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Wednesday, April 30
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  • Oddone elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • French consulate members take Fermilab tour
  • From symmetry breaking: At the LHC, repaired magnets are powered up for the first time
  • Computing news
  • From Popular Mechanics, April 29, 2008: Debunking "Lost"'s science: Hollywood sci-fi behind the scenes

Tuesday, April 29
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  • The art of computer security
  • Director's Corner: Triplet crown
  • From Rocky Mountain News, April 27, 2008: Old mine promises pure scientific gold

Monday, April 28
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  • SCRF meeting establishes compatibility framework
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Wild Fermilab
  • From U.S. News and World Report, April 25, 2008: The Promise of Proton-Beam Therapy

Friday, April 25
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  • From Network World, April 22, 2008: Evolution of Internet powers massive particle physics grid
  • From iSGTW, April 22, 2008: The dynamics of dark energy: ZEN probes the limits
  • From symmetry Breaking, April 16, 2008: Science is cool??
  • Photo of the Day: Buffalo art imitates buffalo life

Thursday, April 24
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  • Fermilab joining international safety standard
  • Teen robot battles attract lunchtime interest
  • Tita Jensen's last call
  • Result of the Week: A-Top the Standard Model
  • From AIP FYI, April 22, 2008: Efforts to increase current year funding for science

Wednesday, April 23
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  • Help for laid-off Fermilab employees
  • Dr. Orbach addresses Fermilab in lab-wide meeting
  • Fermilab scientist helps robot-building students
  • From the Accelerator Division: Ups and downs
  • From DOE Department of Energy, April 22, 2008: U.S. Department of Energy launches Web site with energy saving tips for consumers

Tuesday, April 22
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  • Dr. Orbach to speak today at laboratory-wide meeting
  • Nothing but QuarkNet…
  • Director's Corner: True north
  • From, April 16, 2008: Quasar tests general relativity to the limit

Monday, April 21
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  • Midwest earthquake rattles Illinois, Fermilab equipment
  • Severe weather preparedness
  • Year's first buffalo baby
  • Dr. Orbach to speak at lab-wide meeting Tuesday
  • From Kane County Chronicle, April 20, 2008: Passage over Fox River will be shut down for 16 days

Friday, April 18
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  • QuarkNet teacher helps classroom detectors go global
  • Photo of the Day: COUPP builds bigger, better bubble chamber
  • From iSTGW: Introducing Condor at RIT
  • From New York Times, April 17, 2008: Physicists renew claim, in new experiment, of detecting dark matter particles

Thursday, April 17
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  • Fermilab reaches milestone with successful cavity test
  • Hans Jensen wraps up Fermilab career
  • Result of the Week: Top-notch Tevatron precision
  • From AIP FYI, April 16, 2008: Reading tea leaves: Outlook for additional science funding

Wednesday, April 16
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  • Mixing it up: SciBooNE switches to antineutrino mode
  • Fermilab Today troubleshooting
  • From the Finance Section: Reporting time and effort
  • From New York Times Essay, April 15, 2008: Gauging a collider’s odds of creating a black hole

Tuesday, April 15
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  • Cosmologist accepts joint appointment at Fermilab, University of Chicago
  • Flavor of particle physics
  • Director's Corner: Adaptation
  • From Rapid City Journal, April 6, 2008: Scientists to meet in Lead for deep-lab planning

Monday, April 14
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  • Physicist for a day
  • Computing Division reaches 3 million hours without injury
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Safety is my co-pilot
  • From CERN Bulletin, April 14, 2008: American students shine a spotlight on CERN

Friday, April 11
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  • From symmetry breaking: Packing them in at the world’s largest particle accelerator
  • From iSTGW: Five pillars for secure scientific computing
  • From New Scientist, April 10, 2008: Did pre-big bang universe leave its mark on the sky?

Thursday, April 10
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  • Getting dirty for Mother Earth
  • Readers' Write: To the editor
  • Result of the Week: The Higgs' shining beacon
  • From AIP FYI, April 9, 2008: Orbach appears before Senate appropriators
  • From Time, April 10, 2008: Higgs Boson: A ghost in the machine

Wednesday, April 9
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  • Safety at an international level
  • From the Technical Division: Eadem mutata resurgo
  • ES&H weekly report, April 8
  • From Associated Press, April 7, 2008: Physicist says particle will be seen
  • From The Times online, April 6, 2008: Coming soon: superfast internet

Tuesday, April 8
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  • Accelerator Division celebrates Tevatron records
  • Behind the scenes at Tom Skilling's storm seminar
  • Director's Corner: Update
  • From New York Times Editorial, April 6, 2008: But it’s just a small black hole

Monday, April 7
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  • SciBooNE wins DOE-wide award for pollution prevention
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Share the road
  • From Chicago Tribune, April 2, 2008: Future science needs aid now
  • From Chicago Maroon, April 4, 2008: Zimmer outlines top priorities

Friday, April 4
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  • Hugh Montgomery named director of Jefferson Lab
  • Computing Division launches new, user-friendly Web site
  • Special Result of the Week: The shape of the strong interaction
  • From iSTGW: Massively parallel: NERSC, OSG and HPC
  • From Scientific American, April 3, 2008: Matter-antimatter split hints at physics breakdown

Thursday, April 3
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  • Rod Walton earns Office of Science mentor award
  • Result of the Week: Expect the unexpected
  • From, April 1, 2008: Lab architecture
  • From National Geographic, April 2, 2008: Smallest known black hole discovered

Wednesday, April 2
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  • Screen shot program fosters cross-globe collaboration
  • Tevatron tops record luminosity
  • From Center for Particle Astrophysics: The next big thing?
  • From symmetrybreaking, April 1, 2008: Mariah Carey vs. Einstein

Tuesday, April 1
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  • Young scientists exchange ideas at LPC Physics Forum
  • Director's Corner: A long run ahead
  • From, March 26, 2008: String theorists hope to classify the cosmos
  • From Daily Herald, March 30, 2008: Making science fun with the help of toilet paper
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