping with the furlough
  • ES&H weekly report, Jan. 29
  • From AIP FYI, Jan. 25, 2008: R&D: Essential Foundation for U.S. Competitiveness In a Global Economy
  • From, Jan. 28, 2008: Smash! The Search for 'Sparticles'

Tuesday, January 29
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  • Workshop sharpens focus on future Fermilab physics
  • Photos of the Day: Wide-eyed wonderment at Fermilab Open House
  • Director's Corner: A critical week
  • From KXJZ/KXPR's Insight show, Jan. 29, 2008: CDF collaborator speaks on KXJZ/KXPR's Insight today
  • From ScienceNow Daily News, Jan. 23, 2008: Higgs hiding in plain sight?

Monday, January 28
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  • US-CMS tutorials prepare collaborators for taking data
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Laptop computer safety
  • From Daily Herald, Jan. 28, 2008: Wide-eyed looks at Fermilab
  • From Kane County Chronicle, Jan. 28, 2008: Putting science in young hands

Friday, January 25
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  • ILC Citizens' Task Force forges ahead
  • Learning the role
  • Photo of the Day: Solar pillar sunrise
  • From iSGTW: Avalanche warning: the new challenges of the data grid
  • From Crain's Chicago Business, Jan. 24, 2008: A.M. Profile: Fermilab's Oddone
  • From Daily Herald, Jan. 24, 2008: Fermilab workers start unpaid leaves Feb. 1

Thursday, January 24
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  • Oddone to meet today with divisions, sections
  • Project X second workshop to further physics plan
  • Last piece lowered for CMS
  • Result of the Week: The proton's parton patrol
  • DZero reaches data record
  • From, Jan. 23, 2008: Shattered illusions
  • From Scientific American, Jan. 22, 2008: Future of top U.S. particle physics lab in jeopardy

Wednesday, January 23
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  • Oddone to meet Thursday with divisions, sections
  • URA creates Visiting Scholars Program, seeks applications
  • From Center for Particle Astrophysics: Top 10
  • From Beacon News, Jan. 21, 2008: Dark days, bright outlook

Tuesday, January 22
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  • In Memoriam: Bob Ducar
  • International Services is one-stop shop
  • Director's Corner: Caring
  • From San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 20, 2008: Flagging economy needs science investments

Friday, January 18
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  • SciBooNE recognized for reusing science
  • Apply now for HCP Summer School session
  • Photo of the Day: Winter wild
  • From Scientific American, February 2008: The future of physics

Thursday, January 17
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  • Discoveries for all ages at Fermilab open house
  • From iSGTW: I2U2: educational e-Labs for real pre-college e-science
  • Result of the Week: Strangely beautiful - beautifully strange
  • From Geneva Republican, Jan. 16, 2008: Local Fermilab employees react to budget cut

Wednesday, January 16
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  • DZero collaborator awarded APS Fellowship
  • From the Technical Division: Tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis
  • Safety Update
  • From Chicago Tribune, Jan. 16, 2008: Kane panel calls for Fermilab assistance
  • From Science Now, Jan. 16, 2008: Interview: Raymond Orbach Responds to DOE Budget Crisis

Tuesday, January 15
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  • Dan Green elected CMS Collaboration Board Chair
  • Friday lecture prepares for the the particle physics revolution
  • Director's Corner: Awake!
  • From, Jan. 9, 2008: Japanese particle physics in good health

Monday, January 14
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  • NuMI's homemade helper
  • Hitoshi Murayama named IPMU founding director
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Seasonal viruses
  • From Minnesota Public Radio's All Things Considered, Jan. 10, 2008: Fed's cut $270 million from NE Minnesota research project
  • From National Geographic News, Jan. 11, 2008: New dark matter map shows violent life of galaxies

Friday, January 11
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  • MiniBooNE achieves record proton number
  • Fermilab Director interview featured on local television
  • From Science Magazine, Jan. 10, 2008: Budget cuts mean layoffs at two DOE labs, end for SLAC collider
  • From, Jan. 10, 2008: Don't panic

Thursday, January 10
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  • From iSGTW: United we compute: FermiGrid continues to yield results
  • Nominations now accepted for Enrico Fermi Award
  • Result of the Week: Searching for the excited
  • From Crain's Chicago Business, Jan. 9, 2008: Sen. Durbin exploring financial help for Fermilab
  • From the New York Times, Jan. 8, 2007: When superconductivity became clear (to some)

Wednesday, January 9
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  • Crystal collimation group builds next-gen technology
  • From the CMS Center: Strong and steady
  • Safety Update
  • From the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette, Jan. 6, 2008: Science, technology research funding hit hard
  • From the Chicago Tribune, Dec. 20, 2007: Magnetic jewelry an overlooked danger

Tuesday, January 8
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  • P5 wants to hear from you
  • Director's Corner: Solidarity
  • Budget News Update
  • Photo of the Day

Monday, January 7
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  • Allocating the right resources
  • From KEK: Roadmap of KEK
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Winter drivinge
  • From Science Magazine, Jan. 4, 2008: 2008 U.S. budget: Promising year ends badly after fiscal showdown squeezes science
  • From AIP FYI, Jan. 4, 2008: Reaction From Capitol Hill to FY 2008 S&T Funding Levels

Friday, January 4
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  • Second to none, but made from second-hand parts
  • From Chicago Sun-Times, Jan. 4, 2008: Fermilab funding cuts don't make a particle of sense
  • Photo of the Day
  • From Open Science Grid press release, Jan. 3, 2007: NYSGrid and OSG Partner to Expand Grid Capabilities and Collaborations

Thursday, January 3
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  • Fermilab-related experiments in 2007's top science stories
  • Konigsberg re-elected as CDF co-spokesperson
  • Result of the Week: CDF scientists see strange in a proton
  • From Science Debate 2008, Dec. 26, 2007: Congressional scientists call for a Presidential debate on science & technology
  • From Chicago Public Radio's Eight Forty-Eight, Jan. 3, 2007: Fermilab Director speaks to Chicago Public Radio about budget crisis

Wednesday, January 2
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  • Joint Argonne-Fermilab Lee Teng internship molds minds
  • Director's Corner: Welcoming 2008
  • Safety Update: ES&H weekly report, Jan. 1
  • From Daily Herald, Dec. 26, 2007: Congress must reverse Fermilab cuts
  • From New York Times, Dec. 26, 2007: Hospitals look to nuclear tool to fight cancer
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