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April 2006

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Friday, April 28
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  • The particle physics report that captured national headlines: EPP2010
  • 2006 CTEQ Summer School set for July 1-9 in Rhodes
  • Committee members to speak at Fermilab May 12
  • From Science, April 28, 2006: Linear Collider Gains Friends
Thursday, April 27
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  • New Fermilab Art Gallery exhibit starts tomorrow
  • Result of the Week: How to catch a gluino
  • I Solisti della Scala Trio: May 5 in the Ramsey Auditorium
  • Science Grid This Week: Certifying Software for the Grid, with the Grid
  • From Nature, April 27, 2006: Making collider endorsement count
  • From From New York Times, April 27, 2006: Physics in America at Crossroads and in Crisis, Panel Says
  • From Chicago Tribune, April 27, 2006: Panel pushes particle machines
Wednesday, April 26
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  • EPP2010 report - Webcast
  • Plant a tree for Earth Day
  • Physicist joins National Academy of Sciences
  • Health and Fitness Day 2006: "Making Fitness Fun"
  • CMS counting down to first LHC collisions
  • From The Beacon News April 25, 2006: Fermilab invites families to potluck
Tuesday, April 25
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  • NALWO hosts Indian cooking demonstration at Chez Leon
  • Director's Corner: Whereas
  • U.S. particle physics report to be released April 26
  • Outstanding Junior Investigator Award
  • From The Daily Herald April 24, 2006: State aims to accelerate funding to Fermilab
Monday, April 24
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  • Argonne and Fermilab sign agreement, anticipate State funding
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Hand safety
  • Proteus 7 to play April 29
  • From FSU News, April, 2006: U.S. Department of Energy recognizes FSU high-energy physicist
Friday, April 21
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  • Big magnet has to come out
  • Governor proclaims April 21 as Particle Accelerator Day
  • DASTOW'06 set on June 22
  • ILC NewsLine: MAC - Thinking Different
  • From The Timberjay, April 20, 2006: Work on second neutrino detector could begin by fall
Thursday, April 20
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  • Volunteer clean-up today
  • Result of the Week: Search for "brand Y" Supersymmetry
  • Employee Concerns Program fosters open communication
  • EPP2010 report - April 26
  • Science Grid This Week: MammoGrid Helps Doctors Detect Breast Cancer
  • From The Economist, April 6, 2006: Dark Matter: Accidence and substance, two possible explanations for the bulk of reality
Wednesday, April 19
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  • New panel needs honest input for improved safety
  • Fermilab: E-cycling "Star"
  • C++ Classes offered June 5
  • From The New York Times April 18, 2006: A Real Flip-Flopper, at 3 Trillion Times a Second
Tuesday, April 18
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  • P5: Today and tomorrow
  • Director's Corner: Severe weather
  • Zebra mussels: Humans give rides to sneaky hitchhikers
  • From Chicago Sun-Times, April 17, 2006: Fermilab's rite of spring: baby bison
Monday, April 17
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  • Layer 0: Stuck between silicon and a hard place
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Uneven surfaces
  • From The Beacon News (opinion section), April 14, 2006: New challenge for Fermilab: future viability
Friday, April 14
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  • Fermilab educators lead e-Lab outreach in Bangalore
  • What's on your wall? Snapshot a la chalkboard
  • ILC NewsLine: Designing the Perfect Cryomodule for the ILC
  • Science Grid This Week: Distributing a data deluge
  • From The Post Chronicle, April 13, 2006: Fermilab Clocks Matter-Antimatter 'Dance'
Thursday, April 13
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  • P5 meeting April 18-19: neutrinos and dark matter
  • Result of the Week: DZero: Looking for new physics with light
  • Club fair a success: a sampling of images
  • Science Grid This Week: Distributing a data deluge
  • From Physics Web, April 12, 2006: Fermilab probes matter-antimatter transitions
Wednesday, April 12
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  • Life before the lab: A family history
  • Symmetry magazine wins Golden Trumpet for 2006
  • Beacon News Online April 8, 2006: Fermilab future remains unclear
Tuesday, April 11
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  • CDF measures subtle dance between matter, antimatter
  • Director's Corner: The Secretary's visit
  • FYI: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News, April 6, 2006: Upbeat Hearing for OSTP Director John Marburger
Monday, April 10
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  • New Results from CDF
  • Bodman addresses safety, the ILC, and the future of U.S. science
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Watch out for the geese
  • From The Economist, April 6, 2006: Accidence and substance
Friday, April 7
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  • All-Hands meeting today
  • Message about safety
  • Severe Weather Seminar with Tom Skilling tomorrow, Apr. 8
  • ILC NewsLine: Students Selected for International Accelerator School For Linear Colliders
  • From Chicago Maroon, April 4, 2006: DOE reprimands Argonne for nuclear safety violations
Thursday, April 6
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  • Fermilab's zebra mussels: Visiting without a pass
  • Fermilab Result of the Week: Over the top
  • Science Grid This Week: Predicting Extreme Weather With SCOOP
  • LLNL Press Release, March 30, 2006: MINOS experiment sheds light on how neutrinos change 'flavors'
Wednesday, April 5
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  • Energy Secretary to visit Fermilab Friday, April 7
  • Science of Good and Evil, lecture Friday, April 7
  • A special thanks to Mr. Freeze from Pack 372
  • From FYI: AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News April 4, 2006: Good Days on Capitol Hill for Ray Orbach

Tuesday, April 4
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  • ILC reviews at Fermilab
  • Director's Corner: Striking Paydirt
  • What's Happening at CMS?
  • Tree planting for Doug Michael
  • From Chicago Sun-Times, April 2, 2006: Fermilab test probes subatomic mysteries

Monday, April 3
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  • Energy Secretary to Visit Fermilab Friday, April 7
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Insulating gloves
  • NERP provides an outdoor laboratory for many levels
  • From The Register, March 31, 2006: The mystery of the vanishing neutrinos


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