Fermilab TodayTuesday, November 22, 2005  

Tuesday, November 22
3:30 p.m. Director's Coffee Break -
2nd Flr X-Over
There will be no Accelerator Physics and Technology Seminar today.

Wednesday, November 23
- There will be no ILC R&D Meeting or Fermilab Colloquium this week.
- There will be no Director's Coffee Break Today.

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Secon Level 3

Tuesday, November 15
- Creamy Turkey Vegetable
- Chicken Gyros
- Salisbury Steaks w/Mushroom Au Jus
- Chicken Cacciatore
- Italian Panini w/Provolone
- Philly Cheese Stromboli
- Chipotle Chili and Queso Nachos Supreme

The Wilson Hall Cafe accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express at Cash Register #1.

Wilson Hall Cafe Menu


Wednesday, November 23
-Cheese Fondue
-Salad of Marinated Vegetables
-Poached Pears with Red Wine

Thursday, November 24

Chez Leon Menu
Call x4512 to make your reservation.

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Fermilab's Icon for "Green Design" Finally Has a Name
Green Guy
"The Green Guy", above, has changed his name to Seymour Green.

We asked you to vote on a name for our sustainability icon and your voice has been heard. The winning name is "Seymour Green," submitted by Rick Tesarek of CDF. Tesarek will receive a water and energy conservation kit for his efforts, including insulation material, energy-efficient light-bulbs and a low-flow showerhead.

Fermilab Scientists to Speak at Einstein Event
Fermilab scientists will speak at the Francis W. Parker School's conference honoring the World Year of Physics, titled "Celebrating Einstein and Science: Past, Present, and Future." The conference will be held Friday, December 2 and Saturday, December 3 at the school on Chicago's Near North side. Guests include former Director Leon Lederman, Director Pier Oddone, astrophysicist Michael Turner (Assistant Director, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, National Science Foundation), former NuMI Project Manager Tom Fields, neutrino physicist Debbie Harris, theoretical physicist Marcela Carena, experimental physicist Rajendran Raja and DZero scientist Arnold Pompos.

"These are the foremost scientists in the field and having them here is like being in close proximity of the state-of-the-art science going on," said event organizer George Austin, a Parker science teacher who has participated in the Fermilab Teachers Research Associate program. Other speakers include scientists from the University of Chicago, Argonne, Berkeley Lab and Brookhaven and journalist Fred Jerome, co-author of the book "Einstein on Race and Racism." One interesting tidbit: Albert Einstein himself once visited Parker school in 1921 on one of his early trips to the United States.

There will be an all-school assembly and interactive sessions for local students and teachers on the first day of the conference, followed by a lecture and reception open to the public at 6:30 p.m. The conference continues on Saturday with a series of lectures and panel discussions from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The event is free. If you are interested in attending, send an email with your name, days you want to attend and number of people in your group to einstein@fwparker.org or by calling (773) 797-5469. For more information, go to the Website.
—Kendra Snyder

In the News
Fermilab Press Release, November 22, 2005:
Beyond Einstein: A live Webcast from around the Globe; Thursday, December 1, 2005, from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST

Batavia, Ill.-"The Late Show with Leon Lederman" is one of many highlights of a 12-hour live Webcast produced by the European laboratory CERN, the U.S. Department of Energy's Fermilab and other partners, including physics laboratories, science museums and technology partners. The Web cast, with contributions from around the globe, will celebrate Albert Einstein and look beyond the World Year of Physics 2005. The Webcast will take place on December 1 from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST. The public will have access to the entire Webcast from the Fermilab homepage at www.fnal.gov.

Nobel laureate and former Fermilab director Lederman will host his show from 2:00-3:30 p.m. live from Fermilab. The show will feature interviews with young physicists, fun physics demonstrations and live music. Journalists interested in attending the live filming of the show at Fermilab should contact Kurt Riesselmann in Fermilab's Office of Public Affairs at kurtr@fnal.gov or call 630-840-5681. The program of the entire Webcast is available on the Web.
Read More

Director's Corner
Communing With Vines
Pier Oddonne
Pier and Oddone Vineyard vines.
After five months of absence, I was able to spend a weekend at our vineyard in Dry Creek, checking out the vines and apologizing to them for not having even been there for the harvest. We can learn a great deal from the process of preparing the soil, planting and growing the grapevines, training and pruning them, harvesting and finally making a fine wine. The time scales are not unlike those for high energy physics, and if you hurry the process beyond what is natural, you will fall behind instead of moving ahead.

When at the end of the decade we finally make the decision to build the international linear collider, it will be after a long period of preparing the ground. Beyond that, it will take at least another seven years before we start to collide beams. Thus, getting to collisions will take roughly the time it would take to make a good Cabernet Sauvignon starting from bare soil today. Having just reached that point with our Cab, the linear collider does not seem that far away.

The long process of planning the vineyard, preparing the soil and planting and nurturing the vines for several years before they bear prize fruit requires full attention to detail at every step and great diligence. These are also the requirements of the analogous period we are going through now to prepare the accelerator design and carry out the research and development program for each component. Every decision we make will determine whether the machine is buildable and affordable and can bring us the prize results that will reward all our efforts.

I take the opportunity to wish all of you a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Accelerator Update
November 18 - 21
- Three stores provided 47 hours and 24 minutes of luminosity.
- MiniBooNE has power supply problems.
- P1 transfer line vacuum bursts.
- Store 4515 quenched
- Pbar off due to LCW leak.

Read the Current Accelerator Update
Read the Early Bird Report
View the Tevatron Luminosity Charts

Fermilab Singers
Mark your calendars for December 15! The Fermi Singers are preparing a winter concert for your listening pleasure. It will be at Noon in the Ramsey Auditorium - just 30 minutes and treats to follow!

Scottish Country Dancing
Scottish Country Dancing will meet Tuesday, November 22, at Kuhn Barn on the Fermilab site. Instruction begins at 7:30 p.m. and newcomers are always welcome. Most dances are fully taught and walked through, and you do not need to come with a partner. Info at 630-840-8194 or 630-584-0825 or folkdance@fnal.gov.

International Folk Dancing
International Folk Dancing will not meet on Thursday, Thanksgiving day. Instead, all are welcome to come to a Day-After-Thanksgiving-Leftovers-Potluck and Folk Dance party on Friday, November 25 at Kuhn Barn. Bring food to share at 6:30, or come just to dance after 7:30. Newcomers are welcome. Info at 630-584-0825 or 630-840-8194 or folkdance@fnal.gov.

NALWO's Winter Holiday Tea
NALWO's Winter Holiday Tea will be hosted by Barbara Oddone at her home, on the Fermilab site, on Monday, December 12, from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Fermilab IDs are no longer required to enter the lab, but you will need photo identification. You can enter the Fermilab site through the Wilson Street entrance (from Kirk Road) and ask the guard for directions. Please bring a favorite dessert or appetizer from your country, but if you cannot bring a treat, please come anyway! For additional information contact Susan Kayser at sukayser@fnal.gov, Rose Moore, at rosecraigmoore@comcast.net, 630/208-9309 or the Housing Office, 630/840-3777 or housing@fnal.gov.

Upcoming Activities

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