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August 2006

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Thursday, August 31
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  • From cheese festivals to hayrides, Votava has it down
  • Result of the Week: Summing it up
  • Readers Write: Zoo event
  • Milestones: Priscilla Meldrim retires
  • Brookhaven Laboratory News, August 30, 2006: Nobel Laureate Melvin Schwartz Dies, August 28
Wednesday, August 30
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  • What's in a name? Zoo event
  • From the Accelerator Division: Two tales--one dog
  • Photo of the Day: Fish in the mouth
  • Register for final golf outing of the season before Sept. 1
  • Scientific American, August 28, 2006: What are dark matter and dark energy, and how are they affecting the universe?
Tuesday, August 29
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  • Another piece of the puzzle: Bolle describes '20s farm life
  • Director's Corner: Home stretch
  • Milestones: Jump in peak luminosity
  • Azom.com August 25, 2006: Start of ATLAS, World's Largest Scientific Experiment
Monday, August 28
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  • Evidence of string theory written across the sky?
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Accident investigation
  • Photo of the Day: That time of year
  • CNN.com, August 25, 2006: Telescope set to reveal 'Big Bang'
Friday, August 25
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  • Card access system for after-hours in Wilson Hall
  • ILC NewsLine: Getting wired for beam diagnostics
  • Readers Write: Channel 13
  • Photo of the Day: Bees
  • Stanford Report, August 23, 2006: First direct observations of 'spinons' and 'holons' seen after 40-year hunt
Thursday, August 24
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  • FNAL physicist's passions merge in novel writing
  • Result of the Week: Using your brain to find the Higgs
  • SLAC dark matter discovery on television news
  • Science Daily August 22, 2006: Astronomers Discover Rapidly Forming, Large Proto-disc Galaxies 3 Billion Years After Big Bang
Wednesday, August 23
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  • The Fermilab Today guide to the Channel 13 monitor
  • From the Technical Division: A newcomer with a history
  • Milestones: Four college grads and a killer whale
  • SLAC dark matter discovery on television news
  • Science, August 21, 2006: Dark Matter Exposed?
Tuesday, August 22
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  • High school student learns about lab's bison facility
  • Director's Corner: Imprint
  • Milestones: Hole-in-one
  • SLAC Press Release August 21, 2006: Dark Matter Observed: Most Direct Measurement of Dark Matter Allows Study of its Nature
Monday, August 21
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  • HCPSS gets over 2,000 hits
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Ergonomic hand tools
  • Photo of the Day: Winners
  • MSNBC, August 16, 2006: Plan boosts solar system to 12 planets
Friday, August 18
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  • Playing dark matter billiards in Physical Review Letters
  • ILC NewsLine: Fermilab's new clean room
  • Photo of the Day: It's that darn hawk again
  • Popular Science, August, 2006: Can This Machine Rescue Physics?
Thursday, August 17
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  • Come to Computer Security Awareness Day, August 22
  • Fermilab Result of the Week: Searching for a fifth force
  • Italy, France and Spain play against the rest of the world
  • See the Drug Sniffing Dogs
  • New Scientist August 12, 2006: Loop quantum gravity increases its pull
Wednesday, August 16
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  • Fermilab boosts physics education with QuarkNet
  • From the Laboratory Services Section: Summer students add energy
  • Sports today: Frisbee, football, basketball and golf
  • Time, August 11, 2006: The Unraveling of String Theory
Tuesday, August 15
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  • Aiming for zero: Report says key changes will cut injuries
  • Director's Corner: Seven beautiful days
  • Funkadesi will play August 19 in the Ramsey Auditorium
  • LA Times, August 5, 2006: Astronomers Say Universe May Be Bigger and Older
Monday, August 14
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  • Physicist sails a tenacious 13th Mackinac Island race
  • Safety Tip: Fermilab daycare
  • ILC NewsLine: Magnet coming out
  • Photo of the Day: More kid stuff
  • Scientific American, August 11, 2006: The Geometer of Particle Physics
Friday, August 11
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  • Fermilab prostate cancer survivor to appear on TV
  • Reflections from Vancouver: The ILC Reference Design
  • ILC NewsLine: Magnet coming out
  • Photo of the Day: Swans
  • Berkeley Lab Research News, August 9, 2006: SNAP Wins NASA Support for Joint Dark Energy Mission
Thursday, August 10
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  • Oddone outlines 'The Way Forward' in talk on ILC
  • Result of the Week: Weighing a firecracker
  • CMS Silicon Detector: Mission Accomplished!
  • Hadron Collider Physics Summer School gets started
  • ABC News Online August 9, 2006: Big Bang machine gears up for atomic smash
Wednesday, August 9
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  • Wood nymph leads the way for pre-service teachers
  • Appreciating all the efforts
  • Milestones: Czarapata deputy head of Accelerator Division
  • In Memoriam: Bill Kellogg
  • Sister labs go head-to-head
  • The Independent, August 8, 2006: In search of the big bang: a cosmic event
Tuesday, August 8
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  • Orbach sees promising future for science at the Department of Energy
  • Director's Corner: A Double Life
  • Kuchler goes full-time on ILC job; Ortgiesen heads FESS
  • Record turnout at Saturday's 5th Annual GSA Triathlon
  • Vietnam News, August 3, 2006: Nobel laureate to lecture in Ha Noi on matter, anti-matter
Monday, August 7
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  • MINOS reports new results
  • Safety Tip: Pre-work review
  • Employee Performance Recognition Awards
  • KEK Press Release, August 1, 2006: KEK B-Factory Observed Tau and Tau-Neutrino Decay
Friday, August 4
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  • Last letter from a soldier
  • ILC NewsLine: Conventional Facilities and Siting group well represented at VLCW06
  • Nature, August 2, 2006: Particle physics: A finer constant
Thursday, August 3
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  • It's a scam: Do not click on Argonne link in your email
  • CDF and DZero: Working together to find the Higgs
  • Around-the-clock effort rescues clogged NuMI horn
  • Safety record highlights PPD's annual picnic
  • Science Grid This Week: Helping small groups make a big splash on the grid
  • From Beacon News Online August 2, 2006: Midnight bike ride an enlightening experience
Wednesday, August 2
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  • MINERvA is dressed up, and ready for a big date
  • The Business of Science
  • Remembering Stanley Orr
  • DOE Press Release, July 31, 2006: Department of Energy Awards Contract for Management and Operation of Argonne National Laboratory to the University of Chicago Argonne, LLC
Tuesday, August 1
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  • Universe's most ambitious cartographers get noticed
  • Director's Corner: Learning from our mistakes
  • A mouse, a monkey and a brain. It'll all make sense if you go to the lecture...
  • Newsday.com, July 30, 2006: Asleep at the collider

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