Submission guidelines for the Fermilab Photowalk contest

After your Photowalk at Fermilab, you’ll have the chance to submit some of your images for our photo contest. A panel of Fermilab judges will determine a shortlist of 10 winners, which will then be uploaded to our website.

Additionally, Fermilab will forward the top three photos, as judged by that same panel, to the global photo competition held by the Interactions Collaboration. Here are the rules for submitting photos to this competition:

  1. To participate in the photo contest, you must fill out and sign a release form at the Fermilab Photowalk on July 28, 2018.
  2. You may submit up to five images to be judged. All images must have been taken during the Fermilab Photowalk on July 28, 2018.
  3. All images must be submitted by noon CDT on Monday, August 6, 2018.
  4. All images must be submitted in digital format, either online or by sending a CD, DVD or USB memory stick. No hard copy prints will be accepted for judging.
  5. Files can be color or grayscale. Final files can be either unaltered or altered in photo editing programs as long as all original image material was gathered with a camera the day of the Photowalk event at Fermilab. Photographers should retain all original images in case proof of source material is required by the judges.
  6. File format must be JPEG, with file size not to exceed 20 MB for each image. We require at least 2,500 pixels in the long dimension.
  7. Files must be named in the following way: last name of photographer, followed by an underscore, followed by the first name, followed by an underscore, followed by a two-digit sequence number starting with 01. Examples for photographer John Smith: smith_john_01, smith_john_02, etc.
  8. Create a Word or text file with your contact information, named in one of the following ways: smith_john_contact.doc (or doc.x) or smith_john_contact.txt. Please include your name, address and daytime phone number.
  9. All submitted files must be placed in a single folder titled with the photographer’s last name followed by an underscore and the first name. Example: smith_john.
  10. Files can be uploaded to the Fermilab FTP site or sent to Fermilab on CD, DVD or USB memory stick. We will provide the Fermilab FTP dropbox address at the event on July 28. Alternatively, CDs, DVDs and USB memory sticks can be dropped off or sent to the Fermilab Creative Services Department, located on the ground floor of the south side of Wilson Hall. The shipping/mailing address is:

      Fermilab Creative Services
      Kirk and Wilson Street
      PO Box 500, MS 202
      Batavia IL 60510

    The top three photos from Fermilab and the other laboratories will be sent to the global Interactions Collaboration Physics Photowalk, which will be announced in August. Winners of the global contest will be announced later in the year.