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Friday, August 31
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  • Wyatt passes torch, car keys
  • Barb Perington retires today
  • Photo of the Day: Congratulations to sand volleyball winners
  • From ILC Newsline: Texas team proposes new cavity design
  • Service Awards
  • From Science, August 31, 2007: Particle Physics: Fermilab Proposes Way Station on the Road to the ILC
  • From New York Times, August 27, 2007: Julius Wess, 72, theoretical physicist, is dead

Thursday, August 30
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  • Fritz Bartlett retires Aug. 31
  • Thailand goes tera: scientists connect to the power of ThaiGrid
  • Result of the Week: A beautiful road to the Higgs
  • From ES&H: Weathering the storm
  • From National Geographic, August 22, 2007: "Cosmic train wreck" may derail theories of dark matter

Wednesday, August 29
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  • Kim presents plan to Fermilab audience
  • Promotions for five scientists
  • Milestone: Nancy Michael retires today
  • From ES&H: Weathering the storm
  • From Science, August 22, 2007: Borexino Awash in Neutrinos

Tuesday, August 28
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  • Fermilab celebrates 20th anniversary of first URL
  • Fond words of farewell
  • Director's Corner: Welcome visitors
  • Photo of the Day: Metamorphosis for education
  • From TG Daily, August 27, 2007: Fermilab: Excursions into matter, space and time
  • From Wired, August 27, 2007: Fermilab Proposes New "Project X" Particle Smasher

Monday, August 27
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  • Congressional staffers tour ILC R&D facilities at lab
  • Taking physics out of the textbook and into the tunnel
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Stockroom safety supplies
  • From Beacon News, August 25, 2007: Fermilab unveils its 'Project X'
  • From Northwest Herald, August 24, 2007: Local teacher instructs at Fermilab

Friday, August 24
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  • Steering Group draft report discussion at noon
  • Lake bank shoring begins
  • Bill Pritchard retires today
  • From ILC Newsline: Progress from Korea
  • Photo of the Day: Severe storms hit Fermilab
  • From National Radio Astronomy Observatory, August 23, 2007: Astronomers Find Enormous Hole in the Universe

Thursday, August 23
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  • Roadmap to Fermilab's future presented Friday
  • On the Web: Center for Particle Astrophysics
  • Why lightning shuts down the Tevatron
  • From iSGTW: LOOKING to sea: grids reveal our deepest secrets
  • Result of the Week: Roaring into Summer
  • From Live Science, August 21, 2007: Greatest Mysteries: Is There a Theory of Everything?

Wednesday, August 22
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  • Members of DOE Chicago financial team visit Fermilab
  • Meet DOE's L.K. Len
  • From the WDRS: Children's Center
  • From CMS Times: CMS pixels and strips meet at the Tracker Integration Facility

Tuesday, August 21
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  • Those aren't birdfeeders: green houses are moth traps
  • Photo of the Day: Summer students contribute to traffic safety
  • Director's Corner: Making hay while the sun shines
  • From NSF press release: Catching Some Rays

Monday, August 20
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  • Construction of Fermilab’s ILC Test Area moves forward
  • Safety Tip of the Week: What could go wrong?
  • From Chicago Tribune: 'X' marks Fermilab future
  • From Northeastern University press release: Northeastern University Professor Darien Wood Elected Spokesperson of DZero Experiment at Fermilab

Friday, August 17
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  • Kunz helps to get the word out about Fermilab
  • Ron Davis retires
  • From ILC NewsLine: Physics of the top quark
  • From The New York Times: In the Footsteps of His Uncle, Then His Father

Thursday, August 16
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  • Contractor resolves labor dispute
  • Giorgio Apollinari appointed Technical Division head
  • Road closures near daycare create traffic-free zone
  • Bill Bardeen running for APS vice president
  • Fermilab Result of the Week: Summer to begin for CDF

Wednesday, August 15
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  • Computing Division reaches data traffic milestone
  • Photos of the Day: PPD ES&H open house session a success
  • From the Computing Division: Swimming in data
  • From, August 13, 2007: How was the universe born?

Tuesday, August 14
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  • Steering Group draft report discussions scheduled
  • In Memoriam: John Kedzierski, T&M manager
  • Fermilab's Vertical Test Stand paves way for ILC
  • Director's Corner: Roadmap
  • From American Institute of Physics, FYI, August 13, 2007: President Bush Signs Competitiveness Bill
  • From Forbes, FYI, August 12, 2007: Race Is on to Detect Dark Matter

Monday, August 13
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  • Butterfly researchers come to Fermilab for rare species
  • Photo of the Day: Watch your speed - literally
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Stress and safety
  • From, August 10, 2007: Gravity stumps scientists

Friday, August 10
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  • Meson Lab roof repairs aim to re-engineer art
  • From ILC Newsline: Good vibrations at Fermilab
  • From European Science Foundation, August 7, 2007: EURYI award project to store antimatter in box like ‘office bin’

Thursday, August 9
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  • Steering Group submits draft report to director
  • Hands-on science offers students realistic experiences
  • From iSGTW: Picture this: visualization as a tool for data analysis
  • Result of the Week: How to detect the undetectable
  • From Parade Magazine, August 5, 2007: Why America Needs to Explore Space

Wednesday, August 8
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  • Congressional visit to Fermilab focuses on the future
  • Labwide party photos
  • Ultimate Frisbee match fosters friendly competition, friendships
  • From the Accelerator Division:Teamwork
  • From , August 7, 2007: New Dark Matter Candidate Proposed

Tuesday, August 7
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  • Temporary power lines across Pine Street
  • Service Awards
  • Director's Corner: Shutdown
  • From New York Times , August 7, 2007: What’s in a Name? Parsing the ‘God Particle,’ the Ultimate Metaphor

Monday, August 6
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  • LHC's TOTEM to shine light on forward scattering particles
  • Summer internships, lectures come to an end
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Computer Vision Syndrome
  • From DOE Press Release, August 3, 2007: U.S. Department of Energy Extends Stanford's Contract
  • From Chicago Tribune, August 5, 2007: Supercollisions on the horizon?

Friday, August 3
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  • Fermilab day camp a success among enthusiastic campers
  • From ILC Newsline: Building Understanding
  • Retirement Planning
  • From Science, August 3, 2007: Seeing Through Dark Matter
  • From, August 2, 2007: Clearing Electron Clouds

Thursday, August 2
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  • GammeV turns spare parts into potential discovery tools
  • Wood’s Tea Company performs this Saturday
  • From iSGTW: @home in Africa
  • Result of the Week: Looking at CP violation from another angle
  • From New Scientist, August 1, 2007: Neutrinos: The key to a theory of everything

Wednesday, August 1
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  • QuarkNet trains teachers, engages students in research
  • From the Finance Section: Fiscal integrity
  • From, July 30, 2007: Quantum dance draws unexpected guests
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