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October 2006

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Tuesday, October 31
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  • Speaker Hastert to speak at Fermilab contract signing
  • WZ boson discovery inches Fermilab closer to Higgs
  • Fermilab prepares to launch ILC Citizens Task Force
  • Photo of the Day: Spider web
  • The Economist, October 26, 2006: Bubbling up
Monday, October 30
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  • Last day to take the pledge: Save money, save resources
  • Saftey Tip: Strain and pain
  • Readers Write: U Can Run Too!
  • Photo of the Day: Remembering summer
  • KEK Press Release, October 26, 2006: World's First Single Crystal Positron Source is Successfully Operated at the KEK B-Factory
Friday, October 27
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  • Women needed for volleyball
  • China engages in large-grain niobium single cells
  • Letter from Baghdad
  • SLAC Today, October 20: Ground Breaking New Science at SLAC
Thursday, October 26
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  • After all these years, Ewald jams with a Chicago band
  • Result of the Week: Will history repeat itself?
  • Probing the perfect liquid with the STAR grid
  • New York Times, October 24, 2006: Knowing the Universe in Detail (Except for That Pesky 96 Percent of It)
Wednesday, October 25
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  • Physicist wins Panofsky Prize for research at Fermilab
  • From the Accelerator Division: Encouraging excellence
  • The Register, October 24, 2006: Scientists catch exotic new particles
Tuesday, October 24
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  • Exotic particles, native plants
  • Director's Corner: CR
  • Chicago Sun-Times, October 24, 2006: Fermilab gets charge out of new particles
Monday, October 23
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  • CDF finds exotic relatives of protons and neutrons
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Hand injuries
  • Result of the Week: Discover one, get three free
  • The New York Times, Opinion, October 20, 2006: The Universe on a String
Friday, October 20
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  • Fermilab in for the Long Run
  • Road to the ILC reference design
  • SciBooNE's SciBar detector zipping along at light speed
  • CERN Press Release, October 19: New Experiment to Investigate the Effect of Galactic Cosmic Rays on Clouds and Climate
Thursday, October 19
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  • Linear Collider Forum of America tours Fermilab
  • Science Grid this Week: Building better bridges
  • Science Daily, October 17, 2006: Space-based Instruments To Test Cornerstone Of Einstein's General Relativity
Wednesday, October 18
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  • Curtis Danner wins Director's Award for education exhibits
  • From the Technical Division: A time of transition
  • Temporary restrictions transferring disk drives
  • INFN Press Release, October 13, 2006: Chemical reaction between matter and antimatter realized for the first time: it brings about the formation of protonium
Tuesday, October 17
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  • In Memoriam: Simon Peter Rosen
  • Director's Corner: The world comes together
  • Naperville Sun, October 15, 2006: Vision event excites youngsters about science, technology A look to the future
Monday, October 16
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  • Full-time officer and student greets employees every day
  • Beware the everyday injury
  • Trivia question: Which flags fly in front of Wilson Hall?
  • Photo of the Day: Rainbow in the west
  • Physics Web, October, 2006: How the US sees the LHC
Friday, October 13
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  • New GSA officers will put a fresh face on physics
  • ILC NewsLine: Pomp and circumstance
  • Photo of the Day: Exciting times
  • PhysOrg.com, October 11, 2006: Particle decay may point to New Physics
Thursday, October 12
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  • Fermilab employees and users elected to APS's DPF
  • The W boson's big brother
  • Readers Write: Cold beer or bust
  • New York Times, October 8, 2006: Oh, for the Simple Days of the Big Bang
Wednesday, October 11
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  • Inspired by childhood hero, engineer travels the world
  • Serving all our customers
  • Milestones: Wojcicki reelected
  • Reader's Write: Wake up, little FT
  • Guardian UK, October 10, 2006: Faking the physics
Tuesday, October 10
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  • Particle physics and the press
  • Director's Corner: COBE
  • Hindustan Times, October 7, 2006: Why we want to wake up little SUSY
Monday, October 9
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  • Randall to talk at Fermilab on October 13 in the auditorium
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Cooking fires
  • Celebrating safety with music, brats, funny hats
  • Photo of the Day: Softball champs
  • Reuters, October 5, 2006: Stinky feet, annoying noise top IgNobel prize list
Friday, October 6
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  • On the job with Parkhurst: Sculpting metal for CMS
  • Students contribute to ILC damping ring studies
  • Photo of the Day: Damaged by lightning
  • The Economist, September 28: The light fantastic: A way of building particle accelerators on a table top
Thursday, October 5
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  • Afternoon playgroup fun for kids and for parents, too
  • Result of the Week: What tops top?
  • Seed from chaff: Fermilab gives tips to ecology team
  • SLAC Today, October 4, 2006: Stanford Chemist Receives Nobel for Work Conducted in Part at SSRL
Wednesday, October 4
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  • Take DOE's pledge: Change a light, change the world
  • From FESS: Staying focused for safety
  • Photo of the Day: World's cutest snake
  • Science, September 29, 2006: Embracing Small Science in a Big Way
Tuesday, October 3
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  • Fermilab and Argonne to host ILC industrial forum
  • Director's Corner: US - Japan Collaboration
  • Physicians added to Open Access Plus plan
  • Photo of the Day: Volleyball champs
  • The Columbian News, October 3, 2006: Americans Win Nobel Prize in Physics
Monday, October 2
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  • A menagerie of instruments
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Electrical glove testing due
  • Photo of the Day: Reflection
  • SLAC Press Release, September 28, 2006: New Form of CP Violation Discovered

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