Fermilab TodayWednesday, October 26, 2005  

Wednesday, October 26
11:00 p.m. ILC R&D Meeting - 1 West
Speaker: V. Kuchler, Fermilab
Title: ILC Conventional Facilities Update
1:30 p.m. Special Seminar - 1 West
Speaker: C. Rubbia, CERN/University of Pavia
Title: Twenty Years of Liquid Argon Technology for Underground Detector Imaging
3:30 p.m. Director's Coffee Break -
2nd Flr X-Over
4:00 p.m. Fermilab Colloquium - 1 West
Speaker: M. Tolstoy, Columbia University
Title: Applications of Ocean Acoustic Monitoring to Understanding Our Planet

Thursday, October 27
2:30 p.m. Theoretical Physics Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: G. Paz, Cornell University
Title: An Inclusive Look at Charmless Inclusive B Decays
3:30 p.m. Director's Coffee Break - 2nd Flr X-Over
4:00 p.m. Accelerator Physics and Technology Seminar - 1 West
Speaker: D. McGinnis, Fermilab
Title: A 2 Megawatt Multi-Stage Proton Accumulator
5:30 p.m. UTeV Lecture - 1 West
Speaker: A. Weinstein, California Institute of Technology
Title: The Search for Gravitational Waves: Their Nature and Astrophysical Sources

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Wednesday, October 26
- Italian Wedding w/Meatballs
- Diner Style Patty Melt
- Chicken a la Mer
- Beef & Broc
- Greek Chicken Panini w/Feta Cheese
- Sicilian Style Pizza
- Grilled Chicken Bowtie in a Tomato Cream Sauce

The Wilson Hall Cafe accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express at Cash Register #1.

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Wednesday, October 26
-Rice and Beans
-Pico De Gallo
-Pecan Rum Cake

Thursday, October 27

Chez Leon Menu
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Lab English Classes Free
to International Visitors
English Class
Rita West taught last Friday's class at the User's Center. (Click image for larger version.)
Six women sit around a table in the Users' Center, chatting about their families, the soaring price of gasoline and retirement. Then a couple of questions arise: What's the difference between a credit card and a debit card? Is it acceptable to bargain for a car in America? English is a second language for the women, who came to Fermilab from countries such as Japan, France and Russia. Twice a week they meet for free English classes sponsored by Fermilab's National Accelerator Laboratory Women's Organization.

The lessons, one for beginners and one for more advanced students, are held from 9:30-11 a.m. on Mondays and Fridays at the Users' Center. Seven volunteer teachers lead the classes. Geneva resident Rita West began teaching one of the intermediate sessions three years ago after hearing about the program through her church. "It's a way of reaching out to people who are new to this country," said West, who treats her students like friends catching up over coffee, occasionally using a CD and worksheets to spark conversation. "We like to share perspectives on different things," she said. "I've learned what it's like to be in Russia, in France in all places."

Anna Borissov's husband left Russia for a job at Fermilab seven and a half years ago, and she came with him. "For me it was a crisis when I came here," she said. "I didn't speak English and I didn't drive. I left my children. I left my career. I left everything." But attending the weekly classes helped her become more familiar with her new country's language and culture. "They are great teachers, all of them," Borissov said. "They invite us to their homes and my English is improving. I can feel it."

To volunteer with the program or for more information, contact Rita at rjwest11@earthlink.net.
—Kendra Snyder

Accelerator Update
Toast to Physicisits
Yesterday, DZero gave a toast to thank the Accelerator Division for providing the beam to successfully log one inverse femtobarn of luminosity . The celebration took place in the User's center at 5:15 p.m. (Click image for larger version.)
In the News
From Crain's Chicago Business,
October 24, 2005:

Looking to land collider project for Fermilab

Spotlight: Robert D. Kephart

Job: Program director for the international linear collider project at U.S. Department of Energy's Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Building multi billion-dollar next-generation particle physics accelerator on the Batavia campus is crucial to Fermilab's dominance in high-energy physics.

Vitals: 55; B.S., Virginaia Polytechnic Institute, 1971; Ph.D. in high-energy particle physics, State University of New York Stonybrook 1975; Scientist at Fermilab Since 1977; Head of the Collider Detector at Fermilab, 2001-02; Head of Fermilab's Technical Division, 2002-05.

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In yesterday's edition of Fermilab Today, the Top Quark Celebration story stated that Meenakshi Narain attributed the following quote to a DZero spokesmen in her talk: "You don't get to be part of a team that discovers a new elementary particle more than once." Narain actually attributed the quote to Boaz Klima, a Top group convenor to DZero at the time.
NuMI Construction Project Wins Illinois ASCE Award
Awards Dinner
From left: DOE Office Deputy Site Manager Ron Lutha, Mike Andrews, Phil Stearney (Ragnar-Benson), Elaine McCluskey, John Cassidy, Vince Petrucci (Ragnar-Benson), Jed Brown, Dixon Bogert, Steve Webster, Chris Laughton. Attending but not pictured were Tom Lackowski and Jeff Sims.
The civil construction component of the NuMI project has received the Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award from the Illinois Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers, and will compete for the national award which will be announced in the spring of 2006. The annual Illinois Section award, presented October 20 in the grand ballroom of the Hilton Hotel in Chicago, is given "for an engineering project in the Chicagoland area that demonstrates the greatest engineering skills and represents the greatest contribution to civil engineering progress and mankind." NuMI won in the category for a project of more than $5 million that was completed for use in 2005.

"This is the top award for the Illinois section of ASCE, and it's a great honor," said Associate Director for Operations Support Jed Brown, who accepted the award with DOE Ron Lutha. "Now get chance to compete at national level. Usually a transportation project wins this award so it's great that NuMI team won it. They all deserve pats on back. The ASCE looks at innovation, at the difficulty of construction, at whether the project was completed on-time and on-budget, and whether the project is actually up and running. The NuMI project team deserves a lot of credit."

NuMI construction project manager Elaine McCluskey of FESS is preparing the presentation for entry in the national competition.

Recommendation Request- Next Director General
KEK, the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, welcomes recommendation of the candidates for the next Director-General whose term will begin April 2006.

KEK is an Inter-University Research Institute Corporation open to domestic and international researchers, and is comprised of the Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies, the Institute of Materials Structure Science, the Accelerator Laboratory, and the Applied Research Laboratory. KEK pursues a wide range of research activities based on accelerators, such as particle and nuclear physics, material sciences, biosciences, accelerator physics and engineering, etc.

The role of Director-General, therefore, is to promote, with long-term vision and strong scientific leadership, the highly advanced, internationalized, and inter-disciplinary research activities of KEK by getting support from the public. He/she is also expected to carry out the medium-term goals and plans of the organization.

One term in the position is three years. We widely accept the recommendation of the candidates regardless of their nationalities.

More Information

Special Seminar
Professor Carlo Rubbia of CERN and University of Pavia will be giving a Special Seminar at Fermilab in the 1 West Conference Room Today at 1:30 p.m. The topic is "Twenty years of liquid argon technology for underground detector imaging". You can watch the live video the Web. (This link will only work during the talk.)

Paving Warning
On Saturday October 29th and Sunday October 30th, asphalt paving and striping work will be started in a large portion of the Wilson Hall west parking lot. The affected area will be barricaded off and will not be accessible for parking both Saturday and Sunday. Any vehicles parked in this area overnight Friday into Saturday morning will be towed to a spot farther out in the west lot. Normal parking should be available on Monday morning. Pedestrian access will be provided so that people can walk from unaffected parking areas to Wilson Hall on Saturday and Sunday. Call Roads and Grounds with any questions or concerns (x3303).

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