Fermilab Steering Group Report

Chapter 5
Facilities for the
Intensity Frontier


The Steering Group identified two options that would provide significant enhancements to proton intensity in support of neutrino-science and precision-physics programs at Fermilab. Both options allow use of the Debuncher ring and/or the Tevatron to deliver beams in the range between 8 GeV and 800 GeV. The SNuMI project is based on reusing existing antiproton rings for proton accumulation. SNuMI would support the delivery of about 1.2 MW of 120 GeV proton beam power onto a neutrino target and could provide 8, 120 or 800 GeV beams for precision physics programs via modest diversion of protons from the neutrino program. Project X is based on a new superconducting 8 GeV linac. Project X would support more than 2 MW of protons between 50 GeV and 120 GeV on the neutrino target, simultaneous with 200 kW of beam power at 8 GeV. The 8 GeV beams could support a variety of precision physics experiments at 8, 120 or 800 GeV. Fermilab could implement SNuMI within a couple of years and Project X in four to five years. Project X features significant technology alignment with ILC which would continue to develop U.S. industrial capabilities.