Fermilab TodayTuesday, June 8, 2004  
Tuesday, June 8
Noon Summer Lecture Series - 1 West
Speaker: M. Witherell, Fermilab
Title: Discoveries Ahead in Particle Physics
3:30 p.m. DIRECTOR'S COFFEE BREAK - 2nd Flr X-Over

Wednesday, June 9
3:30 p.m. DIRECTOR'S COFFEE BREAK - 2nd Flr X-Over
4:00 p.m. Fermilab Colloquium - 1 West
Speaker: C. Martin, California Institute of Technology
Title: The Galaxy Evolution Explorer: Results from the First Year

Tuesday, June 8
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Records Galore
In the last two weeks the Tevatron has achieved its five best stores ever. Last week, the integrated luminosity per week amounted to 13.4 inverse picobarns (a record), and the MiniBooNE experiment received over the course of the week a record 8.4E18 protons on target, an 11 percent increase over the previous best mark. This week began with a record, too. On Monday the Tevatron achieved a new peak luminosity record of 7.7E31 cm-2 sec-1. Congratulations.
Luminosity charts

Lab Visit an Education for OMB Examiner Joel Parriott
Joel Parriott
OMB Science Program Examiner Joel Parriott (left) gets some pointers in the Main Control Room from Head of Operations Bob Mau. Looking on are Steve Holmes and Jeff Appel (partially hidden).
As Science Program Examiner for the Office of Management and Budget, Joel Parriott knows all about budget documents. He also knows they're not the whole story.

"The goal of a trip like this is to educate myself," Parriott said during his first visit to Fermilab. "In Washington, I can read budget documents that are an inch-and-a-half thick, and I can learn a certain amount from them. But I think of myself as a visual learner, and now when I read those budgets [about Fermilab], I have images to attach to the numbers."

The OMB is part of the Executive Office of the President, and Parriott oversees the entire Office of Science budget. He headed back to Washington following the visit, but he will soon visit Oak Ridge National Lab, Pacific Northwest National Lab, and Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. He noted that he is the first OMB examiner ever to visit Ames Lab, "and I was proud to be there."

The all-day orientation began with an overview of the site from the 15th floor of Wilson Hall, followed by a discussion of the lab program with Director Michael Witherell, Associate Director for Accelerators Steve Holmes, Assistant Director for Programming Jeff Appel, and DOE Fermi Area Manager Jane Monhart. Parriott followed with tours of the pre-accelerator and Main Control Room, the LHC magnet factory, CDF and NuMI. Earlier in his career, as a staffer for the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences, he had worked on the Neutrino Facilities Assessment Committee.

"When I was in college, I went to the Soudan mine," Parriott said. "It was good to see the other end of the experiment here."

Parriott wrapped up his tour by accompanying Witherell to the All-Experimenters' Meeting, for the news about luminosity records set during the past week.

"Joel knows he has an open invitation to visit Fermilab any time," Witherell said.

Successful Ask-A-Scientist
Adam Yurkewicz of Fermilab's DZero experiment was one of three scientists who answered visitors' questions on Sunday. (Click on image for larger version.)
More than 50 people traveled to Fermilab on Sunday, June 6 to attend this month's Ask-A-Scientist program. The Accelerator Division's Dave Peterson kicked off the afternoon with a talk in One West on "Accelerators in Your Home." Peterson discussed how televisions, microwave ovens, smoke detectors and cell phones are similar to the machines and electronics used at Fermilab. After the talk, participants traveled in groups to three activities: a question-and-answer session about accelerators with Peterson, who also provided visitors a hands-on experience with old, dissected cell phones; a tour of the Linac led by docents Bill Welch, Anne Mary Teichert and Lisanne Canal; and a tour of the 15th floor, where Fermilab scientists Mike Albrow, Greg Davis and Adam Yurkewicz were available to answer questions.

The next Ask-A-Scientist program will take place on July 11 from 1:00-4:00 p.m. The opening talk, "Welcome to Fermilab," will be presented by Chuck Brown of the Accelerator Division. Registration is required; contact Nancy Lanning at edreg@fnal.gov or extension 5588.

Director's Corner
Good Morning!
Mike Witherell
Mike Witherell
The news from the accelerators has been remarkably good lately, with new records every day. The integrated luminosity delivered to the collider experiments last week was a record 13.5 pb-1, 50% more than the best achieved one year ago. Initial luminosities have been routinely greater than 6.0x1031/cm2-s, and yesterday's store set the latest record at 7.7, 70% more than one year ago. Meanwhile, as a result of successful studies, accelerator experts are ready to try out a new mode of operation in which antiprotons from the Accumulator and the Recycler will circulate in the Tevatron simultaneously.

On another front, a record number of 8.4x1018 Booster protons hit the MiniBooNE target last week. Successful studies on how to reduce the beam losses per proton have made it possible to increase the intensity.

The continuing campaign of accelerator operations, studies, and upgrades has led to continuous increases in the rate at which the experiments can collect data. We have 11 weeks of accelerator operation left before the annual accelerator shutdown starts. The long list of upgrade and maintenance work scheduled for that shutdown will make possible further improvements in accelerator performance next year.

Yesterday's article, "Volunteers Needed for Minos Building Landscaping," stated Rod Walton is a member of ES&H. Rod Walton is actually a member of FESS. Fermilab Today regrets the error.

Accelerator Update
June 4 - June 7
- During this 72 hour period Operations established two stores that provided approximately 44 hours and 52 minutes of luminosity to the experiments.
- TeV store aborted, cause still under investigation
- Recycler stashed antiprotons
- Accelerator experts conduct studies for mixed mode antiproton transfers later this week

View the current accelerator update
View the Tevatron Luminosity Charts

In the News
FYI: AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News, June 7, 2004
Amendment on Scientific Advisory Process Rejected
Two House members recently proposed an amendment to create an independent commission to study charges that the Bush Administration has politicized scientific advice. The amendment to H.R. 2432, the Paperwork and Regulatory Improvements Act, introduced by Reps. Henry Waxman (D-CA) and John Tierney (D-MA), was rejected by a vote of 201-226 on May 18. Most members voted along party lines, with one Republican voting for the amendment and five Democrats voting against it.
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SPIRES List of Most Cited Papers
The SPIRES all-time list of the papers most often cited by astro-physics eprints has been released, including an overall review by Scott Dodelson, Head of the Fermilab Theoretical Astrophysics Group. Dodelson identifies several prominent themes in the last decade of research in astrophysics and explains why these papers have been so important to their development. Fermilab papers appear at numbers 2, 8, 28 and 43 on the list.
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