Fermilab and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Fermilab Projects

The U.S. Department of Energy will provide Fermilab with $103.1 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds for the projects listed below:

General infrastructure projects - $22.5 million

The laboratory will use recovery funds for general construction and improvement projects that will generate engineering and construction jobs in Illinois businesses and pay for materials and services purchased from U.S. companies.
NOvA Building

NOvA neutrino project - $9.4 million

The laboratory will use recovery funds to purchase key high-tech components from U.S. companies for the NOvA neutrino project, allowing these firms to retain and hire workers.
cabling machine

High-field superconducting magnets - $1.5 million

Research and development to create superconducting magnets more than twice the strength of existing magnets that steer particle beams in accelerators. Fermilab's development of superconducting accelerator magnets 30 years ago led to industrial fabrication, resulting in such applications as medical MRI systems. High-field magnets may yield even more applications for industry and medicine.
Aerial view of Fermilab

Long baseline neutrino research - $9 million

Research and development to create the beamline, detectors and associated technology for advanced neutrino research at the intensity frontier, key to Fermilab's long-term future.
Superconducting radio frequency cavities

Superconducting radio frequency technology - $52.7 million

Superconducting radio frequency technology provides a highly efficient way to accelerate beams of particles. Scientists consider it crucial for building next-generation particle accelerators. The technology also holds significant promise for applications in medicine, energy, material science and national security. Funds will be used to develop US industrial capabilities, purchase high-tech components from US vendors and build infrastructure necessary to move future laboratory projects forward.

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