Fermilab Today February 2007

Wednesday, February 28
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  • Down with physics: CMS magnet goes underground
  • From WDRS: Steps for a healthier future
  • Photo of the Day: Deceptively serene
  • National Geographic, March, 2007 Cosmic Explosions

Tuesday, February 27
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  • Streamlining operations successful at CDF and Pisa
  • Director's Corner: HEPAP
  • Milestones: Another record
  • Photo of the Day: Munchies
  • The Financial Express February 24, 2007: Vanishing letters of old

Monday, February 26
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  • Before it was Fermilab, land produced food and memories
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Knees
  • Readers Write: Carnival
  • Photo of the Day: Owl rescue
  • Science Magazine, February 23, 2007: NSF Enjoys a Heartfelt Ending to a Difficult Budget Year

Friday, February 23
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  • Watch out: Trojans disguise computer viruses and worms
  • Road to the ILC: Convincing our colleagues
  • Readers Write: Greetings from Boston
  • Photo of the Day: Better than Hot Wheels
  • The Stanford Daily February 20, 2007 Breakthrough could bring change

Thursday, February 22
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  • Herman White to give 'crash course' at Boston conference
  • Result of the Week: Every bit counts!
  • From iSGTW: Widening the Gateway to India
  • Photo of the Day: Thick as pea soup
  • Scientific American March 2007 issue: Alone at the Top

Wednesday, February 21
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  • Invasive beetle prompts Kane County quarantine
  • From FESS: Good, and getting better
  • Photo of the Day: Blood drive results
  • The Daily Herald, February 19, 2007 Working on possibly the longest 'Star Wars' movie of all time

Tuesday, February 20
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  • Meson roof repairs to resume this summer
  • Special visit
  • Photo of the Day: Sunday concert
  • The Herald News February 18, 2007: Fermilab can keep on colliding
  • WashingtonPost.com February 18, 2007: How Big Is a Smithereen?

Monday, February 19
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  • Beauty and the Beasties: Microscopy Exhibit on 2X
  • Safety Tip of the Week: On the cutting edge
  • Readers Write: Weird timing
  • Science Magazine, February 7, 2007: A Half-Century Late, Alternative Accelerator Takes Off

Friday, February 16
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  • The Life of a Scientist: Fermi exhibit in library
  • The ILC: Gateway to the Quantum Universe
  • ILC Physics: The analysis has already begun
  • Photo of the Day: They don't mind the cold
  • New Scientist February 16, 2007 What is behind the mysterious force we call dark energy? One way or another, it will overturn our idea about how the universe works

Thursday, February 15
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  • From the Director: No furlough
  • Result of the Week: New data, new questions
  • Subzero crew de-ices the lab and keeps things moving
  • From iSGTW: LEADing Weather Research
  • New York Times February 14, 2007: Just in Time, Senate Passes Spending Bill

Wednesday, February 14
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  • Family fun at Open House
  • Procurement 101
  • In Award Season, Symmetry Cleans Up
  • NPR's This American Life Air Date, January 26: My Brilliant Plan

Tuesday, February 13
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  • A well-oiled machine: AD's run coordinators
  • Director's Corner: Beijing
  • Photo of the Day: Sunshine, moonshine
  • Readers Write: Chinese finger puzzle?
  • Kane County Chronicle February 12, 2007: Solving the Fermilab ‘mystery’

Monday, February 12
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  • Bard will tell stories about physics, from finish to start
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Have we got a plan for you
  • Photo of the Day: Tractricious symmetry
  • FYI: AIP Bulletin of Science and Policy News, February 7, 2007: Administration Seeks 7.2% Increase for DOE Office of Science

Friday, February 9
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  • Buffalo Soldiers: Proud heritage in US history
  • ILC NewsLine: Ni Hao!
  • Photo of the Day: The wall is down
  • From Science February 8, 2007 International Team Releases Design, Cost for Next Great Particle Smasher

Thursday, February 8
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  • ICFA releases GDE Reference Design Report for the ILC
  • Result of the Week: Tautal exclusion
  • Snow calls: They answer
  • From iSGTW: Preparing for the Large Hadron Collider
  • PhysOrg.com, February 5, 2007: A test for new physics, including string theory

Wednesday, February 7
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  • SciBooNE coming together: 6,000 words in pictures
  • CD moves forward
  • In Memoriam: George J. Wojcik
  • From BBC News, February 4, 2007: Satellite prepares to go super-cold

Tuesday, February 6
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  • Buffalo soldiers
  • Continuing Resolution: Good company
  • Photo of the Day: Tailgating at day care
  • Readers Write: Snow circles
  • DOE Press Release February 5, 2007: Department of Energy Requests $24.3 Billion for FY 2008 Budget

Monday, February 5
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  • EG&G will help achieve 'continuous improvement'
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Hi there!
  • You can help local shortage by giving blood, Feb. 19-20
  • Milestones: Marge Pitz retires
  • New Scientist, February 3, 2007: Keeping the high-energy dream alive

Friday, February 2
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  • What's on your whiteboard?
  • Evolving ILC design: push-pull detector arrangement
  • Readers Write: '85 Bears
  • FYI: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News February 1, 2007 House Votes to Increase FY 2007 DOE Science, NSF, NIST Funding

Thursday, February 1
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  • Get ready for a 'saucy romp'
  • Result of the Week: Tautal excess
  • Special Announcement: Da Bears
  • From iSGTW's new editor
  • The New York Times, January 30, 2007: Eye on Cosmos Is Lost to Short Circuit on Hubble
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