Fermilab Today Monday, October 31, 2005  

Monday, October 31
2:30 p.m. Particle Astrophysics Seminar
- Curia II
Speaker: P. Garnavich, University of Notre Dame
Title: Supernovae as Cosmological Probes
3:30 p.m. Director's Coffee Break -
2nd Flr X-Over
4:00 p.m. All Experimenters' Meeting -
Curia II
Special Topic: Recent Tevatron Efforts

Tuesday, November 1
11:00 a.m. Academic Lecture Series - 1 West
Speaker: C. Quigg, Fermilab
Title: The Electroweak Theory and Higgs Physics - Lecture 1
3:30 p.m. Director's Coffee Break -
2nd Flr X-Over

Note: There will be no Accelerator Physics and Technology Seminar today

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Monday, October 31
- Potato Au Gratin
- Monte Cristo
- Savory Roasted Chicken Quarters
- Lasagna Bolognaise
- Chicken Ranch Wrap
- Assorted Pizza Slices
- Szechuan Style Pork Lo Mein

The Wilson Hall Cafe accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express at Cash Register #1.

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Wednesday, November 2
-Chicken Marbella
-Green Rice
-Vegetable of the Season
-Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake

Thursday, November 3

Chez Leon Menu
Call x4512 to make your reservation.

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TD Celebrates 1 Million Hours Without DART Injury
Physics in the Classroom
From left to right: Glenn Smith, Jeff Wittenkeller and Technical Division Head Victor Yarba. (Click on image for larger version.)
The Technical Division has surpassed one million working hours without a lost- or restricted-time injury. Division employees celebrated the achievement with a pizza party on October 21. "We've reached this achievement because of very careful and persistent effort of the safety group and very careful attention of employees on all levels," said Technical Division Head Victor Yarba. "Safety is a first in our division." The one million mark was reached on September 27.

The division has logged more than 900 days, and counting, without a DART injury (days away, restricted or transferred). The last record was 578,617 hours, or 497 days. Technical Division Associate Head Romesh Sood said the accomplishment is especially impressive because of the nature of the division's job duties, which include machining, welding, magnet repairs and assembly, crane and forklift operations and moving heavy equipment. "Credit for such a remarkable feat goes to all Technical Division employees, especially the front-line employees," Sood said. "They are the ones doing work day in and day out. They are the true heroes."

At the division-wide celebration, 10 plaques were handed out to be displayed within TD industrial buildings. Former Division Head Bob Kephart also was honored for his leadership. Now that the celebration is over, it's important to maintain safety standards, said Technical Division engineer Jim Kerby. "Although we may have just passed one million hours without a DART case in TD, those hours are in the past and the hour that matters most is the next one, and the one after that," he said.
Kendra Snyder

In the News
From Interactions.org October 28, 2005:
Global e-Infrastructure reports landmark results at European conference

Geneva, 28 October 2005 – Today marked the completion of a major conference organized by the Enabling Grids for E-sciencE project, which is coordinated by CERN* and co-funded by the European Commission, where a number of key results were reported on the road to achieving a global Grid infrastructure for science. It was announced at the conference that the EGEE infrastructure, which spans over 150 sites in Europe, the Americas and Asia, had surpassed 2 million computing jobs, or the equivalent of over 1000 years of processing on a single PC.

The EGEE infrastructure, which is linked by Europe’s GEANT high-speed communications network, as well as similar networks for scientific research around the world, spans across 40 countries. Only 18 months after the launch of the EGEE project, well over 1000 users around the globe are using the EGEE infrastructure to accelerate their computing tasks, which cover some six scientific domains and some 20 major applications, ranging from particle physics to drug discovery for combating malaria.

Safety Tip
ES&H Perspectives
with John Kent
John Kent
John Kent is the building manager for Wilson Hall, a structure with 850 occupants spread out over 440,000 square feet of floor space. (Click on image for larger version.)
If you're in the right place at the right time, you might be able to catch a glimpse of John Kent. He describes a typical day of the Wilson Hall building manager as "filled with checking, meetings and inspections, but always response-oriented to occupant needs." John tries to walk through all of Wilson Hall every two days. "I go early or late in the day so I can get through the building; otherwise, I get stopped a lot."

Like many building managers, John integrates ES&H into his job. He offers four areas where occupants can help.

Life safety - Avoid blocking aisles, doors and stairs, as well as access ways to electrical panels. "Most people who set things in the way do so with the intent of moving them out of the way in a short period of time. Then they get distracted and forget."

Wastes - Empty your wastes and recyclables into your floor's satellite collection containers on a frequent basis (e.g., daily). Cardboard containers should be broken down and stacked nearby. Collection areas are usually located near the elevators.

Heaters - Try to avoid using electric space heaters. "We are concerned about saving electricity as well as safety." If your work area is too cold, contact John to see if the HVAC can be adjusted.

Emergencies - Do you know what to do in an emergency? Have you reviewed your evacuation procedures with your emergency warden? John just completed training the newly-assigned wardens in Wilson Hall.

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Accelerator Update
October 26 - 28
- During this 48 hour period, one store provided 29 hours and 8 minutes of luminosity.
- Store 4473 set a new luminosity record with a luminosity of 158.223E30

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Veteran's Day Celebration
A Veteran's Day celebration will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday, November 11 at Kuhn Barn. Admission is $7. Roast beef sandwiches, mostacolli and drinks will be provided. Money must be turned in by November 4 to one of the following people: Joseph Morgan, x4181 or x4182; Greg Gilbert, x6835; Karl Williams, x3043; or Michael Frett, x4663.

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