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Wednesday, May 31
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  • Rep. Judy Biggert speaks at 9 a.m.: Don't miss it!
  • "Gathering Storm" chair will speak tonight at Fermilab
  • New Zealand Earthquake Rocks Tevatron, Gently
  • The Herald Sun, May 26, 2006: Physicists talk proton smashing at Duke
Tuesday, May 30
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  • Rob Plunkett named new MINOS cospokesperson
  • Director's Corner: Chicago
  • Photo of the Day: NALWO Tea
  • Science, May 26, 2006: A Quiet Leader Unites Researchers in Drive for the Next Big Machine.
Friday, May 26
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  • Getting ready to start again
  • Postdocs share Tollestrup Award for Bs Meson work
  • ILC NewsLine: Einsteinís Telescope
  • From FYI: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News,
    May 24, 2006: United States Initials ITER Agreement
Thursday, May 25
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  • Jean-Francois Arguin wins 2006 URA Thesis Award
  • Result of the Week: Dissecting the Proton with W Bosons
  • Astrophysics alumni gather at Fermilab to talk, catch up
  • Stanford Linear Accelerator Center sets luminosity record
  • Science Grid This Week: SURA Brings Grids to Southeastern United States
  • House Committee on Science, May 24, 2006: Boehlert praises full funding for DOE portion of American Competitiveness Initiative
  • Beacon News, May 24, 2006: Painted dinosaurs prepare for debut
Wednesday, May 24
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  • Help Heartland save lives
  • CERN-Fermilab Physics Summer School a smash
  • Soudan laboratory hosts successful open house
  • Seed magazine, May 22, 2006: Discovery for the Sake of Discovery: The new particle accelerator is truly a Gothic cathedral of the 21st century.
Tuesday, May 23
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  • MiniBooNE, SciBooNE 'play well together'
  • Director's Corner: Nature of Science
  • Town Hall Electrical Safety Meeting tomorrow in 1 West
  • Photo of the Day: Fire in the sky?
  • The Herald Tribune, May 18, 2006: Commitment to science
Monday, May 22
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  • 276 people ride, walk and run around the ring for fitness
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Cumulative Trauma Disorder
  • Town Hall Electrical Safety Meeting tomorrow in 1 West
  • Duke University News, May 19, 2006: International Symposium to Assess Present and Future Promise of World's Most Powerful Particle Colliders
Friday, May 19
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  • Peeling off atoms? Getting particles for the accelerator
  • Brian Greene Gives Congress a Tour of the Quantum Universe
  • Letter to the Sun-Times Editor from Pier Oddone
  • From FYI: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News, May 17, 2006: A Path Forward: "Charting the Course for Elementary Particle Physics"
Thursday, May 18
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  • Laser Lab team wins Industrial Hygiene Award
  • Fermilab Result of the Week: Beauty and Charm are fleeting
  • DOE Review Poster Display
  • SDSS Press Release: How big is big? Probing the conditions of the universe on the largest scales
  • Fermilab featured in Scientific American Podcast yesterday
  • From New York Times May 18, 2006: Renewing America's Commitment to Research in High-Energy Physics
Wednesday, May 17
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  • Denisov sees opportunities as DZero spokesperson
  • Zebra mussels flushed
  • From Spaceref.com, May 15, 2006: Ruler to Measure Universe - Biggest Ever 3-D Map
Tuesday, May 16
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  • LHC@FNAL Operations Center comes to Wilson Hall
  • Director's Corner: Reviews
  • Health and Fitness Day 2006: "Making Fitness Fun"
  • From Daily Press News May 13, 2006: Particles not particularly useful
Monday, May 15
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  • Shank, Dawson: Report has best strategy for US HEP
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Chemical exposures
  • Check out Quarked!
  • From Beacon News, May 11, 2006: Batavians throw fundraiser for LaFleurs
Friday, May 12
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  • EPP2010 Committee members will speak today
  • What's on your chalkboard?
  • ILC Newsline: Possible Proposal Presented for ILC Test Beam Facilities at Fermilab
  • From Chicago Chronicle, May 11, 2006: National academies elect five University professors to their 2006 memberships
Thursday, May 11
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  • From the Director
  • Message from Harold Shapiro, EPP2010 Chair
  • Result of the Week: Hunting for SUSY-Higgs with Taus
  • Science Grid This Week: CLEANER's Vision for the WATERS Network
  • From The Courier News May 10, 2006: Maintaining Fermilab at physics frontier
Wednesday, May 10
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  • Sloan Digital Sky Survey: the ultimate supernova tracker
  • New report gives context for the study of very small things
  • From Space.com, May 8, 2006: Recycled Universe: Theory Could Solve Cosmic Mystery
Tuesday, May 9
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  • "Gathering Storm" Chair to speak at Fermilab, May 31
  • Director's Corner: Heritage
  • 2006 Users' Meeting at Fermilab, May 31- June 1
  • Committee members to speak at Fermilab May 12
  • Fermilab on Local TV News: Big science in your backyard
  • From Aurora Beacon News, May 7, 2006: Families visit their roots at Fermilab
Monday, May 8
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  • Forget the gas, give me 20 pounds of corn on pump 4
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Back to backs
  • From News Blaze, May 4, 2006: Department of Energy Issues Draft Request for Proposals
Friday, May 5
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  • Cyclotron magnet, spanning history of particle physics
  • ILC NewsLine: DOE and NSF reviewers see progress in ILC-Americas program; also recommend areas of improvement
  • From: FYI: AIP Bulletin of Science and Policy News, May 4, 2006: Strong Support for 14 percent Increase in FY 2007 DOE Office of Science Budget
Thursday, May 4
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  • Greene will talk to Congress members; you are invited
  • Result of the Week: At the bottom of everything...
  • Pesky zebra mussels will get rude awakening next week
  • Science Grid This Week: PHENIX Data Fly With GridFTP
  • From: The Timberjay, May 3, 2006: Tours of MINOS lab at Soudan offered on May 6
Wednesday, May 3
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  • Preserving history: Boy Scout restores cemetery
  • ORNL's Spallation Neutron Source makes first neutrons
  • Hadron Collider Physics Symposium 2006: May 22-26
  • From The Christian Science Monitor, May 1, 2006: Physicists hope to win support for new subatomic smasher
Tuesday, May 2
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  • Wanted: citizen scientists for ecology research at Fermilab
  • Director's Corner: EPP2010
  • Run II anniversary: What's changed in five years?
  • From Chicago Sun-Times April 30, 2006: Fermilab in race to land scientific whopper

Monday, May 1
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  • New opportunities beckon with new honor for Shochet
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Aging workforce
  • It's a good time for cleaning
  • From The Daily Herald April 27, 2006: U.S. study backs Fermilab expansion

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