Archive: December 2008

Monday, Dec. 22
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  • Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year!
  • In Memoriam: Jim Reed
  • Winter driving skills seminar Jan. 7
  • Fermilab cafeteria to reduce hours during holidays
  • From Nature News, Dec. 17, 2008: Newsmaker of the year: The machine maker

Friday, Dec. 19
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  • Bill Bardeen, Pushpa Bhat named AAAS fellows
  • From iSGTW: ALICE prepares for study of primordial plasma
  • Kay Campbell to retire
  • Photo of the Day: Celebrating the holidays with record-setting luminosity
  • Air conditioning shutdown
  • From the Associated Press, Dec. 17, 2008: Strange dark energy acts as galactic diet enforcer

Thursday, Dec. 18
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  • Winter storm advisory
  • Result of the Week: On top of Zs CDF gains
  • Project X collaboration forms, experiment moves forward
  • Georgia Karagiorgi wins Young Scientist Award
  • Air conditioning shutdown
  • From the New York Times, Dec. 16, 2008: Measuring the mysterious ‘dark’ force

Wednesday, Dec. 17
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  • Comfort! Joy! Luminosity!
  • From the WDRS: Reduce holiday stress
  • Former Fermilab intern wins DOE challenge
  • ES&H weekly report, Dec. 16

Tuesday, Dec. 16
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  • The doctor is in
  • Director's Corner: The news of the week
  • Photo of the Day: Looking for lunch
  • From AIP FYI, Dec. 15, 2008: House Appropriations Committee report: Views on DOE science

Monday, Dec. 15
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  • Computer recycling program earns top marks nationally
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Compact fluorescent lights
  • From The Independent, Dec. 11, 2008: Bernard Carr: Fifth dimensions, space bubbles and other facets of the multiverse

Friday, Dec. 12
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  • From iSGTW: How to run a million jobs
  • Special Result of the Week: MiniBooNE reports first antineutrino results
  • Sudanese Lost Boys visit Fermilab
  • From Associated Press, Dec. 11, 2008: Mich. State Univ. awarded nuclear physics facility

Thursday, Dec. 11
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  • Another record! Tevatron again surpasses expectations
  • Result of the Week: Fishing the heavy seas
  • From Chicago Tribune, Dec. 11, 2008: Obama pick as energy secretary says new energy sources, stopping climate change are essential
  • Regulation change for 403 (b) plans
  • From Caltech Center for Advanced Computing Research news room, Dec. 8, 2008: High Energy Physics Team Sets New Data-Transfer World Records

Wednesday, Dec. 10
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  • Thin ice makes ponds dangerous
  • From the Particle Physics Division: MINERvA reaches a milestone
  • Safety Update
  • From American Institute of Physics, Dec. 9, 2008: Obama Transition Web Document Describes Science, Technology, STEM Education Agenda

Tuesday, Dec. 9
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  • Accelerator physicists show future collider compatibility
  • Director's Corner: Roads and Grounds
  • From Science News, Dec. 2008: Physicists hot for ultracold

Monday, Dec. 8
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  • CERN press release: LHC to restart in 2009
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Winter safety
  • Focus groups ongoing - RSVP!
  • Photo of the Day: Oddone, Bollinger accept environmental award
  • Photo of the Day: Fermilab around the world
  • Laboratory releases Physics Advisory Committee report

Friday, Dec. 5
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  • Safety poster contest winners' work on display
  • Ask the Ethicist: FRA ethics program
  • Fermilab Art Gallery to hold reception on Friday
  • Check out the new Legal Office Web site
  • The symmetry challenge: Physics on a napkin
  • UChicago open house, holiday lecture Saturday
  • From New Scientist, Dec. 4, 2008: Universe's dark matter mix is 'just right' for life

Thursday, Dec. 4
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  • Nancy Grossman named new ES&H director
  • Result of the Week: Who is Mister X?
  • Exhibits return from SC08
  • Gravitational wave detector group visits Fermilab

Wednesday, Dec. 3
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  • Jean Slaughter wins Director’s Volunteer Award
  • From the CMS Center: No quiet time for CMS
  • ES&H weekly report, Dec. 2
  • From Nature, Nov 27, 2008: Particle physics: Mass by numbers

Tuesday, Dec. 2
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  • Fermilab community embraces recycling program
  • Director's Corner: Budget season
  • Wanted: safety messages
  • From Nature, Nov 27, 2008: Friendly rivalry
  • Monday, Dec. 1
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  • Statement of support: To our Indian colleagues and friends
  • Computer Security Warning: Don't give out your password
  • Fermilab celebrates 40th Linac groundbreaking anniversary
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Utility knives
  • From AIP FYI, Nov 25, 2008: Senate economic stimulus bill includes new science funding
  • From AIP FYI, Nov 25, 2008: NASA-DOE sign JDEM MOU
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