Fermilab Steering Group Report

Chapter 1
Executive Summary:
A Plan for Fermilab


The Steering Group adopted a number of guidelines in forming the plan.

  1. The LHC program is our most important near-term project given its broad science agenda and potential for discovery. It is essential to support the physics analysis, computing, and accelerator and detector upgrades.

  2. The particle physics community's highest priority for investment toward the future is the ILC, based on our present understanding of its potential for breakthrough science. Fermilab will continue to participate vigorously in the international R&D program for the ILC and to be one of the leaders in the global ILC effort. The laboratory will strive to make the ILC at Fermilab a reality by accomplishing the preparatory work required for the U.S. to bid to host the ILC.

  3. There is a need for an intermediate science program in case the timeline for the ILC is stretched out. This program will be an opportunity to do exciting physics that complements discoveries at energy frontier facilities and to make further progress on ILC technology. The program should provide great discovery potential, support ILC R&D and industrialization as well as R&D on future accelerators beyond the ILC and the LHC. It should strengthen ties with the university community and with other laboratories. The plan must be robust and flexible.

  4. Fermilab will continue a phased program of particle astrophysics including dark matter and dark energy. The program will allow complementary discoveries to those expected at the accelerator-based particle physics programs. These nonaccelerator-based efforts are outside the Steering Group's charge and are not included in the plan.