Fermilab Today Archive: July 2007

Tuesday, July 31
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  • Labwide party aims to celebrate diversity, research
  • Tech Specialist Tom Wesson to retire
  • Director's Corner: Celebration
  • From Daily Herald, July 31, 2007: Getting people to understand, support Fermilab's effort

Monday, July 30
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  • Tully, Green new leaders of LHC Physics Center
  • New pi pole replacement parts arrive for assembly
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Toolbox meetings
  • From Beacon News, July 28, 2007: 'What's it going to do to my house?'

Friday, July 27
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  • Neutrino school inspires, connects students
  • Main Ring manners: obey posted speed limit
  • Result of the Week: Cosmic-ray muon charge ratio
  • ILC Newsline: Mapping a magnet
  • Feedback prompts vacation donation enhancements
  • From ScienceDaily, July 26, 2007: Extremely Short Bursts Of Light Produced: Could Probe Motion Of Electrons

Thursday, July 26
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  • Books not required: ILC School begins at Fermilab
  • Computing Division celebrates annual picnic
  • From iSGTW: Data for the people: how to fast-track your network and share the data love
  • Result of the Week: Looking beyond the standard with top
  • From PhyOrg.com, July 25, 2007: WIPP Clean Rooms Set Up for Experiments

Wednesday, July 25
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  • DOE's Kathy Turner connects science with government
  • At WDRS picnic, training teaches detection of the invisible
  • From the Technical Division: Toward the ILC
  • From CIO, July 20, 2007: CERN's Search for God (Particles) Drives Massive Storage Needs

Tuesday, July 24
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  • LHC's ALICE to view early universe composition
  • Special Announcement - UEC Elections
  • Director's Corner: Diversity council
  • From New York Times, July 24, 2007: At Fermilab, the Race Is on for the ‘God Particle’

Monday, July 23
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  • Fermilab playgroup provides home away from home
  • Photo of the Day: Painted beauty
  • Safety Tip of the Week: More on wasps
  • From Nature, July 18, 2007: How the LHC came to be

Friday, July 20
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  • Divisions come together to help with shutdown
  • ES&H annual picnic brings section together
  • Inner triplet successfully completes pressure test
  • From ILC Newsline: Project managers join the GDE Executive Committee
  • From Nature, July 19, 2007: Editorial: Unseen Universe: Welcome to the dark side

Thursday, July 19
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  • Changing water levels due to nature, water management
  • From iSGTW: ArchaeoGrid: a window to the past
  • Fermilab Result of the Week: If top lost its bottom, would it still have charm?
  • From Nature, July 18, 2007: Editorial: A unifying force

Wednesday, July 18
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  • ES&H's Kathy Graden helps make Fermilab a safe place
  • Experiment in synergy: LHCf and cosmic rays
  • From Science Daily, July 17, 2007: New fundamental particle is discovered
  • From Interactions.org, July 17, 2007: Gruber Cosmology Prize Awarded to Discoverers of Dark Energy

Tuesday, July 17
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  • Physics Advisory Committee Report Released by Fermilab
  • Director's Corner: Face-to-face
  • From New Scientist Space, July 13, 2007: Is dark energy lurking in hidden spatial dimensions?

Monday, July 16
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  • Fermilab goes to ILC School
  • Dark matter brought to light through artist's exhibition
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Ask an expert
  • From NPR's All Things Considered, July 13, 2007: 'Bye Kids': Where Teachers Go in Summertime
  • From msnbc.com, July 11, 2007: Deep in the Earth, a search for neutrinos

Friday, July 13
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  • 40-year Fermilab veteran Leon Beverly to retire
  • Jerry Dychakowsky retiring after 31 years
  • From ILC Newsline: Crabbing in the cavity
  • From BBC News, July 11, 2007: Scientists seek galaxy hunt help

Thursday, July 12
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  • Fermilab recycling effort educates and entertains kids
  • From iSGTW: To bee or not to bee? Bee society and the human condition
  • Result of the Week: An illicit interaction
  • From Beacon News, July 7, 2007: Valley, make no small plans

Wednesday, July 11
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  • Homestake chosen as site of underground laboratory
  • Beyond the Standard Model
  • Newest member of the Fermilab family
  • From Interactions.org, July 9, 2007: 10,000 ton ALICE gets her UK-built ‘Brain’

Tuesday, July 10
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  • In Memoriam: David Gassman, Fermilab's chief legal counsel
  • Bob Betz memorial brings admirers and memories
  • Director's Corner: A tale of two Bobs
  • From Kane County Chronicle, July 9, 2007: Students dive into physics
  • From Daily Herald, July 9, 2007: Group plans midnight bike ride

Monday, July 9
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  • CERN on NOVA scienceNOW
  • Folk comes to Fermilab
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Prevent wasp stings
  • From Daily Herald, July 8, 2007: Fermilab prairie is ‘Professor Prairie’s’ legacy
  • From Science, July 6, 2007: DARK MATTER: Racing to Capture Darkness

Friday, July 6
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  • Bob Betz memorial celebration Saturday, July 7
  • Boy Scout provides benches for FNAL birdwatchers, hikers
  • Fermilab vacation donation program underway
  • From ILC Newsline: Collaborating for the beam
  • From Interactions.org, July 5, 2007: SLAC Announces New Director and Deputy Director of Particle and Particle Astrophysics

Thursday, July 5
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  • Beauty and B mesons at LHCb detector
  • From iSGTW: Summer of learning: what’s with all these grid schools?
  • Result of the Week: Leptons and quarks: Are they related?
  • From Pierre Auger Press Release, July 3, 2007: Pierre Auger Observatory shares cosmic-ray data with public, students

Tuesday, July 3
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  • Dreaded emerald ash borer spreads, found at Fermilab
  • Ken Olesen to retire Thursday
  • Director's Corner: The PAC: a venerable tradition
  • From CERN Bulletin, July 2, 2007: The LHC demystified or how to dispel misconceptions about the accelerator

Monday, July 2
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  • First Betz intern to carry on prairie restoration legacy
  • In Memoriam: Remembering Albert Wattenberg
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Drill bits
  • SciBooNE begins taking data
  • From Interactions.org, June 29, 2007: Germany’s Largest Research Instrument Finishes Experiments DESY’s particle accelerator HERA shuts down
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