Fermilab TodayMonday, September 20, 2004  

Monday, September 20
12:30 p.m. Special Seminar - WH-10NW (The West Wing)
Speaker: M. Yokoyama, Kyoto University
Title: The Latest K2K Results
2:30 p.m. Theoretical Astrophysics Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: C. Baccigalupi, SISSA
Title: CMB Imaging and Dark Energy Clustering
3:30 p.m. DIRECTOR'S COFFEE BREAK - 2nd Flr X-Over

Tuesday, September 21
12:30 p.m. Special Seminar - WH-12NE
Speaker: T. Nakadaira, Kyoto University
Title: Current Status of the T2K Experiment
3:30 p.m. DIRECTOR'S COFFEE BREAK - 2nd Flr X-Over
4:00 p.m. Accelerator Physics and Technology Seminar - 1 West
Speaker: V. Shiltsev, Fermilab
Title: Tevatron Progress Over Last Year and Future Plans

Monday, September 20
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Board of Overseers Prepares to Interview Final Director Candidates
Wilson Hall
The Fermilab Director Search Committee met for the seventh time on Sept. 9-10, and after a thorough discussion based on interviews with its leading candidates and a review of input from the scientific community, unanimously agreed on its recommendations. The Committee is now completing its formal report, which will be submitted shortly to URA's Fermilab Board of Overseers. The Overseers will discuss the Search Committee report and recommendations with Committee Chair Neal Lane at the next Board meeting on October 1. In the interest of keeping the broad Fermilab community informed, a summary of the search process to date and the steps still ahead follows:

On February 6, 2004, the Committee Chair met with the Fermilab Board Overseers for discussion of the important characteristics to be sought in the next Director, the breadth of the search process, and other issues relevant to the search, including
Neal Lane
Search Committee
Chair Neal Lane
DOE's then recently-announced Fermilab M&O contract competition.

At its first meeting on March 6, the Committee agreed on methods for soliciting input from many sources and through numerous channels. A Fermilab Director Search website was established, with a prominent link to and from the Fermilab and URA homepages; a message was permanently posted on the website soliciting input from the community. Classified advertisements soliciting applications for the position appeared in the April 2 and 9 issues of Science, the April issue of Physics Today, and the April issue of CERN Courier. The American Physical Society's Divisions of Particles and Fields and Physics of Beams e-mailed announcements to their entire memberships, encouraging communications with the Committee.

The Committee also specifically solicited advice on the requisite qualifications for this position, and on recommended potential candidates, from over 60 selected individuals in the international scientific community, and from vice presidents for research at all 90 URA member universities.

On April 15-16, the Committee, as a whole or in teams, met at Fermilab for discussions with 54 members of the Laboratory community, including the present and two past Directors and any Fermilab employees who expressed a desire to meet with the Committee. Chairman Lane briefed the community on the search at the Annual Fermilab Users Meeting on June 3, and then met separately with a group of graduate students and post-docs to get the views of younger physicists. The Committee received some 80 written communications on the search from around the world. The Committee also received a total of 12 formal applications or self-nominations for the position.
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In the News
From Physics Today, September 2004
I. I. Rabi and the Birth of CERN
CERN was created in part to help restore a great European scientific tradition. But the establishment of a European laboratory also advanced US scientific and foreign policy aims.
by John Krige
Fifty years ago, in September 1954, CERN officially came into being. The European Organization for Nuclear Research, as it was then called, welcomed Felix Bloch back to Europe as its first director general. The Stanford University physicist, a Nobel Prize winner with dual Swiss and American citizenship, personified what CERN's founders hoped the laboratory would achieve. They hoped it would play a fundamental role in rebuilding European physics to its former grandeur, reverse the brain drain of the brightest and best to the US, and continue and consolidate postwar European integration.

Today, CERN has more than fulfilled the goals of its founders. It is one of the outstanding high-energy physics laboratories in the world. Home to thousands of European physicists and engineers, the lab is an essential resource for thousands of others the world over who build and run experiments there. And it is a model of European integration. From its original 12 member states, CERN has now grown to 20, including a number of countries (Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech and Slovak republics, and Poland) of the new Europe.
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Safety Tip
West Nile Virus Update
Mosquito trap
Several mosquito traps are located around Fermilab's site.
Back in June, we ran a Safety Tip concerning mosquitoes and the incidence of West Nile Virus (WNV) in our area, and an update is in order. We have captured a total of two mosquitoes infected with WNV in 2004 at Fermilab. This is consistent with other data from our area. In 2004, there were a total of 309 instances of mosquito-born WNV in Kane and DuPage counties, compared to only 82 last year. This is probably a reflection of more mosquito monitoring this year than last. Three human cases have been recorded this year so far in our two counties, which is the same as last year. State-wide, in 2003 there were 54 human cases, and this year only 24. It is likely that occurrences of WNV are over for the year, since "positives" peak around mid-July and decrease to very low levels by the end of August.

Nevertheless, the advice we gave back in June is still good advice, and bears repeating. WNV infects certain wild birds, especially crows and blue jays when they are bitten by infected mosquitoes. If you see a dead crow or blue jay, you can report it to the local health department (630-682-7400 for DuPage County; 630-208-3801 for Kane County). These are the only birds that will be tested, and be aware that not all dead crows or blue jays will be picked up.

The best way to prevent WNV is to prevent the mosquitoes by:

  • eliminate all sources of standing water that could breed mosquitoes, such as water in empty cans, tops of 55 gallon drums, old tires or any other receptacles.
  • avoid going outdoors when mosquitoes are active, especially between dusk and dawn.
  • wear shoes and socks and long pants and a long-sleeved shirt, and apply insect repellent that includes DEET according to label instructions. [But use DEET products sparingly, and wash it off when you get back inside. Children under 12 should not use a repellent with higher than 10% DEET, and limit applications to no more than three times a day. Avoid using DEET products underneath clothing.]
  • confirm your building's integrity. Repair or replace screens or other routes for mosquitoes to get inside.

Have a great day and let's work safely all week!
Safety Tip of the Week Archive

Casey Pond Work
FESS will be performing programming work on Casey Pond's pumps on Monday, September 20, 2004 from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. There may be pressure fluctuations due to the starting and stopping of the pumping operation. If you have questions or concerns please contact Chuck at x8508 or LRP (630) 846-0392.

Wilson Hall Warden Training
It's time for the annual WH Emergency Warden Training again! Training is available on September 27 at 1:30 p.m. and September 28 at 10:00 a.m. Class is not expected to last more than an hour.

Upcoming Classes
October 5 - Excel Intermediate
October 6 - Access Intermediate
October 19 - Word Advanced
more information

Voter Registration in Wilson Hall
There will be an opportunity to register to vote in the November 2 elections in 1 North in Wilson Hall on Thursday, Sept 23 and Friday, Sept 24 between noon and 1:00 p.m. You must be a resident of Du Page or Kane County. Bring two pieces of identification, one showing your current residence (e.g. an addressed envelope). If you are a registrar for either Du Page or Kane County please contact Mike Albrow at x8618 because help is needed.

Deadline Today: Open Enrollment for the Medical and Dental Insurance Plans
The open enrollment period ends today. The open enrollment form must be in by 5:00 P.M. You can access further information online.

Upcoming Power Outages
September 24
Wilson Hall and all of Fermilab except for the Village and the Main Injector: Master Substation switch over will begin around 7:00 AM, no power site-wide for 1/2 hour.

September 25
Linac, Cross Gallery, Main Control Room, High Bay, MAC Room: feeder 40 work will begin at 7 AM; no power to these areas for eight hours

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