Fermilab Today Monday, May 14, 2007

Mon., May 14
11:00 a.m.
Research Techniques Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: G. Giacomelli, Bologna University/INFN
Title: Magnetic Monopole Searches
2:30 p.m.
Particle Astrophysics Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: F. Donato, INFN / University of Turin
Title: New Physics in Cosmic Rays
3:30 p.m.
4:00 p.m.
All Experimenters' Meeting - Curia II
Special Topic: Cryomodule Assembly Facility (CAF) for SRF R&D at Fermilab

Tue., May 15
3:30 p.m.
4:00 p.m.
Accelerator Physics and Technology Seminar - 1 West
Speaker: Y. Kim, Duke University
Title: Experimental Optimization of TTF2 RF Photoinjector and Bunch Compressors

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Wilson Hall Cafe
Monday, May 14
- Potato au gratin
- Monte cristo
- Savory roasted chicken quarters
- Lasagna bolognese
- Chicken ranch wrapper
- Assorted pizza slices
- Szechuan style pork lo mein

Wilson Hall Cafe Menu

Chez Leon

Wednesday, May 16
- Grilled flank steak
- Jasmine rice
- Pea pods & mushrooms
- Chocolate almond mousse

Thursday, May 17
- Sautéed baby beets w/ haricots verts, lemon & feta
- Grilled lamb chops
- New potatoes, cherry tomatoes & green beans w/ basil
- Apricot almond tart

Chez Leon Menu
Call x4598 to make your reservation.


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National Employee Fitness Day theme: 'Safety at Home'

A group of Fermilab employees walks around the main ring during last year's Employee Health and Fitness day celebration.

Safety, sun and exercise are forecast for mid-day Wednesday, when hundreds of Fermilab employees are expected to join the nation in celebrating National Employee Health & Fitness Day.

From 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on May 16, employees can walk, bike, rollerblade or run around the Main Ring. This year's theme is "Safety at Home."

"You're trained in safety at work, but safety shouldn't stop at the gate," said Recreation Office manager and event organizer Jean Guyer. "What you do at home can impact your work and we want to make sure our employees know how to be safe in both environments."

A 1992 statistic from the National Safety Council lists 28,000 more deaths from home injuries than from work related injuries. Guyer, who chooses each year's theme, cited Fermilab's pride in work programs and training, and said she wanted to help lab employees extend their awareness to working safely at home.

Before and after their trip around the ring, employees can stop at a table at A1 to sign in, and to receive game tickets, refreshments, coupons and prizes. The Recreation Office will also have three stations set up around the ring focusing on home fire and yard safety and emergency preparedness. Each station will include displays, information, safety-related incentive prizes and a game stamp.

Nearly 280 people attended last year's event, and Guyer is hoping for an even larger turnout this year. One of the biggest draws to the event is the divisions and sections friendly competition, where the largest percentage of participation from a division or section wins a traveling trophy. The trophy is currently held by the Business Services Section, last year's winner.

In case of inclement weather, a rain date is set for Thursday, May 17.

-- Rhianna Wisniewski

Special Announcement

Schedule conflicts cause Nature of Science cancellation

An unexpected conflict with the calendars of several regional school districts has caused the cancellation of the Symposium on the Nature of Science, originally to be held at Fermilab on Monday, May 21.

"Cancelling the Symposium is a great disappointment," said conference organizer and Fermilab theoretical physicist Chris Quigg. "Previous editions of the Symposium have been enthusiastically received, and I have been looking forward to this year's program as the most exciting line-up yet. But we ran into an obstacle we didn't foresee."

The 2007 symposium would have been the sixth in the series.

In the News

AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News -- May 11, 2007

House Passes NSF Authorization Bill

It was almost midnight when the House took its final vote last week on H.R. 1867, the National Science Foundation Authorization Act. The vote of 399-17 to pass the bill reflected the high esteem there is for NSF on Capitol Hill. Perhaps more telling were the five hours of debate on various amendments that would have reduced the authorized growth rate for the foundation's budget, and which would have prohibited the NSF from funding specific grants.

The last NSF authorization (PL 107-368) was enacted in late 2002, and authorized a five-year doubling of the foundation's budget. Under this law, the FY 2007 authorization is $9,839,262,000. The actual FY 2007 budget for NSF is $5,916.2 million. An inherent characteristic of all authorization bills in guiding program funding is that they generally set ceilings on appropriations, but not minimum spending levels. Authorization bills play an important role as clear statements of congressional and White House priorities, and set budget parameters and policy direction.

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Safety Tip of the Week

Management By Walking Around (MBWA)

"I walk slowly, but I never walk backward." Abraham Lincoln, U.S. President, 1809-1865.

Are you responsible for managing the activities of others? Stay in touch and motivate your employees by simply walking around, observing them and their environment and talking to them. If you do this on a regular basis, you can quickly identify where they are succeeding, having difficulty, and how you can help them. This technique often results in an improved level of trust. Employees feel their manager knows what they're doing and the manager is better equipped to deal with their issues, whether good or bad.

MBWA can be a useful technique with ES&H. When you visit a work station, look for changes in the environment. Are processes or equipment modified? When you talk with employees, ask about their work activities. Do they have any suggestions for improvement or safety concerns? Make a point of sharing your thoughts. Offer a glimpse of the "big picture" as seen from your perspective. Also take the opportunity to "catch people doing things right" and let them know you appreciate it.

Here are some guidelines for getting the most out of MBWA:

  • Visit everyone
  • Go as often as you can
  • Go by yourself
  • Ask questions
  • Watch and listen
  • Try out their work
  • Share your vision
  • Bring good news
  • Have fun
  • Don't be critical

Parts of this article were adapted from a posting by Jon Emmons in Life After Coffee.

Safety Tip of the Week Archive

Accelerator Update
May 9 - 11
- One store provided 15 hours and 12 minutes of luminosity
- Pbar conducts reverse proton studies
- Required Safety system testing was completed
- 140 maintenance jobs and several studies were successfully coordinated around the safety system tests

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Professional Development classes
New classes are always being added to the professional development schedule. For the most up-to-date course offerings, go to the web page.

EAP office closed May 18
The EAP office will be open Wednesday, May 16 and Thursday, May 17 and closed on Friday, May 1. The EAP is available 24/7 by calling 800-843-1327

Fermilab Basketball League
Basketball League play begins on May 24 in the gymnasium at the Recreation Facility. Games are played Thursday evening beginning at 5:00 p.m. Contact Ryan Schultz at X6571 or email if you are interested in participating. Current Recreation Facility membership required.

Spring/Summer Muscle Toning Class
The Recreation Facility Muscle Toning classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday in the Recreation Facility from 5:30-6:30 p.m. The class schedule is: June 5 - June 28; and July 10 - August 2. Registration deadline is the Friday prior to the start of the session. Recreation Membership required. More information can be found in the Recreation office or online.

Farewell to SciTech Director
The SciTech Hands-on Museum will host its annual dinner on Sunday, May 20, from 5:30 to 9:00 p.m. at Walter Payton's Roundhouse in Aurora. Come and say farewell to SciTech Executive Director and Fermilab Guest Scientist Ronen Mir. Football celebrity Dan Hampton, of the 1986 Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears, will be the guest speaker. Registration deadline is today. More information.

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