Fermilab AAAS/AAPT

AAPT Plenary Talk: The History and Fate of the Universe

Saturday, Feb.14, 8:00PM - 9:00PM

Speaker:George Smoot, University of California, Berkeley


Using our most advanced techniques and instruments, we sift through relic clues and evidence to understand the events surrounding the birth and subsequent development of the universe. A precision inspection and investigation of the Cosmic Scene, along with careful analysis, discussion, and computer modeling, have allowed us to determine what happened over billions of years with amazing certainty and accuracy. Some of the findings are surprising and show shocking twists of plots. There remain even more mysteries to be solved. In spite of that, we can tell the tale of the creation and history of the universe, and show key supporting evidence, some from very early times, to provide a direct image of the embryo universe.

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