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November 2006

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Thursday, November 30
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  • Harris will discuss production and detection of neutrinos
  • Result of the Week: A super solution to a massive problem
  • Milestones: Service Awards
  • FYI The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News, November 29, 2006: Findings from the New S&T Benchmark Report
Wednesday, November 29
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  • Symposium for Ken Stanfield
  • From FESS: 'Tis the season
  • Town hall meeting tomorrow will discuss university grants
  • Photo of the Day: Watch out for young bucks
  • Readers Write: Thanks for the coats
  • From PhysOrg.com, November 28, 2006: Dark matter hides, physicists seek
Tuesday, November 28
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  • What do P5 recommendations mean for Fermilab's future?
  • Director's Corner: Future collaborations II
  • Fermilab on television today
  • FYI: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News, November 22, 2006: ITER Agreement Signed
Monday, November 27
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  • Butler to head the US-CMS Research Program
  • Bauerdick heads CMS Center
  • Safety Tip of the Week: How slippery is it?
  • The Courier News, November 22, 2006: Fermi asks public its views on collider
Wednesday, November 22
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  • Gatfield's mammoth ship docks at employee art show
  • A time for change
  • Peak luminosity record
  • Kudos to "Result of the Week"
  • Photo of the Day: Albino Goose?
  • From Government Computer News, November 20, 2006: Grid accelerates research
Tuesday, November 21
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  • Pisa takes the Owl Shift
  • Director's Corner: Future collaborations
  • Fermilab seeks nominations for Citizens' Task Force
  • Photo of the Day: Slice by slice
  • Seed Magazine, November 20, 2006: Why the US should spring for a new particle accelerator
Monday, November 20
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  • Doing the numbers: FT has more than just a new look
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Holiday safety
  • Free lunchtime concert
  • National Public Radio's Morning Edition, November 17, 2006: 'Dark Energy' Thought to Fuel Universe Expansion
Friday, November 17
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  • Summer school prepares new generation of physicists
  • The first SRF cavity developed in Korea
  • Science Grid This Week goes international
  • Promotions for 14 Scientists
  • Fermilab honored with Excellence in Conservation Award
  • PhysOrg.com, November 16, 2006: Dark energy existed in infant universe
Thursday, November 16
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  • Employees learn about their risk of osteoporosis
  • WZ couple: Discovering a match made in heavies
  • Particle Astrophysics Center discusses new leadership
  • Photo of the Day: Four million pounds on the head
  • Science, November, 2006: Japanese Latecomer Joins Race To Build a Hard X-ray Laser
Wednesday, November 15
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  • Galaxy in far-away universe offers a glimpse of the past
  • A model for ILC to emulate
  • The Economist November 2, 2006: Mercy Mission
Tuesday, November 14
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  • Vertical test stand under construction at Fermilab
  • Director's Corner: DOE National Laboratories
  • Photo of the Day: Waiting for a call
  • In Memoriam: Howard Dixon
  • Chicago Tribune, November 11, 2006: The 18-mile road to the future
Monday, November 13
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  • All employees required to attend or view orientation
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Supervisory skills
  • 5th Annual Veterans Day Celebration at Fermilab
  • Committee welcomes comments from employees
  • Christofek bowls 300 game
  • New Scientist, November 4, 2006: Watching God play dice: The Large Hadron Collider
Friday, November 10
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  • What's in a name? Quintessence
  • Thinking small to make the big things work: MDI
  • Fermilab in 2007 Guinness Book of World Records
  • Rebel Baroque Ensemble tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m.
  • Photo of the Day: You must click on this image
  • National Public Radio, November 7, 2006: Short of 'All,' String Theorists Accused of Nothing
Thursday, November 9
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  • Fourth-grade scouts learn some college-level physics
  • Result of the Week: The puzzle of a lifetime
  • Photo of the Day: Getting hot in here
  • USA Today, WonderQuest November 8, 2006: Photon on a drunk walk
Wednesday, November 8
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  • Flu shots are coming--we don't know when
  • From ES&H: Persistent awareness
  • Missed yesterday's meeting? Check out the video
  • Photo of the Day: Caveman, scientist, scarecrow?
  • SDSS Press Release November 7, 2006: Gravity helps SDSS-II reveal a brilliant jewel of the early universe
Tuesday, November 7
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  • All-hands meetings today
  • 32 years, 8 months, 18 days
  • Director's Corner: SILAFAE
  • PhysOrg.com, November 6, 2006: BaBar Steadies Omega-minus Spin
Monday, November 6
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  • Employee Art Show
  • Saftey Tip: Lessons learned
  • CERN Press Release, November 3, 2006: Open Access publishing in physics gains momentum
Friday, November 3
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  • Dyer eases back strain, wins Industrial Hygiene Award
  • Worldwide peer reviews for ILC detector R&D
  • "Neutrino Eyes on the Cosmos" tonight at 8:00 p.m.
  • Police chase at Fermilab
  • Milestones: CMS starts going underground

Thursday, November 2
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  • Result of the Week: The leaning tower of B mesons
  • Bring on the data!
  • The Daily Herald, November 2, 2006: A deal bringing hope to Fermilab

Wednesday, November 1
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  • DOE awards contract to the Fermi Research Alliance
  • Director's Corner: Fermi Research Alliance
  • Ramberg explains mass and energy to USA Today
  • Photo of the Day: New bulls
  • Panofsky to speak today
  • CERN Press Release, October 31, 2006: Antiprotons Four Times More Effective than Protons for Cell Irradiation

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