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December 2006

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Wednesday, December 20
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  • The staff of Chez Leon: Still cooking after all these years
  • Make the most of the holidays
  • Photo of the Day: Land of the setting sun
  • From symmetry magazine, December 2006: The Tevatron brings it on
Tuesday, December 19
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  • Guarding your privacy, one computer at a time
  • Director's Corner: 2006
  • Photo of the Day: Sunrise, Sunset
  • American Institute of Physics/Jefferson Lab, December 18, 2006: H. Frederick Dylla to Head the American Institute of Physics
Monday, December 18
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  • Special Announcement: Potential J-1 Visa Issue
  • Special Announcement: New Employment Website
  • Photo of the Day: Aurora over Aurora?
  • Safety Tip of the Week: CO: New monitor law
  • Physorg.com, December 14, 2006: Alternative theory of gravity explains large structure formation -- without dark matter
Friday, December 15
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  • Klemencic's dancing lights raise money for community
  • On the road to developing U.S.- Indian ILC collaboration
  • Photo of the Day: Water on the What?
  • Earth and Sky radio series, December 14, 2006: Particle accelerator used in dark matter study
Thursday, December 14
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  • The new kid is moving fast
  • From ancient Greece to the Tevatron
  • Readers Write: Comma economy?
  • Bringing arts and humanities into the grid
  • Chicago Tribune, December 9, 2006: Isotope project back on track
Wednesday, December 13
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  • Special Result of the Week: Lonely top quarks
  • From the Technical Division: Another ILC milestone
  • Photo of the Day: Rippled sky
  • Readers Write: Don't burn wrapping paper; Smoot as band director?
  • From The Scotsman, December 11, 2006: 'Ray gun' cancer cure nears speed of light
Tuesday, December 12
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  • Students visit Fermilab to see science in action
  • Director's Corner: Single Top
  • Readers Write: Pelican accelerators
  • PhysOrg, December 7, 2006: Better track leads to new particles
Monday, December 11
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  • A simple plan to spot leaks
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Snow shoveling
  • Nature, News and Views, December 7, 2006: Plasma physics: On the node of a wave
Friday, December 8
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  • Crawford to shoot Star Wars Forgotten Realm at Fermilab
  • Parameters for the Linear Collider: An update
  • The Earth System Grid: Climate data for the global community
  • Readers Write: It won't be empty long
  • New Scientist, December 7, 2006: Black hole seen devouring star in best detail yet
Thursday, December 7
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  • Lockyer to head TRIUMF National Laboratory in Canada
  • Life on the edge of the top quark
  • Do you want to come to Fermilab by train?
  • Photo of the Day: Cold, but beautiful
  • Physics World, December, 2006: Colourful calculations
Wednesday, December 6
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  • Three Fermilab physicists become APS Fellows
  • From the COO: Stay in contact
  • Readers Write: Walking in the dark?
  • From The New York Times, December 5, 2006: China Pursues Major Role in Particle Physics
Tuesday, December 5
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  • "Clock Czar" visits ancient wonders in his spare time
  • Director's Corner: Bang! Winter
  • Chicago a capella, Saturday
  • Volunteer for WTTW11
  • Daily Herald, December 4, 2006: Fermilab works to gain residentsí support
Monday, December 4
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  • Planning for ILC success through shared databases
  • Where did you get that?
  • Wired, November 30, 2006: Squarks, Bosons and Zinos, Oh My!
Friday, December 1
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  • Too many pages?
  • ILC detectors in the making: LDC is going with the flow
  • Readers Write: Butter in the beam
  • Photo of the Day: Going down
  • Wired, November 30, 2006: Subatomic Inferno Under the Alps

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