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Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel (P5)

Meeting at Fermilab


September 24-25, 2007


Open Session - September 24

Wilson Hall 1 West


Executive Sessions

1 North Conference Room

Wilson Hall 2NE



Agenda (with links to talks)





HEPAP Meeting – July 13-14, 2007 (Agenda and Talks) (Minutes)

·        Summary Letter from Chair


HEPAP Reports Links (e.g., NuSAG, SAGENAP, P5)


DOE Review of Tevatron Operations – March 27-28, 2007

·        Closeout Report


Report from the Tevatron Collider Experiment Vulnerability Review September, 2007      Vulnerabilities Spreadsheet




DOE Annual Program Review of Fermilab – September 24-27, 2007


Fermi Research Alliance, LLC Physics Visiting Committee

Meeting – April 20-21, 2007

·        Preliminary Closeout Report


Fermilab Physics Advisory Committee

·        Meeting Dates and Documentation

*      PAC Meeting – June 18-21, 2007 (Charge) (Recommendations)


Accelerator Advisory Committee

·    Meeting Dates and Documentation


All Experimenters’ Meeting Reports


Useful Links


Other Useful Links (Directions, Hotels, Restaurants, Maps, Car Rentals)


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