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Wednesday, June 2
8:30 a.m. Users' Annual Meeting Registration - Auditorium Lobby
8:50 a.m. Users' Annual Meeting - Auditorium

Thursday, June 3
9:00 a.m. Users' Annual Meeting - Auditorium
5:00 p.m. Graduate Student Association New Perspectives Poster Session - Wilson Hall Atrium

Wednesday, June 2
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Technical Division Wins "Most Improved Safety" Award
Mike Witherell and Bob Kephart
Mike Witherell (left) presenting the "Most Improved Safety" Award to Bob Kephart. (Click on image for larger version.)
The Technical Division was awarded the Fermilab "Most Improved Safety" Award at the ES&H Executive Committee Meeting yesterday in One North. TD Head Bob Kephart accepted the award from Director Mike Witherell and ES&H Head Bill Griffing.

"We can take pride in our safety performance as a whole," said Witherell, recognizing the lab-wide safety record and progress made in the safety program over the last few years. "The Technical Division has been setting an extraordinary record."

The award has been presented for the last six years to the division with the most improved safety record. The Particle Physics Division came in second and the Computing Division came in third in the competition for this year's award.

"This was the tightest voting that we've ever had," said Griffing. "Both PPD and CD had really outstanding safety records last year as well."

Electrical Safety Update Training
Bob LoMastro
Bob LoMastro of LoMastro and Associates, Inc. led the Electrical Safety Update Training. (Click on image for larger version.)
Over 110 Lab employees attended the Electrical Safety Update Training on Thursday, May 27 in Ramsey Auditorium. The training was sponsored by Fermilab's Subcontractor Safety and Electrical Safety Subcommittees and led by Bob LoMastro of LoMastro and Associates, Inc. The main subject of the training was the NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety Requirements for Employee Workplaces, but LoMastro discussed and demonstrated a wide range of electrical safety subjects for the home as well as the laboratory.

"It was well-received," said Tom Prosapio of FESS-Engineering. "There were a lot of questions and a lot of interest."

LoMastro, a former supervisor for the National Safety Council's Safety Training Institute, kept participants engaged throughout the four-hour session with videos, anecdotes, props and demonstrations. The seminar, titled "Current Dangers and Electrical Wizardry," was sprinkled throughout with audience participation and humor to illustrate the basic principles of safety, electrical hazards and requirements of the NFPA 70E regulations. LoMastro concluded on a serious note, however, showing the audience photographs of injuries sustained from electrical accidents and telling participants to "take electricity seriously. Stop, take a breath and think things through--do a hazard analysis."

In the News
From KoreaTimes, May 31, 2004
University of Chicago's Young-kee Kim Heads International Research
By Lee Hyo-sik
A Korean female physicist has been named to lead an international research group of 800 physicists from 12 different countries.

According to the Ministry of Science and Technology, Young-kee Kim, professor in the Department of Physics at University of Chicago, has been elected as a co-leader of the CDF (Collider Detector at Fermilab) research group, from this month.
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Fermilab Receives Two Environmental Awards from the Office of Science; Twelve Fermilab Employees Receive Certificates of Appreciation
Pollution Prevention Awards
Fermilab employees who received Certificates of Appreciation for their contributions to the Fermilab Alternative Fuel Initiative. (Click on photo for larger version.)
Last February, the DOE's Office of Science announced that Fermilab won two 2003 Pollution Prevention and Environmental Stewardship Accomplishment awards. Yesterday Director Mike Witherell and DOE Fermilab Area Office Manager Jane Monhart presented twelve Fermilab employees with Certificates of Appreciation from the Office of Science for their contributions in achieving these awards.

The first award recognizes the lab for its commitment to pollution prevention and environmental stewardship through the implementation of the Fermilab Alternative Fuel Initiative. Through the use of 63 alternative fuel vehicles on site, Fermilab reduced its use of petroleum fuel by 20 percent for FY03, accomplishing the Department of Energy's goal of fuel reduction two fiscal years ahead of schedule. As a result, the Office of Science presented Certificates of Appreciation to the following Fermilab employees: George Davidson, Jeffrey Irvin, Gregory Mitchell, Brian Niesman, Randy Ortgiesen and Jeffrey Sims.

Fermilab received the second award for implementing a Scintillator Plastic Recycling Program. The Plastic Scintillator Extrusion Line, installed in the spring of 2003, produces 3,000-6,000 pounds of waste a month. With the help of Fermilab's Business Services Section, the experiment found a vendor that could accept 100 percent of the waste, reducing disposal costs and the need for landfill space. The Office of Science presented the following employees with Certificates of Appreciation: Jose De La O, Anna Pla-Dalmau, Dale Wilderspin, Scott Borton, John Kelly, Eric McHugh. "This award nicely represents the proactive thinking and collaborative action between particle physicists and business services at Fermilab," Monhart said.

"Congratulations to everyone who received Certificates of Appreciation," Witherell said. "Fermilab has a long record of environmental protection. Thank you for recognizing how this fits into the laboratory and the DOE."

Pollution Prevention Awards
Fermilab employees who received Certificates of Appreciation for implementing a Scintillator Plastic Recycling Program. (Click on image for larger version.)
Accelerator Update
May 28 - May 31
- During this weekend Operations established two stores that provided the experiments with approximately 14 hours and 49 minutes.
- The Tevatron suffered from a storm, an abort, a quench as well as problems with a collimator, a sextupole power supply, and a Lambertson magent that delayed the first shot until Sunday afternoon.

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Fermilab's Internal Audit Website Now Live
The Fermilab Internal Audit Website is now live. The Website is intended to be an informational resource about the services provided by the Internal Audit Office.
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International Folk Dancing
International Folk Dancing will be held at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, June 3, at the Geneva American Legion Post. Newcomers are always welcome. Info at 630-584-0825 or 630-840-8194 or folkdance@fnal.gov.

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