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June 2006

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Friday, June 30
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  • Stanfield's standard: What's best for Fermilab?
  • ILC NewsLine: Cavity buffs
  • World Cup a family matter for CDF's Veronica Sorin
  • Photo of the Day: Gathering storm
  • PPARC Press Release, June 26, 2006: GEO600 starts continuous search for Gravitational Waves
Thursday, June 29
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  • SLAC's Marc Ross to head Technical Division this fall
  • Result of the Week: CDF turns to the Dark Side
  • Beacon News reports West Nile mosquitoes at Fermilab
  • Give feedback on proposed bus service by tomorrow
  • The Economist, June 22, 2006: To catch a gravitational wave: Physicists hope to find a new astronomy and test some wacky ideas
Wednesday, June 28
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  • Download 2006 performance review form for supervisors
  • Beam Abort: Near lightspeed to zero in 21 microseconds
  • Readers Write: We donut mean to annoy you
  • Photo of the Day: Praying mantis II
  • The Beacon News June 25, 2006: And where did he get all that money? Fermilab finds bank book from 1920s
Tuesday, June 27
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  • Sloan says cosmic leftovers point finger at dark matter
  • Director's Corner: The beautiful game
  • Photo of the Day: The Syphertron collider at Fermilab
  • The Daily Herald, June 25, 2006: Clash of the titans
  • The Daily Herald, June 25, 2006: Disappearing gravitons, strings, theory of everything
Monday, June 26
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  • Artist reception for Meson and Wilbat: June 28, 5-7 pm
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Summer injury peak
  • What's on your chalkboard?
  • Photo of the Day: Prairie in bloom
  • SLAC Press Release, June 22, 2006: Physicists size up the 'unitarity triangle'
  • CERN Press Release, June 23, 2006: CERN confirms LHC start-up for 2007
Friday, June 23
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  • Syphers says Tevatron has power of two jelly donuts
  • Excavation experts bask in MINOS's subterranean glory
  • ILC NewsLine: The Canadian ILC Group and the Time Projection Chamber
  • Yesterday's DASTOW a huge success: sampling of images
  • Research News, June 21, 2006: Berkeley Lab's Saul Perlmutter Wins Shaw Prize in Astronomy
Thursday, June 22
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  • Correct URL for downloading Accomplishment Report form
  • Conger takes on role as CFO
  • Result of the Week: Probing QCD at DZero
  • New York Times June 20, 2006: Hawking Takes Beijing; Now, Will Science Follow?
Wednesday, June 21
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  • Employee Relations: Time for performance reviews
  • The Logan Code: mysterious bank book owner identified
  • What is a Critical Decision?
  • New York Times June 20, 2006: Hawking Takes Beijing; Now, Will Science Follow?
Tuesday, June 20
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  • We need your feedback on proposed bus service area
  • Director's Corner: Dynamite
  • Students to rub elbows with Nobel Laureates this month
  • SLAC Today, June 19: New luminosity record for PEP II
  • New Scientist, June 10, 2006: Quantum strings and things
Monday, June 19
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  • Tev revs up, operators troubleshoot, fight raccoons
  • Safety Tip of the Week: West Nile Virus
  • Picture of the Week: Site cleanup
  • INFN Press Release, June 13, 2006 Pamela goes to Space: it will explore antimatter and dark matter to unravel the mysteries of the universe
Friday, June 16
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  • Bodman wants a safer DOE and a 'shift of mindset'
  • Build the future: International Fellows Program at Fermilab
  • ILC NewsLine: A Marriage Made in TTF
  • INFN Press Release, June 13, 2006 Pamela goes to Space: it will explore antimatter and dark matter to unravel the mysteries of the universe
Thursday, June 15
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  • Kephart shares his views: Siting the ILC at Fermilab
  • Result of the Week: Avoiding a breakup
  • Photo of the Day: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
  • Science Grid This Week: Archaeology 2.0
  • New York Times, June 14, 2006: Graphic: Trolling for Cosmic Particles
Wednesday, June 14
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  • Bodman speaks at 1:00 p.m.
  • Fermilab one of "101 Best And Brightest Companies"
  • NERP study: Prairie buries greenhouse gas component
  • New committee plans blood drive at Fermilab, June 27-28
  • Physical Review Focus, June 9, 2006: Testing a Universal Symmetry
Tuesday, June 13
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  • Bodman to address DOE employees tomorrow at 1:00 p.m.
  • Director's Corner: P5
  • Fermilab receives 2006 Golden Family Award
  • Women engineers meet at Fermilab, discuss future
  • Picture of the Week: Red-tailed hawk
  • People's Daily Online, June 9, 2006: China, U.S. to launch joint neutrino experiment
Monday, June 12
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  • Exhuming the past, history found under floorboards
  • Safety Tip: Ticks
  • High noon tee time, June 23
  • New Scientist, June 2006 Test will show if dark energy interacts with dark matter
Friday, June 9
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  • Counselor Brian Malinowski says no problem is too small
  • ILC Newsline: ILC Communications Accelerate at KEK
  • Another summer DASTOW set for Thursday, June 22
  • From Phys.org, June 5, 2006: A Cosmic Coincidence Resurrects the Cyclical Universe
Thursday, June 8
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  • Oddone agrees with Alvy, Universe is our business
  • Result of the Week: DZero homes in on the Higgs
  • Science Grid This Week: Biomedical Research Feels the BIRN
  • MSNBC online, June 5, 2006: Physicists probe the fifth dimension
Wednesday, June 7
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  • Orbach Confirmed as Under Secretary for Science
  • To Dr. Foxen, retirement will mean new pursuits
  • Computing Division hits safety, data milestones
  • Wanted: Fermilab ushers, Reward: world-class shows
  • Mercury News, June 5, 2006: Scientists seek to answer big question: What's the universe made of?
Tuesday, June 6
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  • Pass me that rototiller
  • Director's Corner: The UEC
  • Photo of the Day: praying mantis
  • Beacon News, June 4, 2006: Prof aims to put NIU on high-tech fast track
Monday, June 5
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  • Fermilab wins three environmental awards
  • Result of the Week: Got heat?
  • DZero releases 10th issue of Collected Physics Papers
  • Le Vent du Nord, June 10
  • Science, June, 2006: Aging Atom Smasher Runs All Out in Race for Most Coveted Particle
  • BNL Press Release, June 1, 2006: Nobel Laureate Raymond Davis Dies
Friday, June 2
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  • Shapiro's powerful points add to impact of EPP2010
  • Augustine gives context for "Gathering Storm" report
  • Staffin: Clear, cohesive message is the priority
  • Fermi Singers perform today
  • ILC NewsLine: First US Processed ILC Cavity Achieves Milestone
  • DOE Press Release, May 30, 2006: Statements from Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman on the Senate's Confirmation of Dr. Raymond Orbach as the Under Secretary for Science
Thursday, June 1
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  • EPP2010 Chair Harold Shapiro speaks at 8:45 a.m.
  • Rep. Biggert's good news is a hit at Users' Meeting
  • Result of the Week: Tough Top: Nothing but Jet
  • Houston Chronicle, May 24, 2006: A bleak future for particle physics?

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