Rajendran Raja

Eligibility and application procedure

The applicant must be a citizen of India and must be able to obtain necessary visa (or other documentation if necessary) to work at Fermilab as a visiting Guest Researcher. Selection for the award will be made by a committee and is expected to be competitive. Preference may be given to those applicants who would be making a first visit to Fermilab or to those applicants where a visit to Fermilab is made possible only through this award.

Applicants should submit a letter providing a brief description of their academic achievements and research interests. The letter should include an outline of the proposed work and a description of how the applicant would benefit from a few months working at Fermilab. The letter should include a statement of support from an advisor at the student's or postdoc's home institution and a statement from a contact with whom they would work while at Fermilab.

The letters should be combined into a single pdf document if possible and sent by email to the committee chair, William Wester, at wester@fnal.gov by April 12, 2019.