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Ecology/Nature - Conservation

Electrical Energy Conservation
With the encouragement and support of the Department of Energy, Fermilab has undertaken a number of energy conservation projects. The most significant is the development and use of superconducting magnets in the accelerator and some experimental beam lines and apparatus. Other energy-saving projects include: metal halide lighting to provide better illumination at lower cost than fluorescent lights, replacement of large pump motors with smaller more efficient units, and the installation of controls to reduce magnet current to zero during no- beam conditions.

Water Conservation
Ducks Extreme care is taken to avoid depletion or contamination of natural water sources in the area. Cooling water for the accelerators and other equipment is obtained from specially developed water retention basins for runoff from on-site rainfall, supplemented during periods of high water usage by water taken from the Fox River.

The water system that cools the Booster accelerator is an example of an air cooling system used to preserve the natural water supply and to eliminate the need for mechanical cooling towers. Water circulates through the Booster to remove the resistive heat generated in the magnets. The heated water is then pumped into an outdoor waterway where it flows in a full circuit through two large ponds, cooling on the way. These ponds form natural habitats for fish, geese, ducks, and swans even through cold Illinois winters.

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