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Monday, April 30
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  • Reconstructing the universe, piece by piece
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Electrical safety reminder
  • From Scientific American, April 27, 2007: Magnet Trouble Likely to Complicate Start of Large Hadron Collider

Friday, April 27
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  • Fermilab Users Meeting to celebrate 40th anniversary
  • ILC Newsline Director's Corner: KEK and Fermilab sign agreement to strengthen collaboration
  • Update on LHC Inner Triplets
  • From Press Release, April 26, 2007: Closing the gap: descent of the last LHC magnet

Thursday, April 26
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  • SciBooNE's aggressive move targets June commissioning
  • Fermilab and partners create network for spouse placement
  • Fermilab Result of the Week: Charged on Top
  • From iSGTW: Medical Research on the Erasmus Computing Grid
  • From New Scientist, April 20, 2007: MiniBooNE interview podcast

Wednesday, April 25
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  • Behind the scenes in the conference office
  • Kodee's Journey Home
  • From FESS: Special words of gratitude
  • From Chicago Sun Times, April 24, 2007: 3-D images put NASA up close with sun

Tuesday, April 24
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  • Lincoln Park HS students mark Particle Accelerator Day
  • KEK Director General Suzuki signs MOU
  • Director's Corner: Responsibility
  • From American Institute of Physics, April 23, 2007: Tevatron's Higgs Quest Quickens

Monday, April 23
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  • Fermilab hosts National Mathematics Advisory Panel
  • SciBooNE gets ready to move
  • Precautions after treatment with radioactive isotopes
  • From BBC News April 20, 2007: Dwarf stars emit powerful pulse

Friday, April 20
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  • Crane will give SciBooNE detector a lift to its new home
  • Fermilab Update on Inner Triplets at CERN
  • Argonne, Fermilab celebrate Illinois Particle Accelerator Day
  • ILC Newsline: SiD plans for the road ahead
  • From, April 19, 2007: Colliders race for the Higgs
  • From, April 19, 2007: Evidence for fourth neutrino fades

Thursday, April 19
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  • Rare Peregrine pair spotted: Are they resting or nesting?
  • Scout's Honor
  • From iSGTW: Open Science Grid: Living up to the Name
  • Result of the Week: Focusing on the Top Quark
  • From, April 17, 2007: U.S. losing its lead in a vital branch of physics

Wednesday, April 18
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  • U of C names Laurence Hill Associate Vice President for Research and National Labs
  • Severe Weather Seminar will hit Fermilab twice on Saturday
  • From FESS: Planning to move forward
  • From, April 17, 2007: Dark matter looks to be particularly wimpy

Tuesday, April 17
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  • First buffalo babies arrive
  • Director's Corner: Steering
  • From The New Haven Register, April 13, 2007: Study casts new light on neutrinos

Monday, April 16
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  • Fermilab to highlight recycling and restoration efforts at Expo
  • Laboratory Releases Physics Advisory Committee Report
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Pandemic flu planning
  • From Science Daily, April 13, 2007: Physicists Designing Detector For International Particle Collider

Friday, April 13
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  • Super-cool superconductors
  • First edition of NewsLine Q
  • From ILC Newsline: Building prep almost complete for Fermilab's ILC Test Area
  • From Scientific American, April 12, 2007: Experiment Nixes Fourth Neutrino

Thursday, April 12
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  • MiniBooNE opens the box
  • Best of Dance Chicago
  • From iSGTW: GridPP: the UK Grid for Particle Physics
  • Fermilab Result of the Week: CDF lowers the roof on Higgs
  • From The New York Times, April 11, 2007: How Did the Universe Survive the Big Bang? In This Experiment, Clues Remain Elusive

Wednesday, April 11
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  • IMPRINT makes an impression
  • Business or 'bribe'?
  • From April 9, 2007: Fellowships aim to stimulate young theoretical physicists

Tuesday, April 10
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  • In Memoriam: Robert Betz, prairie visionary
  • Director's Corner: Update
  • From NPR's All Things Considered April 9, 2007: The World's Largest Particle Accelerator

Monday, April 9
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  • Prairie fires continue their critical role in restoration
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Tips on ES&H Training
  • From NPR's Morning Edition April 9, 2007: Massive Particle Accelerator Revving Up

Friday, April 6
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  • What's in a Name?: Color charge
  • From ILC Newsline: Hot out of the oven, Saclay team improves cavity baking
  • Milestones: 1967: First users' meeting
  • From Scientific American, April 5, 2007: Bursting magnets may delay CERN collider project

Thursday, April 5
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  • CMS' Gutsche gets grid going with workshop and seminars
  • Fermilab Result of the Week: Using the buddy system
  • Raiford succeeds Buckley in transition for FT interns
  • From iSGTW: EGEE-II: A Grid for Research
  • From The Beacon News, April 5, 2007: Eyes on Fermilab after part explodes in Switzerland

Wednesday, April 4
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  • The real story: New editor welcomed at Fermilab Today
  • The other reasons
  • In Memoriam: Court Bohn
  • From The New York Times, April 3, 2007: Long-Awaited Cosmic-Ray Detector May Be Shelved

Tuesday, April 3
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  • Fermilab Update on Inner Triplet Magnets at LHC
  • Director's Corner: The World Stage
  • Bhat new secretary-treasurer of APS physics-society forum
  • From, April 3, 2007: Magnet failure could delay hunt for Higgs

Monday, April 2
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  • HF: First CMS subsystem takes data underground
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Goose haven?
  • Special Announcement: LHC triplet magnet information tomorrow
  • Fishing in Fermilab's ponds: Come on in, the water's fine
  • The American Institute of Physics Bulletin of Science Policy News, March 30, 2007: Upbeat Appropriations Hearings on DOE Science Request

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