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Graphical Summaries

A total of 291 bird species have been recorded at Fermilab.
The 1987 to 1991 survey period produced 4285 records and 238 species.
The 1992 to 1996 survey period produced 4469 records and 243 species.
The 1997 to 2001 survey period produced 4671 records and 251 species.
The 2002 to 2006 survey period produced 4575 records and 241 species.
The 2007 to 2011 survey period produced 4308 records and 235 species.
The 2012 to 2016 survey period produced 4673 records and 250 species.
The 2017 to 2021 survey period produced 4250 records and 243 species.

Below are some graphical summaries of the survey results.

  • Species vs Time and Period: A plot of the number of species versus time of year for the combined survey as well as for each of the three survey periods.
  • Species vs Time and Survey Combination: A plot of the number of species versus time of year broken down by the various combinations of survey periods in which records occurred.
  • Species vs Time and Status: A plot of the number of species versus time of year broken down in terms of the following categories:-
    Year round residents: Occur regularly throughout the year.
    Summer residents: Occur regularly through the summer months but not in winter.
    Winter residents: Occur regularly through the winter months but not in summer.
    Migrants and vagrants: Fit none of the above categories.
  • Species vs Time and Family: This plot shows how the family composition of migrants evolves during migration periods.
  • User Defined: Make your own plot.

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