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Indian Creek Woods

This site is a restricted area and is currently not open to the public. Indian Creek runs under Indian Creek Road on the southern border of the injector ring. The area on the north side of the road is a high quality wet woodland that at one time contained a heron rookery. The rookery was abandoned in 1998. There are many dead trees in this area and it is very suitable for Red-headed Woodpeckers which have been recorded in the area and at some point in time nested there. This woods is difficult to walk due to many downed trees and unpredictable levels of standing water. These conditions are excellent for Winter Wren and Louisiana Waterthrush in the spring. Brown Creeper Brown Creeper attempted to nest at this site in 1989.

Indian Creek continues on the south side of the road and for the most part is not as wet as the north side although the understory is dense and difficult to navigate. Most observations are made from the road. The creek itself is worth a check from late fall to early spring for overwintering passerines such as thrushes, warblers and blackbirds that use the site to bathe. This is probably the best location at Fermilab to find Rusty Blackbirds either in migration or overwintering.

Both sides of the road are good for all of the regular woodpeckers and finches including Purple Finch and Pine Siskin.

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