Fermilab TodayTuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday, June 20
12:00 p.m. Summer Lecture Series - Curia II
Speaker: M. Syphers, Fermilab
Title: Particle Accelerators
3:30 p.m. DIRECTOR'S COFFEE BREAK - 2nd Flr X-over


Wednesday, June 21
11:00 a.m. Fermilab ILC R&D Meeting - Curia II (NOTE LOCATION)
Speaker: C. Jensen, Fermilab
Title: ILC Modulator Overview
3:30 p.m. DIRECTOR'S COFFEE BREAK 2nd Flr X-Over
4:00 p.m. Fermilab Colloquium - Auditorium (NOTE LOCATION)
Speaker: S. Putterman, University of California, Los Angeles
Title: Energy Focusing Phenomena: From Sonoluminescence To Crystal Fusion

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Secon Level 3

Tuesday, June 20
-Tomato Bisque
-Lemon Pepper Club
-Burgundy Beef Tips
-Baked Fish Creole over Rice
-Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap
-Supreme Pizza
-Rio Grande Taco Salads

Wilson Hall Cafe Menu

Wednesday, June 21
-Grilled Shrimp and Portobello Mushroom Salad
-Plum Tart

Thursday, June 22
-Wasabi Seafood Salad
-Asian Beef w/Rice Noodles and Vegetables
-Strawberry Rhubarb TartChez Leon Menu
Call x4598 to make your reservation.

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We need your feedback on proposed bus service area
Want to take the bus from West Chicago to Fermilab and back? West Chicago is one of 13 communities in DuPage County that are exploring the possibility of introducing or expanding local bus service. The proposed service area for West Chicago includes the West Chicago Metra Station, City Hall, Fermilab and six other "landmarks" in the community, based on a market analysis in the community. The next step in implementing the DuPage Area Transit Plan is to refine the service area and to determine the appropriate types of circulator service for each community.

Your feedback is needed. Does the proposed service area meet your needs as a resident, employee or visitor in West Chicago? Are there other places that you'd like to see included in the proposed West Chicago service area? Your feedback will determine the services to be offered. In some cases, for example, a fixed-route bus service with scheduled stops might be the best solution, while in other cases, on-demand service ("dial-a-ride") with vans might be better.

If you are interested in bus service to the Route 59 Metra Station, which is not part of any service area at this point, you are encouraged to submit a comment on the West Chicago service area as well, indicating your preference.

Please take a few minutes to view the proposed West Chicago service area and to submit your comments via the comment form by June 30.

For information on the entire study, sponsored by the DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference, go to www.GetAroundDuPage.org. The 13 proposed service areas include Addison, Bensenville, Downers Grove, Elmhurst, Glen Ellyn, Glendale Heights, Lombard, Oak Brook, Oakbrook Terrace, Villa Park, West Chicago, Wheaton and Wood Dale. After the service area maps are refined for the 13 communities, three service areas will be selected for initial implementation of the bus service.
--Kurt Riesselmann

Students to rub elbows with Nobel Laureates this month
For 56 years, Nobel Laureates in chemistry, physics and physiology/medicine
Meghan Anzelc
have annually convened in Lindau, Germany to have open and informal meetings with students and young researchers from around the world. This year, Meghan Anzelc, a student at Northwestern University working at DZero, was selected by the U.S. Department of Energy as one of 20 outstanding research participants to attend the meeting.

Anzlec and other participants will travel to Washington, D.C. for a meeting at DOE headquarters before leaving for Germany on Friday, June 23. On Saturday, the students will arrive in the historic medieval island city of Lindau, located at the common border of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Once there, students will have talks, informal discussions, and dinnertime conversations with Nobel Laureates. You can read about each participant--as well as thier adventures in Lindau--here.

In the News
SLAC Today, June 19: New luminosity record for PEP II
PEP-II, which collides a positron beam from one storage ring with an electron beam from the other ring, is smashing particles like never before. Over the past month, the collider consistently achieved peak luminosities well above previous norms of 1034 cm-2 s-1. Last week, the bar for collider performance was raised even higher when a new record was set for luminosity over a 24-hour period.
Read More
In the News
New Scientist, June 10, 2006:
Quantum strings and things
Physicists often talk about the beauty of equations or the elegance of theories. Dawn Meson, a San Francisco-based artist, has harnessed that aesthetic quality in a collection of paintings that depict quantum phenomena. It's an ambitious undertaking - after all, the things she paints are invisible.

"I'm not actually trying to illustrate the phenomena," says Meson. "I'm using painting to wrap my head around these complicated ideas." This painting, entitled Compactification IV, represents the curling up of unseen spatial dimensions, a fundamental aspect of string theory. The complex shapes of these dimensions determine the vibrations of strings, which, so the theory goes, give rise to the particles that comprise our world.
Read More

Director's Corner
With significant help from across the laboratory, the teams in
Pier Oddone
Pier Oddone
the Accelerator Division have done a magnificent job during the shutdown. The Tevatron is up and running days ahead of schedule and with excellent luminosities for this early in the new run. The list of tasks carried out during the shutdown on all machines was staggering. These many jobs, often in tight quarters, have been carried out safely. It has been a dynamite job that the many contributors should feel justifiably proud of. The same goes for the very complex activities undertaken by the DZero collaboration, especially the delicate installation of the innermost layer of the silicon detector.

Science magazine and National Public Radio have captured the human interest story of the Tevatron. When analogies to sports, and above all baseball, are drawn for the Tevatron, you know you have the public's attention. It is indeed a magnificent story, one of grit, determination and smarts. Nothing would be sweeter than the reward of an astounding discovery after the vicissitudes of the last few years. The Tevatron may indeed take us to the beach of an unexplored continent, the Terascale. The LHC and later the ILC (not the Tevatron) will explore the full extent of this continent.. But it is worthwhile remembering that Columbus only got to the beach of a small island and yet his amazing voyage of discovery in 1492 is what is most remembered.

Accelerator Update
June 16 - 19
- Four stores provided 43 hours and 8 minutes of luminosity
- Store 4781: initial average luminosity of 103.9E30
- Store 4774 aborted
- 400 MeV Debuncher water skid trips reappear
- MiniBooNE Horn power supply trip
- Power supply LCW leak holds off Pbar

Read the Current Accelerator Update
Read the Early Bird Report
View the Tevatron Luminosity Charts


Mentors available
Some mentor pairings are still available for DASTOW on Thursday, June 22. Girls 12 years old and older can spend the morning with a woman scientist or engineer. You must sign up in advance. For information, email mikep@fnal.gov.

Chicago sight-seeing
boat tour on July 6

See Chicago's fascinating architecture and historic landmarks by cruising down the Chicago River, and then out onto Lake Michigan to see the world-famous skyline. A bus (with air conditioning) will be leaving from the Lederman Education Center at 9:45 am, and we will be back around 4:00 pm. Tour costs are $18 for adults, $8 for kids age 3 - 11, and children under 3 years are free. For further information and to register contact: Selitha Raja at (630) 305-7769, SelithaR@hotmail.com.

Scottish Country Dancing
Scottish Country Dancing will meet Tuesday, June 20, in Ramsey Auditorium in Wilson Hall. Instruction begins at 7:30 p.m. and newcomers are always welcome. Most dances are fully taught and walked through, and you do not need to come with a partner. Dancing will continue in the Auditorium through the summer. Info at 630-840-8194, 630-584-0825 or folkdance@fnal.gov.

Fermilab Barnstormers
The Fermilab Barnstormers will have a set of trainer airplanes available to fly every Wednesday at noon, at the Model Airplane field across from the Pioneer Cemetery (rain date on Thursday). Come out to try your hand at flying models and learn what our hobby can offer. We will sell tickets at each session for a July raffle of a radio controlled aircraft. For further information, please contact Jim Zagel, x4076, or Rick Mahlum, x4316.

Housing Assignments for Fall 2006 and Spring 2007
The Fermilab Housing Office is now taking requests for houses, apartments, and dormitory rooms for fall 2006 and spring 2007. Since there will be a large influx of experimenters, and requests are anticipated to be in excess of our available facilities, you are urged to submit your request for reservations to the Housing Office by Monday, July 3, 2006. Requests can be made for any period and need not commence on any particular date. Individual housing requests can be made by using our online housing request form, but requests for multiple housing units are best handled by direct email to housing@fnal.gov. For further information, please contact the Housing Office at: (630) 840-3777 or email housing@fnal.gov.

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