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Zero Degrees at C0

Detection of Neutrals

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Perhaps the most poorly understood aspect of hadron physics at Collider energies is particle production at very small angles. The fact that we know so little about the processes which account for a large fraction of the total cross section is an embarrassment. Data from this region are vital to understanding the general features of very high energy hadron interactions.

We propose a technique which would allow comprehensive measurements of production at 0 deg for the first time at Collider energies. The proposed experiment in its basic configuration with no particle identification would measure:

With a two detector configuration we can study the production of 2e, 2-muon and 2-gamma states at near 0 deg angles. Thus the forward production of psi/J, as well as Drell-Yan production, can be measured for the first time at Collider energies. This would give essential data on the forward production of hidden charm.

This program would take several days of dedicated running with collisions taking place at several locations near a long straight section. The possibility of adding particle identification, which would allow us to distinguish charged pions, kaons, and protons, is being investigated.

The measurement would require collisions to take place in or near the cold dipole magnets close to a long straight section. A proper choice of the location of the interaction point allows a 0 mrad neutral beam to come off at an angle of approx. 5 mrad from the circulating beams in the straight section. The detector(s) would be placed near the opposite end of the straight section. This requires only a "thin" window approx. perpendicular to the secondary beam and a reasonably clear line to the detector. Charged particle production at and near 0 deg can be studied with different locations of the interaction point.

Another possibility for new physics is a new, comprehensive test of Charge Conjugation invariance in the strong interactions.

See Testing C in Strong Interactions

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