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Fermilab Birding Locations

See the following link information concerning the Current Status of Access to Fermilab

The diverse habitat to be found on Fermilab's 6800 acres and the relative lack of disturbance combine to make Fermilab one of the best bird-watching locations in the entire Chicago area. The list of birds seen at Fermilab boasts over 280 species including nearly 100 confirmed or at least likely breeding species. A variety of habitats are found on Fermilab grounds and include upland forest, flood plain woods, oak savanna, restored prairie, grasslands, pasture, croplands, fence rows, scrub, and a variety of lakes, streams and wetlands. Fermilab is for the most part located in DuPage County where it is considered the premier site for unusual geese, shorebirds, owls, grassland birds and shrikes. As the county becomes increasingly urbanized Fermilab has held on as the last vestige for open country species such as Horned Larks, Snow Buntings and longspurs. The western portion of the site spills over into Kane County and though less diverse, still contains some interesting birding locations.

The following links describe various locations on site that are of particular interest to bird watchers.

Many locations described in this document are restricted areas and are not open to the general public. Where that is the case you will find a restriction statement at the top of the site description. All other areas are considered open to the public.
Village Lakes Eola Road Bison Field
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Also see our interactive Site Map to locate the birding hot spots on site.

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