Fermilab Today Friday, September 30, 2005  

Friday, September 30
3:30 p.m. Director's Coffee Break -
2nd Flr X-Over
4:00 p.m. Joint Experimental Theoretical Physics Seminar - 1 West
Speaker: T. Junk, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Title: Search for the Higgs Bosons Predicted by the Standard Model and the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model at CDF

Saturday, October 1
10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Prairie Harvest - Main Ring

Monday, October 3
2:30 p.m. Particle Astrophysics Seminar
- Curia II
Speaker: R. Wigmans, Texas Tech University
Title: Neutrinos in an Expanding Universe 3:30 p.m. Director's Coffee Break -
2nd Flr X-Over
4:00 p.m. All Experimenters' Meeting -
Curia II
Special Topic: Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12

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Friday, September 30
- Cream of Wild Mushroom
- Blackened Fish Filet Sandwich
- Southern Fried Chicken
- Fish Mediterranean
- Eggplant Parmesan Panini
- Pizza Supreme
- Assorted Sub Sandwich

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Wednesday, October 5
-Ancho Fried Pork
-Moroccan Sweet Potatoes
-Apple Strudel

Thursday, October 6
-Curried Squash
-Grilled Duck with Red Wine and Fig Sauce
-Wild Rice with Raisins
-Almond Orange and Olive Oil Cake

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Volunteers Needed for Annual Prairie Harvest
Bee at Fermilab
Tom Peterson of the Technical Division collected seeds at the 2003 Prairie Harvest. (Click on image for larger version.)

Fermilab employees, neighbors and family members will gather this Saturday to harvest the seeds of more than 20 species of plants on Fermilab's prairie for the Volunteer Prairie Seed Harvest. Since 1975, more than 1,100 acres of tallgrass prairie have been reconstructed at Fermilab in an effort to revive the native land.

Most of the seeds that volunteers collect during this 31st annual harvest will be planted in the spring to strengthen younger prairies, said Bob Lootens, of Roads & Grounds. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. during Saturday's harvest, plants such as Nodding Wild Onion and Round-Headed Bush Clover will be collected from the Betz Prairie in the Main Ring, one of the older prairie sections. A second harvest, held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on October 29, will collect late-flowering plants. Seeds will be separated by species, dried and processed during the winter.

Examples of the mature plants and areas where they're abundant will be shown to volunteers. "You don't have to be a botanist to come," Lootens said. "Even if you've never seen a prairie plant before, we can mentor you right into collecting." Elmhurst resident Ruthanne Baird has volunteered at the harvest since 1977 and plans to help once more later this month. "It's gotten to be a part of me," she said. "It's important for people to know what the land was once like."

Volunteers are asked to wear field clothing and gloves, and if possible, bring hand clippers and paper grocery bags. A picnic lunch will be provided. Visitors must enter Fermilab through the Pine Street entrance and follow the on-site signs to the harvest site. Those bringing a large group are asked to email Lootens at lootens@fnal.gov.
Kendra Snyder

Fermilab Unveils an Icon for "Green Design"
Green Guy
"The Green Guy", above, needs a name.

Sustainability means the ability to sustain our activities into the indefinite future. To do that we must protect all our resources: environmental, human and economic.

FESS incorporates sustainable elements into its activities, using a standard set up by the U.S. Green Building Council to assess project designs and make sure we create projects that sustain our resources wisely. Fermilab has been a member of the Council since 2003.

Emil Huedem of FESS Engineering designed the character in the icon to emphasize the importance of sustainability. The slogan "It matters" appeals to our interest in particles as well as a recognition of the importance of using resources wisely.

Up to now, the cartoon has been known simply as "The Green Guy", but Fermilab's creative pool should be able to come up with a better handle for him than that. Submit a name to Fermilab Today by the end of October and the author of the name judged best will receive an appropriately "sustainable" prize!
Rod Walton

ILC Newsline
Lessons from the LHC
Philippe Lebrun, head of the Accelerator Technology department at CERN
The physics interplay between the LHC and the ILC has been discussed many times. But there are also technical and sociological similarities that are discussed less often. Philippe Lebrun is the head of the Accelerator Technology department at CERN, thus he has a unique view on both projects.

Both the LHC and the ILC are frontier projects, unique in the world, which will crystallize the efforts of the whole community for several decades. But in Philippe's opinion, the sociology of the ILC project is more challenging than it is for the LHC, because the ILC project starts without a host lab that acts as a focal point.
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DZero Volleyball Game Today
Eleven teams will face off today at the 12th annual DZero International Two on Two Sand Volleyball Tournament. The competition, open for current or former members of DZero and their families, starts at 4 p.m. at the sand volleyball courts near the Fermilab Village pool. The tournament follows international rules, which allow players to hit the ball with any part of their body, and permit serves that touch the net and land on the opponent's side of the court. "If they want to kick the ball, they can," said tournament organizer Elizabeth Gallas, of DZero, adding that loosened rules often attract soccer and basketball players to the game. Even though the tournament is a DZero event, Gallas said other Fermilab employees are invited to attend.
-Kendra Snyder
In the News
InterAction Collaboration Press Release,
September 29, 2005:

Quantum Diaries launches Einstein-themed blog, Career Week in association with PBS’s NOVA

They’ve written about dark matter, traveling to conferences and raising their children. Now, they want to hear from you. Starting Oct. 3, more than 30 physicists, known as the Quantum Diarists, will answer Einstein-themed questions and share their unique perspective on the importance of his work in preparation for the premiere of NOVA’s upcoming television program “Einstein’s Big Idea” in the United States. And during the 2nd Quantum Diaries Career Week, starting Oct. 10, the physicists will respond to questions from around the world about what it takes to become one of them.

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Prairie Seed Harvest
The prairie harvest will take place tomorrow, October 1 and also on October 29.

World Year of Physics Symposium
The symposium is on October 8th. It is open to the public and seats are still available!

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