This website contains historical materials dating from the 2012 LBNE reconfiguration effort. The information on these pages is no longer being updated. For up-to-date information about the status of LBNE, including the current configuration of the experiment, please visit

Steering Committee

Provides guidance to working groups, oversees the working groups, and writes the report. The times for meetings and conference calls will be worked around the availability of the members. The ex-officio members participate as observers and provide information.


  • Young-Kee Kim, FNAL, Chair
  • Jon Bagger, JHU
  • Charlie Baltay, Yale
  • Gary Feldman, Harvard
  • Kevin Lesko, LBNL
  • Ann Nelson, Washington, Seattle
  • Mark Reichanadter, SLAC (chair of cost group)
  • Mel Shochet, U.Chicago (chair of physics group)
  • Bob Svoboda, UC Davis
  • James Symons, LBNL
  • Steve Vigdor, BNL

Ex-officio members

  • HEPAP chair, NRC study chair: Andy Lankford, UC Irvine
  • PASAG chair: Steve Ritz, UC Santa Cruz
  • DOE’s DUSEL review committee co-chairs: Jay Marx, Caltech and Mark Reichanadter, SLAC
  • DPF chair: Pierre Ramond, U. Florida
  • DOE Intensity Frontier Workshop co-chairs: Harry Weerts, ANL and JoAnne Hewett, SLAC
  • LBNE Project Manager: Jim Strait
  • Fermilab Director: Pier Oddone
  • LBNE Lab Oversight Group member: Susan Seestrom, LANL

Scientific Secretary

  • Jeffrey Appel serves as the scientific secretary for the Steering Committee and the two working groups.

Steering Committee Meetings

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