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Thursday, May 31
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  • URA selects Tim Scanlon as thesis competition winner
  • From iSGTW: EU-IndiaGrid: Building a partnership across hemispheres
  • Fermilab Result of the Week: The difference between even and odd
  • From The NBC5 News, May 30, 2007
  • Coverage on the race to find the Higgs
  • From The Seattle Times, May 30, 2007
  • Lab buried under ski slope would tackle cosmic puzzles

Wednesday, May 30
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  • UChicago introduces Collaborative Initiative
  • Nobel winner George Smoot to speak at Users meeting
  • From ES&H: A safety problem right under our noses
  • From The Hindu, May 28, 2007: Searching for the God particle

Tuesday, May 29
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  • Fermilab fine-tunes salary review process
  • Director's Corner: Compensation
  • From American Institute of Physics, May 18, 2007: Polar Ice May Yield Secrets of the Universe

Friday, May 25
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  • Oddone shares own injury story in discussion with BSS
  • Documents for yearly review process posted online
  • ILC Newsline: Sports car treatment for cavities
  • From, May 21, 2007: Computing Grid Helps Get to the Heart of Matter

Thursday, May 24
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  • FNAL and ANL collaboration meeting focuses on future
  • Local student receives Fermilab Friends scholarship
  • Fermilab Result of the Week: The strong, the weak and the invisible
  • iSGTW: DZero: Doing Double Duty
  • From Star Bulletin, May 22, 2007: UH scientist advocated academic freedom

Wednesday, May 23
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  • EG&G's Jeff Cotton to lend Fermilab a helping hand
  • Mike Perricone, Fermilab Writer, Retires
  • Focus on professionalism
  • From American Institute of Physics, May 22, 2007: House Competitiveness Legislation Ready to Conference With Senate

Tuesday, May 22
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  • Fermilab's new Horizontal Test Stand to test first cavity
  • CALL TO ACTION! Help symmetry magazine compile a physics life list
  • Director's Corner: Fermilab and Argonne combine strengths
  • From American Institute of Physics, May 18, 2007: FY 2008 Appropriations Cycle Starts on a Promising Note

Monday, May 21
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  • ILC task force seeks feedback for EDR at town meeting
  • FNAL Steering Group seeks input from HEP community
  • Special 2-for-1 offer for Blues musician Eric Bibb
  • Safety Tip of the Week: ES&H in five questions
  • Recycling program expands bins move to all levels
  • From San Francisco Chronicle, May 16, 2007: Collision of galaxies exposes 'dark matter,' astronomers say

Friday, May 18
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  • Fermilab pioneer Wes Smart retires after three decades
  • NuInt07 confronts complex interactions with nucleus
  • Reception with the stars: "Thru a Distant Lens"
  • ILC Newsline: Global feedback sought on Detector Concept Report
  • From New York Times, May 17, 2007: A Collision Course for Physics

Thursday, May 17
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  • NOvA is on target with news of CD-1 approval from DOE
  • From iSGTW: Health-e-Child prepares for deployment in Europe
  • Fermilab Result of the Week: Building a strong understanding
  • From, May 15, 2007: A Giant Takes On Physics’ Biggest Questions A Two-Time Universe? Physicist Explores How Second Dimension of Time Could Unify Physics Laws

Wednesday, May 16
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  • Ross, Kephart conduct ILC Town Meeting at Noon in 1W
  • Rep. Nick Lampson to speak from DC at Users’ Meeting
  • Bug may cause slowdown
  • From Computing Division: LQCD and persistence

Tuesday, May 15
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  • Fermilab mentors offer IMSA students the finishing touch
  • Director's Corner: Investigating the dark world
  • From The New York Times, May 15, 2007: A Giant Takes On Physics’ Biggest Questions

Monday, May 14
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  • National Employee Fitness Day theme: 'Safety at Home'
  • Management By Walking Around (MBWA)
  • Special Announcement: Schedule conflicts cause Nature of Science cancellation
  • From AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News, May 11, 2007: House Passes NSF Authorization Bill

Friday, May 11
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  • Summer school will nurture new neutrino scientists
  • Bruce Winstein returns as Panofsky Prize winner
  • LHC Magnet Update: Multilab team sets the stage for LHC inner triplet repairs
  • ILC Newsline: Software workshop reviews entire chain of data analysis
  • From, May 9, 2007: A Tale of Two Exoplanets: One Incredibly Hot, the Other Extremely Windy

Thursday, May 10
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  • CD1 approval recommended for Dark Energy Camera
  • Researchers flock to Fermilab to discuss dark side of matter
  • 40 years after farms left land, farming community remains
  • Fermilab Result of the Week: CHAMP sent to corner
  • From iSGTW: New weapons in the battle against hospital superbugs
  • From, May 8, 2007: Particle physicists hunt for the unexpected

Wednesday, May 09
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  • New web-based system replaces time sheets
  • NALWO shares new prairie perspectives at annual walk
  • From AD: Heroes answer the call
  • From The New Yorker, May 7, 2007: Crash Course

Tuesday, May 08
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  • Fermilab taking notes on Argonne safety milestone
  • Director's Corner: Salute to safety
  • From Chicago Tribune, May 7, 2007: Firm turns recycling practices up a notch

Monday, May 07
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  • MINERvA detector prototype offers neutrinos a new target
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Plan ahead to look behind
  • From Chemistry World May 3, 2007: Particle physics gets smaller

Friday, May 04
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  • Scintillating: Sergey Denisov marks 70th birthday today
  • Hard to say goodbye: Jim Garvey retires after 37 years
  • Kate Beers will present OSTP outlook at Users' Meeting
  • ILC Newsline: New production technique in view for niobium cavities
  • Readers Write: Where is Felicia the ferret?
  • From May 2, 2007: Particle physics: Wobbly oscillations

Thursday, May 03
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  • CMS Pixels Group sees big picture with first shipment
  • Dig in to help Fermilab celebrate Arbor/Earth Day
  • Lab trying to get the best of geese defending their nests
  • Fermilab Result of the Week: Breaking down the electron
  • From iSGTW: Little Particles, Big Implications
  • Lira Ensemble: A Polish musical celebration on May 5
  • From May 2, 2007: Extrasolar planet the heavyweight champ

Wednesday, May 02
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  • Real Time Computing offers interdisciplinary connections
  • Higgins is history quizmaster
  • From TD: Acqua alle funi: Water on the ropes
  • From Physics News Update, May 1, 2007: The Efimov Effect: Three’s Company, Two's a Crowd

Tuesday, May 01
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  • TESLA Tech Collaboration tests new recipes at Fermilab
  • 'Number, please:' Dial up new phone listings on Wednesday
  • Director's Corner: Collaboration with KEK
  • From msnbc, April 30, 2007: Timeline for particle collider in doubt
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